Bolton’s Backroom: The Rise Of Robert Mcculloch Martin 

Nick Ferrari had an interesting guest on his morning show for LBC today. Robert Mcculloch Martin, a key part of Henry Bolton’s campaign team, was speaking on his experience of homelessness. 

Robert was homeless less than a year ago due to a bad landlord. Mr Martin was in-work at the time so ineligible for shelter or any real support. This is an issue that is set to rise in prominence this winter. The founder of the Big Issue, John Anthony Bird, Baron Bird MBE, has said that Britain is facing its worst winter homelessness crisis in 20 years. I can well imagine, as Mr Martin told Mr Ferrari, that it is the “worst feeling when you are going through 6 hours of agony because you can’t find a warm spot”.

The hero of the story is a UKIP councillor. Councillor Roy Freshwater is the leader of the UKIP Group on Medway Council. Mr Freshwater assisted Robert with getting his car on the road so he had somewhere to sleep and with getting into social housing and the rest, as they say, is history. Mr Martin now, alongside his role within UKIP, helps local homeless people secure a hot meal.

Two things stand out; the importance of UKIP having a strong policy platform which addresses issues such as homelessness and the benefits of us having a meritocratic internal culture which promotes talent from within. In many regards, Mr Bolton himself has benefited from that culture as he has risen from virtual obscurity to the post of Party leader. Let’s hope that under his leadership we will hear more stories like those of Mr Martin. 

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