The Bolton Wanderers – Where Are They Now?

I firstly have to acknowledge the genius of Olly Connelly of Daily Brexit who coined this wonderful phrase, The Bolton Wanderers, meaning people who have left UKIP since Henry Bolton took the reins. Due respects having been paid, shall we start with Anne Marie Waters……?

Anne Marie Waters 

Anne has announced on Twitter that the widely expected new Party will be ‘ready next week’. Oh really, Anne? Well, that poses an interesting question. Let me explain. Once a newly-fledged political party has submitted its application, the time-frame for a decision is 30 working days.  So, Ms Waters, how have you managed to get all your assorted ducks-in-a-row, including a considerable amount of paperwork, submit your application and get a reply in such a small space of time?

The answer can only really be that the preparation work and the registration must have been done BEFORE the outcome of the UKIP Leadership election was known. Even if next week is the last possible week that the 30 days can elapse in that clearly indicates that was all done before September 29th. So, that rather begs another question, had Anne won, what on earth would have become of UKIP?

I have to say I noticed at the conference that was a dearth of senior people from Anne’s campaign and indeed a distinct absence of Anne herself at all the social functions and this, along with the above, reflects very poorly on her attitude towards UKIP in my opinion.

Nonetheless, her views on Islam, in particular, have also posed questions to the UKIP leadership and this new party, whatever the ins and outs of its formation, will continue to do this.

John Rees-Evans 

John, as many readers will surely know by now, has left the UKIP fold and joined the newly-formed Affinity (incidentally, Anne, they are still waiting for their registration to go through because it was definitely submitted AFTER the result). He is on the National Management Board as Affinity‘s Liberty Spokesperson.

In a similar vein to Anne perhaps, it is all about the project for John and he has made it clear that his decision is guided by viewing UKIP as no longer being a suitable vehicle for that project. Of course, in this case, the project is Direct Democracy. However, unlike Anne, who has left with many bitter words to say, John still obviously has a soft-spot for UKIP:

Mr Rees-Evans said: “I would absolutely love for UKIP to embrace direct democracy, and would welcome a future convergence, but I am convinced beyond any question that Affinity is the most powerful weapon in the world to deliver direct democracy.”

John and indeed UKIP have to start seeing Direct Democracy within the larger framework of the struggle for Brexit and we have to be realistic that one is contingent upon the other.  The imposition of the will of the 17 million upon a reluctant establishment IS the ultimate expression of Direct Democracy. However, it is very likely that representative democracy, ie, Parliament will FAIL to deliver Brexit so a Direct Democracy system will be necessary to deliver it.

Antagonism between Affinity and UKIP, therefore, makes no sense and those who have been trying to stir it up within UKIP do both UKIP and Brexit a disservice.

Independent Kippers 

Who are they? Well, this is a good question but currently, all that I can really establish that they are a rumoured third breakaway group. I’ve heard a suggestion they were a prepared breakaway for if Anne Marie Waters won but that they still may split so, this one remains a bit of a mystery. Keep your eyes peeled for this one because this could be a developing story.

UPDATE: Anne has stated here that she registered AFTER the result.


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11 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    I refuse to be pigeon-holed using Henry Bolton’s name as a reference, therefore I am not a Bolton Wanderer, but an Anne Marie Waters supporter and proud to be so.
    I don’t know if she registered to start a new party before the election, but if she did it was probably in expectation of being stitched up by the hierarchy, desperate for her not to win.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      So Pamela, you support Ms Waters. – GOOD FOR YOU !
      I support Mr Bolton. – GOOD FOR ME, and probably in time, GOOD FOR UK/GB !
      UKIP supports Democracy and this Nation. – GOOD FOR ALL OF US !

  2. Keith says:

    The speed with which two former UKIP leader candidates have left UKIP illustrates that the membership were 100% right to reject them. Not team players – and both single-issue obsessives who would have been fatal for UKIP.
    There is no doubt that we were right to choose Henry Bolton – and the other loyal candidates have fallen in behind him. Onward and upward from here – we all know the country needs a strong UKIP, especially when Tories and Labour are both fatally split.

    • Dee says:

      Keith, I think that someone,who had been bad-mouthed by some of the other candidates, an ex-Leader or two and quite a few of the UKIP MEPs was hardly going to feel comfortable at the social gathering,that was the UKIP Conference.

      It is worth noting that both of those candidates who have left were the only ones that were prepared to support and defend the YI Conference Social that was shamefully blackmailed out of existence by Antifa. So maybe, they were the ones with the backbones?

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    There are many in the establishment that have an unnatural fear of UKIP and would dearly love to see it fail. They will resort to any measures to achieve this outcome, as the same mentality does to perverse the referendum vote. The new leader must be given absolute support in taking UKIP on its road to Westminster.

  4. steve says:

    You state 30 days to register a party. However it turns out is within 30 days so that changes what you say to an opinion wouldn’t you agree?Anne has left,so have I. Why would I stay when called a nazi and racist?

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Well Steve, I guess I’m probably made of much harder stuff. Being called a Nazi and racist, only helps me to tear down such people with the facts, which I am always happy to do. You ask, ”Why would I stay ?” I can only tell you MY answer. UKIP is the only new Party chance that I have, for getting shot of the old Parties with their record of pushing this Nation into deep debt, and putting divisions into the people. I don’t mean in or out of the EU, but left or right in politics. It is quite possible to hold views that come from Conservatives, yet make room for Socialist fair play, but my dislike of the EU is so total, that UKIP is my only choice.

  5. jean shaw says:

    Just think it is silly of the 2 of them. Anne Marie has tried to set up her own Party before with like minded individuals and it failed , why not stay in UKIP and join forces with others such as Whittle/Collins/Batten who are also strongly against Islam. In that way she e could have ensured that the issue would be high up the list of UKIP priorities second probably to Brexit itself. She’ll now simply disappear to the outer fringes of politics with no hope of achieving her objectives.

    John Rees – Evans has good ideas but he doesn’t stand a chance of achieving them on his own

  6. Cliff Dixon says:

    What you have missed out on is that JRE was in fact in talks with DDIP, an already registered political party, to take over as leader in the event that his leadership bid failed.
    Indeed, current leader Marty Caine stated that the name ‘Direct Demos Initiative Party’ was the idea of JRE and they had conversed some time ago about him joining and taking over, only for JRE to decline on the day of the election result and announce Affinity which was done without Marty’s knowledge.
    The conversation was played out in public on JRE’s FB campaign page.

  7. David says:

    We have lost half the party, Bolton exodus is more apt. A more sad death of a peoples party is hard to imagine. The truth of my words will sink in as memberships are not renewed. As branch after branch collapse and local election results see good kipper after kipper lose hard won seats. All Bolton had to do is be magnanimous in victory, but he doubled down the Nazi slur, utterly unforgiveable to party members, and voters in the hundreds of thousands. A typical cold authoritarian technocrat attitude that will gain us nothing and cost us all us kippers have grafted for. Sad days indeed.

    • Dee says:

      Thank you David. It was a sad day, I’m sure, for all of us who decided to move on. UKIP was the only Political Party I have ever been a member of, and I was so proud when I joined.

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who, in spite of being angry with having our reputations traduced, wish all the members of UKIP the very best, whatever direction the Party takes. What seems to have been forgotten by so many is that all of us members are still united in our wish to save our beloved country. Go safely my friend.

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