Remoaner Clegg Slammed For Patronising Voters 

It is rare for me to praise the BBC but on the other hand I do believe in giving credit where it is due. John Humphrys, speaking on Radio 4s Today program, slammed Nick Clegg.

Mr Clegg, who surely must be in-line for some kind-of award as Remoaner of the Year, claimed those who had voted for Brexit had been lied too about border control and money for the NHS. Humphrys replied by saying:




All because they decided that was the right thing to do, maybe they’re not as thick as all that


Clegg persisted but Humphrys stuck to his guns:

No, they’re not thick. How patronising to the electorate.

Now, if only the BBC as a whole could change its ways would that not be something?

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well done Humphrys, and well done the BBC. It is a case that Clegg is such a loser, that all most people want to do is give him a smack in the face. Some Parliamentarians would need a punch on the nose, but Clegg rates just a slap as does the Lib/Dem Party as a whole !

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