Verhofstadt: Brexit Has Made People Love The EU Even More

The European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt (pictured above) made the astonishing claim during a speech in London last night (Thursday) that although he considers Brexit to be a ‘complete waste of time’, the end result has been ‘that it has made people love the EU more and more’.

He condemned the UK’s decision to quit the bloc but said he was pleasantly surprised by the aftermath across the continent.

Despite dire predictions, he said, EU states had actually responded positively and a “domino effect” had failed to occur.

Mr Verhofstadt’s comments will further deepen the divide across the bloc, where the EU’s creeping influence in all aspects of society has led to a populist revolt – even if anti-EU elections, outside Britain, have not yet been won.

He said: “I have to tell you very honestly that I continue to believe that Brexit is a very negative project, that it is in fact a waste of time and energy.

“That it is a destruction of a strong political bond that made people on both sides of the Channel richer and freer than ever before.

“But we are democrats. We have to respect the outcome of that referendum and moreover we have to implement it and that is exactly what Europe will do.”

He mockingly said, despite the negatives, he did see one major “positive”.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “The question is, is there really, really, really, really nothing positive you can say about Brexit?

“And I can say, yes, there is something positive: it has opened people’s eyes on the continent. If I gave this speech a year ago it would be a depressive one. But since Brexit the mood has reversed.

That in fact in a certain way the EU regained popularity. Not that people are less critical … but they want to reform Europe, not to leave Europe, not to destroy.”

He said, rather than spark a wave of anti-euroscepticism across the bloc, Brexit had caused the reverse.

He referenced recent votes in Austria, the Netherlands and France were “pro-European parties won the elections”.

Mr Verhofstadt concluded: “Everyone expected, let’s be honest, after Brexit a kind of domino effect and everyone talked about the Frexit and the Dexit and the Nexit. And what happened was quite the opposite.”

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6 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Verhoffstank should drop his trousers and underpants, put his head between his knees and point his arse at the audience whenever he feels compelled to share the diseased contents of what he calls a mind, but is actually a cesspit of foul fantasies. Then at least we could watch him literally talking through his arse as well as laughing, painfully, at what comes out. This member of the EU mafia is so out of touch with what people really think and believe that he ought to be sectioned in the interest of public safety. And his own: I’m sure there’s someone, somewhere with a gun waiting for an opportunity.

  2. Verhofstadt is deluded. How does transferring our sovereignty from an elected government in London to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels make us ‘freer than ever before’?

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Verhofstadt, as well as having a most ‘unfortunate’ face, also suffers from a brain washed intellect. We have seen his ilk before in Europe, and have always been well able to deal with them. At least this person does not have control of war ships, aircraft and tanks. – YET !

  4. Rod Allcock says:

    This is proof, if needed, that Care in the (EU) Community does not work.

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