TORY TURMOIL: Theresa The Appeaser Not Trusted By 1/3 Conservative Members

Theresa May is, unsurprisingly, viewed as a closet Remainer by 35% of Conservative Party members. YouGov conducted a poll of 927 Conservative Party members. It found that 35% of them think that Mrs May secretly wants to keep Britain in the European Union.

Boris Johnson, the freewheeling Foreign Secretary, came top of the poll with 89% convinced he is committed to Brexit. This is something of a turnaround for Mr Johnson whose conversion to the cause of Brexit cause was somewhat of a Road to Damascus moment. The other ‘Big Beasts’ in the negotiating team, Liam Fox and David Davis enjoy similar levels of confidence amoung the membership. Mr Davis scored 82% and Mr Fox 71%.

Other notables that are highly trusted to deliver Brexit are Jacob Rees-Mogg, the object of much ‘Moggmentum’, scored 75% and Michael Gove chalked-up 81%.

Mr Johnson is widely regarded as the frontrunner to replace Mrs May were she to be forced out which suggests a strong corollary between delivering Brexit and strong appeal to the Conservative grassroots. However, in the event of a contest, the two candidates that go before the members will be decided by Conservative MPs, so Mr Johnson, if he is to have an opportunity to win the popular acclaim of grassroots Conservatives will need to charm them first.

Writing for The Times, Matthew Smith, a data journalist with YouGov, pointed out:

“Conservative members are overwhelmingly convinced of their desire to see Brexit carried out. When it comes to those MPs who backed Remain, however, party members are far less sure of their intentions.”

You have to feel that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and in Florence, we saw exactly the truth of Mrs May’s intent. She has zero-sum intent to deliver the Brexit that British people voted for last year. The smoke and mirrors act no longer washes and even members of her own Party can now see right through Theresa the Appeaser and that is why it is time for her to get ‘Out Now’ so we can get on with the business of bringing Britain ‘Out Now’.

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