Brexit Traitors: Two Tory MEPs Vote AGAINST Start of UK Trade Talks With EU

There was uproar in the European parliament yesterday, as it emerged that two Conservative MEPs had voted AGAINST the start of trade talks between Britain and the EU in an attempt to harm the UK. South West MEP Julie Girling and South East MEP Richard Ashworth (pictured above with Guy Verhotstadt) both backed an EU motion to BLOCK the start of trade talks between Britain and the bloc.

The vote had been called by the parliament’s self appointed chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt to try to persuade the European Commission to delay trade talks.

Ashworth, a former group leader, and Girling, a former chief chief whip, o broke ranks to vote against the national interest and side with Verhofstadt.

Even though the European Parliament is not involved in the Brexit talks and the vote was only advisory the motion gave impetus to Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier to delay moving the talks on to the future relationship while he tried to extract up to £78 billion as a divorce bill.Their move was a Remainer act of defiance against the clear path to Brexit laid out by Prime Minister Theresa May and they appeared to be challenging her authority as party leader.

Last night senior Tory MP Peter Bone questioned why Girling and Ashworth were still in the party.

He said: “Whether you are a Leaver or Remainer it is against the national interest for the talks to not progress on to trade and the future relationship.

“If you can’t support the government on that then you have to wonder why these two are still Conservative MEPs.“It is fundamentally wrong to vote on this way and just shows how out of touch many of the MEPs are with the British people.”

He added: “Of course MEPs are irrelevant now that we are leaving the EU so their vote doesn’t really matter.”

Ashworth and Girling’s Tory MEP colleague David Campbell Bannerman, a leading Brexit campaigner, branded them “disgraceful”.

New Ukip leader Henry Bolton said that the vote showed why Britain will be well rid of the European Parliament.He said: “It’s hard to put into words the utter contempt for the British people and the country as a whole these over-stuffed, publically funded, so called politicians feel.

“Such behaviour might be expected by the Lib Dems but Labour and in particular Richard Ashcroft and Julie Girling, the former Leader and Chief Whip of the Tories in Brussels to have voted against the national interest. This little short of a disgrace.”

A friend of Mrs Girling said she has “no intention” of leaving the Conservatives.

In a statement the defiant rebel south west MEP said: “I did not vote to block trade talks. Indeed I sincerely hope that the vote focuses the minds of negotiators, and that the European Parliament will be in a position to help drive more effective negotiations.“This is how I will continue to represent the South-West, and this is the only way I can foresee a collegiate conclusion.

“While I have always respected the democratic position of the British people, I have never agreed to silently acquiesce as our country heads towards a cliff edge, with no deal and a complete withdrawal.

“The people of the South-West elected me to represent their best interests, not to preside over wanton economic self-harm.”

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4 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    You know that cliff edge that Remoaners are constantly, tediously referring to? It’s time to herd the lot of them to some cliff edge somewhere, the higher the better and request them to demonstrate exactly what they mean by hurtling off a cliff edge in the manner predicted for the UK. Those not prepared to show what it looks like should head off home and shut up, on the understanding that the next time they mention a cliff edge they will certainly be hoyed off one.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    For me, this is no surprise ! There are what can be called ”Village Tories” who are so up themselves, that they are unable to see the big picture. Leave well alone the fact that they have dumped on their Conservative Party. That is not news at the moment with a gapping split in the Tory Party. No, this is far worse due to going against the Democratic referendum’s decision to leave the EU.
    My view, for what its worth, is that these two mental cretins have not been able to find another overpaid job, that requires little to no work, and they just wish to keep their own little gravy train going for as long as possible. It is unfortunate that in the realm of ”Public Service” there are people with only self interest, and with their employment coming to a close, they will do anything to hold on to it. They are just pathetic !

  3. jjpaullennon says:

    typical brexiteer. very willing to insult, to protest and to threaten, but very thin on facts. we have all been prepared to show you – we have shown you, but you are not listening: cliff edge means no deal, which means ugh tariffs which means high prices for the less well off.

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