70,000 Attend Football Lads Alliance Protest Against Terrorism and Extremism in London, Despite Mainstream Media Ignoring

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If you are one of the dwindling number of people who rely on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (or other mainstream broadcast media) as your sole and exclusive source of news you may have quite reasonably been oblivious to the fact that 70,000 people marched in London on Saturday (7th October) to protest against the increase in terrorist acts, the rise of extremism, the lack of action taken by feeble politicians against both and the silencing of free speech.

The Football Lads Alliance (‘FLA’) march, organised by John Meighan, in association with Veterans Against Terrorism, was the second FLA march to take place in London following a march through the City of London on 24th June passing by St Paul’s Cathedral. The march on Saturday united thousands of working class football supporters from clubs right across the country, but was also joined by people from across society and all walks of life. On the march I spoke, among others, with a Buddhist, Gurkhas, various students and Paula Boddington, a doctor of philosophy and ethics researcher from Oxford University.

The march kicked off on Park Lane, with speeches given by ex SAS officer Phil Campion, two former police officers, another armed forces veteran and a representative of the Sikh Awareness Society, all broadcast to a vast sea of people from the top of a London vintage Routemaster bus. Alongside the bus were wreaths representing football clubs ranging from Spurs to Manchester United, from Stoke City to Chelsea. The wreaths would later be laid on Westminster Bridge, where five people were killed when an Islamic terrorist drove into them in March.

In stark contrast to ‘Antifa’ protests, where vehicles are regularly set on fire and police officers attacked, there was no violence – despite the vast numbers of people in attendance. Indeed the march passed off in good spirits and humour as the ocean of people flowed by en route to Parliament with many spectators cheering on from windows as it passed by Haymarket, The Mall and Whitehall.

The newspapers, in contrast to the broadcast media, did cover the story, but in their own various predictable ways. The Independent despite focusing its coverage on a 10 minute section of the march where the FLA marchers walked passed a small group of self described ‘anti-racist’ counter protestors on Whitehall and some verbal abuse was exchanged appeared to struggle to find anything which it could use to smear thousands of patriotic working class marchers.

Despite people from different races and ex Muslims attending the march, the Independent’s main concern appeared, as per usual, to be to root around to find any possible example of racism and ‘Islamophobia’. As such its coverage focused heavily on words spoken by a small number of participants. At the same time the online newspaper struggled to refer to the terrorist incident on Westminster Bridge in March as a terrorist attack, let alone terrorism inspired by Islam, describing it instead as a ‘vehicle ramming people’ while implying that chanting ‘England!’ was something negative.

On the march there was a huge feeling of solidarity and unity among everyone I spoke with, contrasted by an immense sense of frustration and anger with politicians who had failed to arrest and intern known terrorist suspects and hate preachers. Disdain was also expressed towards Diane Abbott the Shadow Home Secretary for appearing more concerned with labelling protestors than taking action against threats to national security. When Abbott’s name was mentioned during the speech a chant broke out of ‘Who are you? Who are you?!’

There seemed to be, above all a determination among protestors to send a strong message to government. As John Meighan, the event organiser said, ‘we are the backbone of this country!’ And Meighan may very well be right: if anyone will force the government to act it will be forgotten working class patriots. The message from the organisers was clear –there will be another march with even greater numbers, and FLA marches will continue until the government listens and takes action to double down against terrorist acts and hate preachers.

Sadly while we live in a country where hate preachers like Anjem Choudhary were paid £25,000 per year in benefits while Drummer Lee Rigby was paid a salary of £17,000 at the time of his death (his killers also received more than £200,000 in Legal Aid) it is not so clear whose side the State is on.

The government must now listen otherwise it may lose millions of voters.

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We all want Islamic terrorists brought to heel and our laws used to the full extent. These nut-jobs are evil, and all we require are our laws used against all who break those laws. No more PC approach to an ethnic minority.
    Personally I have no problem with Muslims, although the covering of their women is quite out of order. Indeed, is that walking, black bin bag truly female or is a man under all that material, and is he up to no good ? No, generally I have no problem with Muslims. I only have a problem with Islam, and the idea that it is a religion. If it is, then it is total error, when matched up to the Holy Bible. Another test could be the life of Muhammed to that of Jesus, there is no similarity, and to put them both as heads of religion is quite absurd. One married a rich widow and then went on a conquest, while the other was Almighty God on earth. Best thing to do with Muslims is to talk to them, but without trying to convert them. All we can do is point to the door of knowledge, going through it is for them to do, possibly led by the Holly Spirit.

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