Leftists at UKIP Conference Fail to Name Person or Party They’re Protesting Against

Reece Coombes stands in front of protestors with the UKIP flag

The small gathering of around 15 leftists on day one and 7 on day two were protesting against the “far right, racist” speakers at UKIP’s conference.

However, it’s interesting to note that not one of these protestors could actually name anybody racist policies or people within the party. One of the points that was raised by many of the protesters and that was on many of their placards was that the so-called “far right” speaker from the AFD was there. I personally asked each and every one of the protestors for a few details about this person:

  • What is their name?
  • What have they said/done that is racist or far right?
  • What do their party’s initials stand for?

Of course, nobody could answer any one of these questions. In fact, they all answered with “Why do I need to know? They’re far right so it doesn’t matter”. Make of that what you will…

I also asked many of the protestors what makes UKIP “racist” and “far right” and if they could name a single racist member or policy of the party, and it was the same response again – “why would I need to”.

We also had some interesting interactions including where an autistic UKIP member was mocked for his autism and where racial slurs were used against black UKIP members.

It just goes to show that the real hateful fascists are those on the left…

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Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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