Farage’s Damning Verdict: ‘Keep May & A Corbyn Landslide Inevitable’

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage (pictured above) has delivered a scathing verdict on the problems facing UK Prime Minister Theresa May during her conference set-piece speech yesterday (Wednesday).

Speaking on his LBC evening show Mr. Farage told listeners that keeping Theresa May now would lead to an inevitable conclusion for the government – a massive victory for Jeremy Corbyn at the next election.

Mr. Farage said that Mrs. May’s problems yesterday were endemic of a ‘lack of leadership’. He acknowledged that everyone gets ill on occasions – he gave an example of the UKIP Manifesto launch in Thurrock during the 2015 general election campaign in which he said that he himself was extremely ill at the time, but still found a way to manage the situation.

He said that Mrs. May was well aware that she was struggling with a heavy cold and throat problems this week. Despite that she did a total of 26 TV & Radio interviews on the day before this vital set-piece speech, which everyone knew was vital for her future. Surely, argued Mr. Farage, a better strategy would have been to reduce the number of interviews the previous day to ensure rest and the protection of her voice. This is a matter of leadership.

He then turned to the matter of security after a ‘comedian’ approached the stage to hand her a mock P45 and who was then able to stay standing in the area for several minutes afterwards. Mr. Farage said that as the leader ‘the buck stops with you’. Mrs. May is responsible ultimately for appointing the right team to get things done and to delegate to the right people. He said this was also true of the crumbling set behind the PM, where individual letters kept falling off the message behind her head. He said that something had previously happened at a UKIP conference where the UKIP sign had fallen off the wall. As leader Mr. Farage said that he took responsibility for that and so should she.

He concluded by saying that everything that happened yesterday was endemic of the situation the Conservative Party now finds itself in. When asked by one caller who he thought should take over and who could beat Mr. Corbyn, Mr. Farage was swift with his answer – Jacob Rees-Mogg was the man for the job. But every day that Mrs. May remains in post makes a Corbyn victory more and more likely.

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3 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Watching all 4 conferences I have concluded that the Party best positioned to take us out of the EU, and on in to a brand new future, is the “New UKIP”with its new leader Henry Bolton, who I believe will become the most interviewed leader in the next 3 months. As long as he leads from the front, like Nigel, and seeks advise from those with a vast experience and knowledge of the media.


  3. caroline white says:

    I’m sorry but sometimes I dont even know what side of the fence farage is on anymore … farage is spouting this, causing yet more division and if the Tories are pushed into another leadership contest then the opposition will say just as they did with May that they have no mandate and cause another snap election .. which very welll COULD see corbyn in power … Is Farage really willing to sit there and risk that !!

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