Spain should be marching on Madrid

Did you know: PM Mariano Rajoy has no direct public mandate, having failed to broker a coalition at the last election despite months of talks. The only reason his party PP has office is because the fragmented Spanish parliament – which had been without any government for nearly a year (and which seemed to do the country no harm at all, in fact the economy improved, an advert for anarchy if ever there was one) – implemented an emergency measure to allow the marginally larger seat-winning party to take power.

Did you know: PM Mariano Rajoy’s previous administration made it illegal to photograph or film the police and also outlawed protests in front of the Spanish parliament. It is only because this grotesque tyranny is being ignored that you and I are able to scrutinise the violent reality from Madrid’s political thugs who have over-assumed their caretaker mandate.

Did you know: The governing party is riddled to its very core with corruption scandals – even Rajoy twice recently having had to defend his integrity, at considerable length, to parliament itself – and would arguably more usefully fill a jail than any decent parliament.

… Yet, outside my building in Valencia, there are no less that eight Spanish flags adorning balconies on just a single facing wall, a silent vox pop that echoes largely throughout the country.

Spain is unhappy with Catalonia. Spain is missing the point. Spain should be marching on Madrid.

But like so many “democracies” in the EU – not least Germany, the UK, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Greece and counting – the Spanish have a distinct political problem: they no longer know “Who better to trust?”

Politics has failed in Spain, as it has throughout basket case political zones like Africa, like South America and, yes, now like EUrope. Spain just happens to be one of the first EU countries that is now paying the price for the self-serving deaf-eared political circus that defines itself so clearly with its inordinate pension schemes, with its corrupt expense accounts, with its millionaire socialists.

Across this failed political zone and within many of its politically failed states, now and in this revealingly informative age, we can expect much, much more of the same, yet we’re on target for far, far worse.

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2 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    It started with Greece, the warnings signs were everywhere but ignored, just as the Irish, Dutch and French were. When men such as Blair, Mandelson, Heseltine, Clegg,Cameron, Osborne, Major and their cohorts fight so ardently, using every tactic in the book, to keep us in this Illegal entity, then common sense must tell us, something is not right.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m feeling my age now in my mid 70s. I voted in the 1970s to join the Common Market, as it seemed sensible. In the 1980s I knew I had been sold a load of nonsense. At long last, under Cameron, I would have the chance to correct my mistake, by voting to leave. It was put out, that we old folk should not even vote on this issue, as we would not be around. I will tell you now, that it is my age group that has seen the very worst of our Governments handing over our liberties to the EU. Their actions have been illegal from the start, and they have proved their contempt for the voters by never asking for permission. Is it any wonder we voted to get out ? I have been a Managing Director, and after that a Shop Steward for the TGWU, so its no wonder that I am a floating voter.- Not any more ! I will vote UKIP from now on, since it is the only Party that is putting this nation first. I want to see all the liars from the old Parties kicked out, and only those who are proven to be Democratic, re-elected, but with a large UKIP presence in the Commons. This is why a system of PR voting to do away with the discredited FPTP, is so necessary, as it is so overdue.

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