Axe The BBC Licence Fee Say 240k

It has been a rough couple of years for the BBC. It all started in the early hours of June 24th 2016 when David Dimbleby solemnly announced the decision of Britain to Leave the European Union in tones which may have suggested that someone had shot his favourite dog. The election of Donald Trump was a further blow and although things appeared to be on the up this year with the hated Brexit on the ropes yesterday normal service was resumed as the German people ignored Aunties establishment wisdom and, at the time of writing, are on course to elect 94 Alternative For Germany representatives to the Bundestag. It is almost as if literally everyone the world over ignores everything the BBC says and stands for.

Scrapping the licence fee is a popular cause. Earlier in the year, a petition on the Parliament website passed the 100k mark which should have resulted in a Parliamentary debate didn’t in a pristine example of the selectiveness of the process of petitioning Parliament. If you search the internet then petitions on this issue are ten-a-penny. The biggest appears to be this one on the 38 Degrees website which currently has 240,000 + supporters.

It strikes me that this is one of those campaigns which could be great but which lacks any real coordination and central drive to push it forward. I also think in many ways it is a campaign made for UKIP because it is one where they have a policy which has resonance and support beyond their normal supporters. It also strikes a blow against a key pillar of the establishment. If we are to reclaim our place in the popular imagination as a swashbuckling Peoples Army then we really need to be putting campaigns front and centre – ones where we can achieve resonance and user to point to the innate failings of a crumbling establishment.

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  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    I signed the one that reached 100,000, I just signed the one you linked above, but can’t find any such petition on 38 degrees – in fact, the only ones I saw on there are supporting the BBC in a typical snowflake way.

    UKIP already has a policy of abolition of licence fee and yes, we should be campaigning on it, because it’ll get loadsa votes!!

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