Henry, Dear Henry……

In case you want to know, I voted for Anne Marie Waters

I did so because she is passionate and courageous and has devoted ten years of her life to speaking the truth about a subject no other politician has the b**** to confront. Isn’t that what UKIP is about? Confronting challenges which seek to undermine our society; not to be silenced by a Liberal establishment who ignore the plight of our people in pursuit of a global agenda?

22 bodies strewn across a stadium in Manchester,  8 on London Bridge, 6 at Westminster confirms her claims that we are under attack by an extremist ideology, which wants to destroy our culture. Then there is Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Bristol, Aylesbury, Keighley, Huddersfield, Derby, Peterborough, Telford, which have all finally revealed the sickening abuse of vulnerable white girls by gangs of Muslim men, confirming that whole areas of our nation are beyond the rule of British law and a different culture  has taken control

Does supporting her campaign against those who seek to destroy us make me a racist or Nazi, as insinuated by both current and past leader?

I only confirmed my support of AMW on the understanding that her campaign was specifically targeted against the malevolent end of Radical Islam, and that it did not include the Muslim community who embrace our culture and freedoms, respect our law, contribute to society and treat women as equals. The fact that a young Muslim girl was working with her and AMW supports several Muslim women’s groups seemed to suggest she was not lashing out at the Muslim community to me

In the end, at Conference AMW came second and Henry Bolton became our new leader. In the heat of the moment, I was confused. How did an unknown, who declared his nomination at the last minute, come to win?

I had  watched HB’s attempt to remove AMW as a candidate during the campaign, and now I was listening to him tell us his appointment had avoided UKIP becoming the Nazi party, I decided my beloved UKIP had lost its strident call, its belief in itself as defender of the ordinary people and speaker of uncomfortable truth. An ex-Lib Dem army/civil servant wallah was now in charge. “No cap on immigration” – Already he was using the language of PC politics. We had hoisted the white flag for fear of being rebranded racists by the Liberal Establishment. We had decided to become the Establishment.

I didn’t bother attending the second day of conference and drove back home to Kent and took the dogs for a walk instead

Then, as ever, I had a rethink.

Why did I join UKIP? Because I wanted my country back. Ok, we won the referendum, but we haven’t won Brexit. Not with Theresa the Appeaser in charge

Nigel has given 20 years taking on the EU and building UKIP to fight it. It is his, and right now it is a vital strand to winning Brexit.  All UKIP’s guns need to be fired at the Establishment, who have no intention of abiding by the result of the referendum.  Their legions are mighty, including many MP’s, the Governor of the BOE (ex Goldman Sachs) and every self-interested Corporate and Academic

I suspect those MEP’s supporting HB raised their game and campaigned hard to find votes for him, because maybe they calculated we can’t afford for UKIP to be hijacked by AMW’s cause at this defining moment in time. Maybe they are right

So, brave courageous Anne Marie, now is not the moment for UKIP’s next battle as we haven’t won the first. I am really sorry, but your campaign needs to set up its own party or movement and any UKIP member should be free to support it. I will

As for Henry, dear Henry (HDH), I hope there isn’t a hole in your bucket. From Lib Dem to UKIP is hard to imagine. Did you have an epiphany, or did you just join us to provide the political apparatus for your PCC campaign? Many of us in Kent are concerned that we haven’t seen much of you since.  Odd that you didn’t join our referendum street stalls, and I haven’t seen you out with our campaign team, despite our many elections. Some would say you are a careerist.

Then again, maybe our Czar of border control will be good at pushing the shambolic government to a border strategy; his CV is littered with it. Indeed, HDH seems to have worked for every taxpayer-funded security/ border quango in the UN and EU at some time in the dim past. Acronyms trip off his lips effortlessly. From outsider Nige, to insider HDH. Maybe it will work.

Nigel, your snarling lip needs some PR. Many of us in UKIP support AMW and believe we are under attack on two fronts, on one side by Juncker and his federal cabal; on the other by Radical Islam. I get it that fighting two fronts will only dilute us to defeat on both. I agree that we need to win the Brexit front first. But calling those who recognise the second front racists may leave you with half your battalion. Have respect for our members; treat AMW with the respect you would have liked when you first set out as a one-man army to take on the EU. HDH’s attack on AMW was that of a playground bully, in fact very Lib Dem. You need to sharpen up your man. An apology to all of us would be a good start



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20 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Your dedication to AMW is admirable but it lacks commitment, so join with her new Party and help continue her fight against Islam, you certainly seem to be dismissive of HB, so why stay in a Party you consider less than what you believe in. I am sure with the help of Tommy Robinson and his EDL followers you can achieve your aims .Why not join Pegida UK also, Sharia Watch need foot soldiers, so there is plenty for you to concentrate on in your noble fight. We who see NEW UKIP as a way to Westminster will fight on for the 18 million who did not vote for AMWs policies but simple to get our country back. Hopefully they will back UKIP in local and general elections when they see we are not an extremist Party, but one that will represent all people of the UK regardless of Race or religion. We have no wish to see our streets turned in to the disaster that afflicted NI for so many years because of similar circumstances. So fight the good fight and let NEW UKIP fight the causes for all of our citizens.

    • Dee says:

      Oh my, Barrie, you are echong the Antifa rhetoric newly espoused by those at the top of UKIP. Do you really think that’s a good way to persuade Pam and those like her to stay in UKIP? Or is a ‘snarling lip’ the new UKIP look?

  2. Steve says:

    Pam , a great piece and I totally agree with you, I think this will resinate with many in the party !

  3. Sue Keen says:

    What a great letter. I understand Nigel being sick of accusations that he and UKIP are racist and I thank him for all he has done. However we are far from achieving a real Brexit, so he should concentrate on that while Anne Marie and her supporters form a new movement to take up all the other issues. I will support both parties which I don’t think fit together in UKIP but which are both essential

  4. Stuart Nicholson says:

    UKIP has lost its way! NF has lost his mystic and all credibility by becoming a dj and collecting his juicy pay packet every week. Like Oiris andMogg in the Cons. one needs personalities with strong opinions. This ‘Henry ‘ is a light weight liberal put in charge to appease the establishment and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was to turn out to be a mole. He’s come out with a few sound bites to please the softer side of UKIP then disappeared. Never heard of him before he was elected. Where was NF? Oh! To busy spinning those disks (metaforacally speaking of course). Cop out!

  5. Steve says:

    Pam, the thing is, many many people in UKIP support AMW’s campaign, but just didn’t want her to be leader. The perception is that she is a single-issue politician, and UKIP is in such a precarious position that we need someone who has more to offer than that. The fact that she is now considering forming a new party would seem to indicate that she was not committed to the party, and was merely using it as a vehicle for her campaign.
    I, and many others wish her well in her future work.

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    100% spot on in every question, accusation and suggestion. I have already resigned after 5 years of hard work in UKIP and am poised to give AMW my support and donations. Never have so many been insulted by so few who will live to regret it.

  7. Michael Dixon says:

    I have to agree with the thrust of this article. I have listened to AMW a few times and can’t fault her arguments. At the same time I find HB a little hard to take, what with so many achievements he never fails to list at every given opportunity. I am not sure if I will renew my Ukip membership in 2018 but am not overly optimistic that the party will flourish under HB’s leadership.

  8. Icini says:

    Having seen your heavy support elsewhere for AMW , I’m not surprised you were upset when so many of us voted against her. As for the rhetoric, it was during an election, it’s what happens in a fight. I and others decided that balancing probabilities, an AMW led UKIP would crash and burn and that AMW simply wanted a “respectable” platform for her personal agenda. We have worked for many years to build UKIP too and were not prepared to see it destroyed without a fight. Her reaction since the conference only confirms that we were right.
    Whatever, it’s a done deal now, we either support the new leadership or the party is finished. Those who decide to join J R-E or AMW are free to do so, but they stand no chance whatever of achieving anything except perhaps to make their members feel better.
    I reckon we will know within 6 months, from council by elections, if UKIP can recover or not and I believe it will do so under Henry Bolton. So do most of my branch.
    A Ukip Branch Chairman and District Council group leader.

    • Dee says:

      Icini, as you well know I did support AMW but was prepared to either try the members choice or ‘go quietly’. I wasn’t unduly angry about the slurs and smears perpetrated by various talentless MEP’s some of whom had already become ‘Independent’ of UKIP (while still being paid to represent them) but when I tuned in to LBC on Friday night and heard Nigel’s interview with Ian Dale – that was something else altogether. I was incredibly angry – I had had enough. My decision was proved valid when I read Nigel’s article in the Telegraph which reinforced what he had said in his interview. I am not ‘an EDL/BNP type’ nor am I racist or a Nazi – but because I voted for Anne Marie he made it clear that I, and people like me aren’t welcome in UKIP. So we have gone! Be happy, we have carried out Nigel’s wish. Best wishes from this rather elderly Grandmother.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Ms Waters had single issue interests, and I pass my rather guarded good luck to her. Mr Bolton seems to be the right leader, though to be honest, Nigel Farage should have come back, as the fight is only just beginning. I view UKIP as a possible Government. – No, don’t laugh, much work is required, but a barrier has to be punched through first. I refer to the integrity of the media, along with the intelligence of the voters. Voters that vote according to the dictates of the media, should not have a vote at all, or should assign their vote to the media of their choice. That is the first requirement, but the second would find out the truth. – Scrap the FPTP system of voting, with PR, so that ALL VOTES ARE COUNTED. There would be no more tactical votes, just direct support for what the voter wants. Ms Waters has shown that she was just using UKIP for her own agenda, but the truth was seen before the voting took place. To those who have bought in to the evils of UKIP, I would put the following two questions. – Having a vote on continuance of EU membership was brought about by UKIP getting under the skin of Cameron, and UKIP’s lead was taken by the voters, therefore don’t you think that UKIP has the ear of the voters ? A Party that is neither left or right in old terminology, but with UK/GB’s interests put first, is the way to go, don’t you think ? The only other point I would make, is that it is high time for you to take charge of your own vote. Forget the media !

  9. len laws says:

    I see that ukip daily has removed your letter ,the same has happened to ALL my comments. A total rejection of democracy ! She won’t miss me I shall not miss her. The Nazis took control of the media in the 30s . Read the links on mr Bolt-on, very revealing.

  10. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There is so much more that UKIP can do, with the correct leader, and Mr Bolton seems to be the right person for that.
    Ms Waters has a few individual targets, but misses the wider picture. Her leadership would not increase the size and clout of the Party.
    English Law should be brought in, to be activated against Radical Islam. (The laws are there, and we don’t need any new ones)
    My personal wish is for Islam to be matched factually against Christianity, so that it can be proved to be no religion at all, but 100% error.
    The Commons as a whole is in denial. UKIP led the people in referendum, and gained the win. Mr Bolton may get some seats in the Commons !

  11. David Lloyd says:

    I cannot let UKIP off the hook quite so easily Pam. In the last few years I have taken a stance that has put me at odds with all my colleagues. I am the one who voted for Brexit… “Little Englander” (though I’m Welsh). I am the one who wants less immigration not more… “Racist.” I am a Priest who believes in One Lord… “Bigoted Fascist.” I’ve been pilloried in national and local press for my stance on Islam and been called a Nazi by people I have helped. I have been investigated twice by my Church. But NOW being called a Nazi by fellow Ukippers at leadership level is one punch on the chin I WON’T take while funding their careers. Game over. AMW or nothing now.

  12. Dee says:

    Give it up, Pam – like those who insist that Islam is a peaceful religion, they don’t want to listen!

  13. Kerrie Webb says:

    Well said and agreed

  14. Tony Woodcock says:

    It is our anti-British establishment who are responsible for our involvement in the EU and for Islamisation.
    They are the numero uno enemy. Without us blowing the bloody doors off Westminster, I doubt we can do much about the other two.

  15. Terry Jones says:

    No one can predict the future, except maybe Mystic Mel, but her aside no one can say how popular or unpopular either “UKIP” or “For Britain” will become in the near future. What I hope we can all agree upon is that voters on all side of the Islamic argument should support the anti establishment party at every election to come.
    I will be joining Anne Marie’s new party – For Britain, but where they are not standing UKIP still has my vote. (Unless it’s for Neil Hamilton – sorry but that’s just a bridge too far.)

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