Henry Bolton’s Promises & What to Expect From the Bolton Leadership

I have summarised and commented on the promises of Henry Bolton OBE, to help inform members of UKIP what they can expect from our new leader. I would like to offer my congratulations to him on his victory. He was not my candidate of choice, but he received the most votes so I will support him.


Professionalise structures; better select, train and prepare staff; improve planning; improve financial management; improve internal communications and boost membership.

“Involve all levels of the party in developing policy.” (This is most welcome after the disastrous integration agenda was incorporated into our recent manifesto without any consultation with members.)

Pursue the most effective policies regardless of which wing of politics they reside in.

Establish unity and purpose beyond Brexit. (I fear he will struggle to unite supporters of Anne Marie Waters, but I wish him luck with this endeavour.)

“Avoid discrimination and extremism.” (This could have been better worded by replacing avoid with eradicate.)

Constructively debate difficult issues that others fear to address. (This should include Islamification and Sharia Law.)

Retain a patriotic belief in Britain.

Providing Pro-Brexit Opposition

Hold the government to account for Brexit.

“UKIP should aspire to be the flag bearer of choice for all LEAVE campaigns.”

“Vigorously demand that the government delivers” on: controlling our borders and immigration; signing trade agreements; and leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court Of Justice. (I’m sure you’ll agree that these are core UKIP principles.)

Demand the government plans, prepares and sufficiently resources for benefitting from the massive opportunity that leaving the Customs Union and Single Market creates.

Propose credible solutions to the problems we highlight, drawing on expertise from within our membership and outside the party and undertake “vital strategic planning” that the government neglects.

Delivering change – Involving Members

Initiate meaningful change in four principle areas:

Improve organisation – decision making, planning, membership recruitment and management, fundraising and financial management. (I believe that this will be Henry’s strongest area, based on his vast experience.)

“Ensure that we become a model example of outstanding internal communication at all levels.” (Initiating something akin to UKIP Connect would be ideal.)

“Introduce selection and training processes that ensure” that our candidates are well trained and prepared.

Improve “the method by which we determine our party’s policies and involve branches in the process.” (For those who, like me, wanted UKIP to be run with a system of Direct Democracy, I hope this will be an adequate substitute.)

Purpose And Unity

The desire for a proper Brexit has always united the party, no matter what other opinions members have held. People ask what we will do after Brexit and “we are already seeing extremes of opinion being expressed within the party.” (If he is referring to AMW, I would argue that she merely could choose her words slightly more carefully on occasion, a problem I believe Henry must also overcome himself.)

“We must carve out a clear place for ourselves in British politics” “that endures long after we have left the European Union” which unites UKIP and is widely supported by voters. (I hope we come to be seen as representative of the working class, as Labour care more about foreigners than they do about British citizens.)

UKIP’s place:

The Tory government is distracted by its problems and neglecting our public services and security. “The Labour opposition is confused and continues to rip itself apart. Its policies are incoherent even if some are superficially attractive.” If Labour comes to power, Britain will be “plunged into debt and chaos.” “The Grenfell Tower tragedy has revealed systematic failings” and “a worrying lack of crisis preparation.” (This does not bode well for when Britain suffers terrorist attacks, which will become ever more common until we dismantle multiculturalism.)

Our communities have been neglected. Badly managed immigration and integration have divided our society. (Our nation contains “no-go zones” and ghettos. Something must be done to rectify this situation.)

Our nation’s institutions have been neglected and poorly managed by a succession of governments for decades. “As a result, they all now suffer from systematic failures: healthcare; social care and welfare; education; defence; policing; prisons and probation services; local government.” (This passage shows that, despite rightfully stating that Brexit should be our primary cause, Bolton will not allow us to be a one-issue party.)

“UKIP has a tradition of straight, honest talking; addressing problems that others are afraid to discuss.”

We traditionally don’t conform to left, right or centre. “We will not be constrained from applying the best solution by a political philosophy.” (He is correct to say this. There is at least one good idea being espoused by each party. For example, the one Lib Dem policy I approved of was to legalise cannabis, though I would do it differently.)


You can view the webpage from where this information was transposed here. While not exactly a detailed manifesto, Henry has compiled sturdy building blocks on which to base his leadership. I sincerely hope that his intra-party appeal grows and inspires our members to constitute the cogent political force that UKIP has the potential to be.

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3 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Legalise a drug that has a disastrous affect on peoples minds and leads to acts of violence when on sustained use.

  2. forthurst says:

    “Badly managed immigration and integration have divided our society.” The premise of this statement is false; it implies that we ever needed immigration into this country: we didn’t. Immigration was inflicted upon us and was always opposed by a majority of the people.
    Mass immigration is part of a global conspiracy to destroy Western civilsation by an existential enemy that doesn’t belong anywhere and causes trouble whewrever it goes. The government must be continually challenged to explain why they are still importing hundreds of thousands of unassimilable aliens every year despite there not being the infrastructure to cope with them.

    UKIP can avoid sounding like the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party by saying things that no Tory MP would dare.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Supporters and Members of the Conservative Party, must now be worried, with their leadership. Do they vote for a representative that is for doing anything to stay in the EU, or do they vote for a supporter of Democracy, and assist with leaving the EU ?
    Those who are Members of the Labour Party, give their vote for a leader who changes his mind publically on the matter of the EU. The Party is still split with on one side, Corbyn supporters, and on the other side, a sort of Blair faction !
    Those that follow Lib/Dems are mentally supple. They have to be, since their Party change tack at the drop of a coalition. They change tack so violently that their sails are now in tatters, and present no problems for anyone !
    Then there are the Parties that try to represent our internal Nations. (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). They all have their own take on the EU, but mainly, their interest is in getting more money for devolved Parliaments and talking shops !
    Supporters of the small Green Party, are lucky to have a very pleasant MP that gets stuck in to all and any business of Government. She is lonely in the Commons, and I hope she remains that way !
    There are the odd bods that sometimes get into the Commons, without any Party of note, and rejoice in being Independents. They are single interest folk but generally worth listening to. – We don’t get many of these, and only one constituency is covered !
    There is then UKIP, with the ebb and flow of support from the people. So far only part represented by defector from another Party. They have a product to sell to the people, that is worthwhile as it puts UK/GB first. The people’s attention is however, taken by strategic voting to keep one Party out !
    THIS MESS IN THE COMMONS, must be cleaned up. Change the vote system from FPTP to PR. Instantly every vote counts, which would not go down too well with the first two parties, as they are comfortable with our ”British Democracy.” For them, full on Democracy that gets a balance in the Commons that mirrors the wishes of the electorate, would be going too far, and they are sure that the people are well served by this corrupted version of Democracy, and its only right that a minority wins an election with 30% – NO IT IS NOT ! – But it is up to the people, aint it ? !

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