OPINION: Union Of Hypocrites

Many readers of this blog will need no convincing on the horrors of the European Union, however, nonetheless, there is still a relatively substantial chunk of public opinion that seems to harbour some illusions that it is a benign force for good in the world. This is especially true of the constantly Remoaning liberal-left in Britain. However, if this week has not shattered those illusions then there is a very real chance that the next week certainly will, in all likelihood we will have to repaint the EU Flag blood red by this time next week if the already tense situation in Catalonia escalates even further.

If there is further violence and fatalities occur it is no overdramatisation to say the blood will be on Eurocrats hands. At every juncture, rather than act as a restraining influence on the Spanish state, senior EU figures have not just supported Spain but spoke to legitimise its stance. Guy Verhofstadt has claimed somewhat improbably that the referendum was somehow “fixed”, something made improbable by the fact that an awful lot of ballot boxes spent much time in the custody of the Spanish Guarda Civil, unless he thinks they fixed it for the Catalans? With breathtaking cheek, he also accused Nigel Farage of being a “clown” whose goal is “bashing and destroying … European liberal democracy”.

European liberal democracy? Mr Verhofstadt might as well accuse Mr Farage of chasing unicorns because so-called ‘European liberal democracy’ simply does not exist. Meanwhile, European Commission First Vice-president Frans Timmermans described the cracking of Catalonian skulls as a “proportionate use of force”. Mr Timmermans, clearly somewhat confused, stated that violence “does not solve anything in politics” before declaring, in the next breath;

 “However, it is a duty for any government to uphold the law, and this sometimes does require the proportionate use of force.”

Ohhhhh! It’s crystal clear now. Violence in politics is perfectly acceptable as long as it is coming from the side you politically support! Glad we cleared that up! Timmermans, by the way, is a charming gent, he is all ready-set-go to place Poland on the naughty step over the Polish government’s reform of its own judicial system.

If violence in Catalonia does ensue and being honest this is a likely outcome as I write, I cannot think of a more tragic but also any clearer illustration of the disdain that the EU holds for the people of Europe. It is for that reason that violence and likely fatalities will lead to a mass popular uprising against the Eurocracy in a way Brexit hasn’t-quite-really. You never know, maybe even The Guardian will manage a stern editorial on this occasion. Germans are fed up with paying everyone else’s bills, the French are just fed up, Southern Europe is an economic basket case and Eastern Europe has pretty much decided to go it’s own way. I hope it doesn’t have to come to this. I hope the trigger for a mass waking up to smell the coffee doesn’t come down to being dead Catalans on our TV screens but I have to say, as things stand, I can only live in hope rather than expectation.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have made this point elsewhere, but it cannot be wrong to repeat it again. Although I am not a flag waving Englishman, who shouts Viva Great Britain at any time of excitement, I am very proud of my country. (Not the leadership of UK/GB, but all of the people, and our history). You see, it is not necessary to shout and wave our flag. Instead, I relax and bask in the Democratic greatness of this little union of nations, and let actions speak for themselves.
    Word was received from Scotland, that they wanted to leave the union. Thinking in parallel to Spain’s action to Catalonia, what did we do ? We agreed to a referendum in Scotland. and even took on board their wish to change the minimum age of voting. The wise Scots voted to stay in our union. Job done with little to no violence, with the SNP licking their wounds and muttering !
    There is no need to repeat what is happening in Catalonia, except to say that a referendum on the matter of separation, has to be agreed by both sides, or it will have little to no standing. The position of Spain could, and should have been ridiculed in the world, until agreement to honour the vote was received, and then the referendum could have taken place. Instead the Police come in to prevent the Catalans from voting, and the Army is ready to give support. It’s rather nice to be proved right. Back in the 1960s I did a lot of traveling in Europe, and no country was missed, except Spain. Franco was still in power, and I tolerated Communism, but would never accept Fascism. I was not about to spend money in his country. (My loss, as there are parts of Spain that are very beautiful !). We now see that, even with the Crown back in place, the Franco approach is still alive and well.
    Spain and Catalonia have a huge problem. Not to be outdone, the wretched EU has to get in on all of this. Rather than acting as the peacemaker, the EU takes the side of Spain, because they are totally against the idea of the Democratic way. (UK/GB voters that wished to remain in the EU, please take note). Now attention all Scots. If at sometime in the future you have another vote for independence, realise that there is not much chance of friendship from EU. You will be condemned for using Democracy, and your fleeting independence would evaporate as a member of the EU. This is a fact !

  2. Donald Hallam says:

    Sign and share this petition to get the UK out of the EU NOW!.

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