BY-ELECTION PREVIEW: Help The ‘Exocet Woman’ Win Meopham North

EDITORS NOTE: Tina Brooker, UKIPs Candidate for the Meopham North By-Election to Gravesend Borough Council, tells Kipper Central how she got into politics and how she became a committed Kipper. Polling day is Thursday 19th October. Please get along and help if you can especially on the weekends of 7/8 & 14/15 October.

I fell into politics by accident really, it all started in April 2014 when the Conservative-led Kent County Council decided to turn off the streetlights throughout the whole of Kent. No one knew anything about it until it was too late. I was furious as my many elderly neighbours were scared, 2 weeks after switch-off a disabled lady a few houses down suffered an attempted break into her property which put her in a hospital due to the shock.

I immediately set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and the Right to Light Campaign was born, my petition garnered over 11,000 signatures across Kent enough to spark a debate at both local and county level where I spoke before Councillors on the resident’s behalf. I then was asked to appear on BBC Breakfast and live radio consistently throughout the 2-year battle. Kent County Councillors fought tooth and nail, standing by their policy. The local paper named me a one-woman campaigning Exocet missile as I refused to GO AWAY!! After 50 years on this earth, I had found something I not only enjoyed doing but was actually quite good at!! We were successful and KCC eventually conceded and invested £40m in an LED system and light was returned to Kent.

It was at this point that I discovered UKIP, I had realised how badly represented people were at the local level and how Councillors were whipped to vote for their policy over people but every other Party was part of the same corrupt way of doing things. UKIP thankfully are not like that and not only did I discover they had commonsense common decency policies but their Councillors were free to represent people how they saw fit, music to my ears, true representation for people on the issues that mattered to them with their interests put above that of the party, I was sold.

I have now become Chair of the North Kent Neighbourhood Watch and have campaigned on other local issues and will continue to do so. However, it is not just the local picture that matters to me. I and UKIP Gravesham carried out weekly street stalls for Brexit and Gravesend overwhelmingly voted to Leave by 65% to 34%. This by-election will be a chance to show those voters, so bitterly betrayed by Theresa May in Florence, that they have a chance to vote for a Party that is truly committed to Brexit. I have stood at Borough and County level for UKIP, 22 votes short of a seat on my first attempt. Gravesend Borough Council was Labour-led until UKIP stood in 2015, it then turned Conservative by just 2 seats. This will be my first time standing in a rural seat, Meopham North which, although it is a four-cornered fight between the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats, has consistently voted Conservative as with many rural areas.

Please come and help my campaign if you can. If you are in the area and would like to help please contact me at

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