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2 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    I’m not in UKIP member though still a supporter – however I am surprised a whole series of logos and options were not paraded in front of the membership and the most popular choices made by the membership. This logo, rightly or wrongly, simply reminds me of Millwall. If it had had a bling chain around its neck with the pound sign I think that would have beneficially kept contact with the previous logo and completed the unstated popular working class impression. That said I also feel the cart is before the horse somewhat: has UKIP completed a transformation yet from a ‘Leave the EU’ party to a ‘Post EU Britain’ party? I don’t think so, so the logo change is too early because the animal has no new ethos to roar yet. Equally important is the name of the Party, wasn’t it going to be ‘UK Independent’ or something – showing its independence from the cant of the big two? All three, new name, new ethos, new logo, needed to come out together ready to take on the political establishment. The full package. This is the UK Still Slumbering party.

  2. Mike says:

    Of course the Original “Star” Logo of UKIP in from 1993 was Red and Blue, on White background. It is a much better modern forward looking Logo than the current “Pound Sign’ one. If there is a problem about changing the party colours, to Red & Blue and White. than change the original “Star Logo” to Purple & Yellow.

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