Gerard Batten MEP BANNED From Twitter

Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London has been banned from Twitter for tweeting in reply to a question;

“No one disputes that.  Muslims kill each other for being the wrong kind of Muslim more than they kill infidels. It’s a death cult.”

Twitter has asked Batten to remove the tweet but it is unclear a) why and b) what precisely was so objectionable about the tweet. Batten rightly argues that this tweet was a simple statement of the truth:

This of course is just a simple statement of the truth.  Far more Muslims are killed in Iraq, Syria etc. because they belong to a particular Islamic sect deemed unacceptable to another Islamic sect, than non-Muslims are killed in terrorist attacks.

He has appealed and is refusing to delete the tweet. I would hazard a wild guess and say it was probably the ending of the tweet which rightly refers to Islam as a ‘death cult’because as we know anyone criticising the tragically misnamed ‘religion of peace’ is liable to be censored immediately.

We live in dangerous times for free speech. Both Twitter and Facebook are allowed to act as totally unaccountable arbiters of what should and shouldn’t be allowed on their platforms and although alternatives do exist such as Gab they have nowhere near the reach of the big two. So, not only do they have to not account for their actions, they have far greater potential consequences for the hapless user than for them.

The state is putting pressure on both of them to crack down on so-called ‘hate crime’. The Crown Prosecution Service which really should be chasing real criminals is instead busy sounding the clarion call for a crusade against online ‘hate’; better defined as ‘political opinions which challenge the cosy consensus on issues such as Islam’. Counteracting this drive to massive censorship is one good reason that UKIP needs its own media, a policy that thankfully seems to be favoured by all the candidates.

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6 Responses

  1. I blame twitter of which is programmed and administrated from the Silicon Valley in the USA by a company that supports the Democrats. So its best not to criticize the Conservative party for culling freedom of speech on this issue. The same in fact goes for Facebook and most other social communities are all run from the USA. In each case issues of freedom of speech are a USA issue. As usual Reece I sat back for a few minute or so before commenting I am sorry to say that the issue is between Gerard Batten and a US social media company. Not any thing to do with Freedom of speech in UK.

  2. Alan Graves says:

    What if all those who sympathise create a new tweet (not retweet) using the exact same statement. Would they ban all those? That would be an interesting exercise.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Good for Gerard Batten for refusing to back down. We can all live without Twitter. We can’t live without free speech in the Western world – the whole Anglosphere. It’s got everything to do with free speech in all Western democracies where it seems we’re not allowed to discuss a loathsome alien religion squatting in our countries like a poisonous toad. Islam IS a death cult and we should say so. It is also anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-‘kuffir’ – those who have more intelligence than to believe in a destructive demon ‘god’. The destructive demons are those who worship a mirror-image of themselves.

  4. I do not understand how someone can not make a statement that seems factual and then gets banned, but we see people of other lands make hate statements which i have seen which are there for everyone to see how right is that?.

  5. Daniel Howard says:

    Your comment is offensive to Muslims because you named the Muslim faith as a death cult.
    You need to retract and explain with a new tweet in the correct context as follows
    “Owing to the present-day Youth Bulge in Muslim countries, there exists tribalism that sees more Muslims as victims than non-Muslims”.
    I recommend you the following readings to understand Youth Bulge Theory of Gunnar Heinsohn to convince yourself that it is not the Muslim faith but the Youth Bulge that is responsible for the killings.
    Of course you can express your view that the Muslim Faith is a more bellicose faith than the Christian faith even though you are no expert. They are certainly quite extreme in terms of certain mass protests and actions (cartoon incident).
    I was an “approved” candidate in the general election and offered my services to guide the thinking of the party to Paul Oakden. In my opinnion if UKIP is to become something like “Alternative fur Deutschland” then we need STEM PhDs like myself as MPs, people of great intellectual ability. That is what AfD has now (all three leaders have PhDs in Chemistry, Economics etc). Even Bill Gates said he would welcome an engineering graduate leadership in Congress as exists in the leadership of China. Here are Bill Gates and Elon Musk asking for that: (see minute 40:20)
    also see this link
    We need people which much higher educational levels in STEM subjects in charge of the UKIP and eventually Parliament

  1. 7:00 am, Mar 15, 2018

    […] is a silence I find strange. Mr Batten himself has been targeted by Twitter and was in fact suspended from the service for calling Islam a ‘death cult’. He continues to tweet what I consider to be correct […]

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