EU Attacks Nationalist ‘Coup’ Attempt By Catalans

In a display of the most breathtaking contempt for democracy, leading figures in the European Union have attacked brutalised Catalans for attempting to stage a ‘coup’ which “runs counter” to the “goals and ideals” of the EU. Ramón Luis Valcárcel, a member of the European People’s Party tweeted:

Today we have witnessed a nationalistic propaganda act, undemocratic; a coup attempt against Spanish democracy, and so a coup against Europe.

Herr Juncker, the titular head of the ailing Union, warned against “separatist adventures” arguing that;

“regional traditions” should not “set themselves as elements of separatism and fragmentation of Europe”.

Back in Britain, we have seen a disturbing centrist statement by new UKIP leader, Henry Bolton. Mr Bolton, rather than offering his uncritical support to the Catalans fighting for their freedom, condemned the “inappropriate force” used by the Spanish police but appears to be in favour of the continued unity of Spain:

The decision to deploy the police in such a way only serves to increase sympathy for Catalonian independence and works against the cohesion of Spain itself.

“If the Catalonian authorities carry out their threat to declare independence in the coming days, the government in Madrid is likely to take over and further violence can be predicted. I, therefore, urge all sides to avoid the use of force, including riot police, and to discuss a mutually acceptable way forward. 

Noone will be really surprised by the position of Herr Juncker and the Eurocrats. It is the most shameful slap in the face for the people of Catalonia who are consistently pro-European in their political outlook. Hopefully, they will now realise that they have no true friends in Brussels. Mr Bolton’s position, however, is equally as shameful. Many UKIPers across social media support the Catalans and wish them well and they rightly care not a fig for the unity of Spain imposed as it is on the Catalans by force nor for the unity of the EU which could, if we are all really lucky, shaken right to its core by a free Catalonia.

Today could be a decisive day in this struggle. A general strike has been called across Catalonia to protest against police violence with the expectation now widespread that Catalonia will declare its independence from Spain.

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