CONFERENCE WATCH: Diane Abbott Backs All-Black Shortlists 

Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, has said it is time for Labour to ban white candidates in certain seats and it is time for the question of all black shortlists to be “revisited”. Previous Labour leader, Ed Miliband, came under similar pressure to introduce the shortlists in certain areas but the idea was rejected.

Abbott, speaking at a fringe event organised by Momentum, pointed to the “transformative” effect of all-women shortlists but warned that the Party needed to be aware they had “not necessarily worked for black and ethnic minority women”.

She was backed by National Executive Committee member, Claudia Webb, who said:

What we need to do is return and have all black shortlists.

Webb went onto say that all black shortlists in any area where there is a “black majority”, such as Leicester, are “not beyond our thinking”.

Unbelievable racism from Abbott which shows us that Labour is quite prepared to turn a blindeye to anti-white racism and indeed is prepared to actively promote it and elevate its proponents to senior posts within the Party. 

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  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Labour are anti-Semites and pro-muslim. That is bad enough without Abbott displaying her dirty black racism against whites. As the most abused MP on the block , does she ever wonder if she asks for it ? Why not go home to an all-black country you’ll feel more comfortable in, Miss Abbott, and take your whitey ex-boyfriend Corby with you. Then he can start to agitate for all-white shortlists in a black country. Popularity all round!

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