BoJo’s Sister Tells Government: ‘Ignore The Will of The People’

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faced embarrassment yesterday after his sister Rachel Johnson (pictured above) launched a scathing attack on the Brexit process, calling on the government to ‘ignore the will of the people’. The journalist, who last year was reported to have joined the Liberal Democrats, called on MPs to ‘find a spine’ and hold a vote in the commons on whether to accept the final deal. She said ‘To hell with the will of the people, leave this one to the MPs’.

The television presenter begun her trashing session with an attack on Prime Minister Theresa May.She said: “It was a simple yes or no question, just like the referendum in fact, and just as dangerous. If another EU vote was held tomorrow, would Theresa May vote to leave?

“She was asked three times, thrice she ducked the question. She shared she would not answer hypotheticals, she would have to weigh up the evidence. She told us at some length how she had voted before, which was Remain: I’ll take that as a no.

“It’s not surprising that the PM took evasive action and sat on the fence. It worked with Corbyn when it comes to the most divisive and challenging issue of modern times.”

Hosting the Sky News show The Pledge, Ms Johnson said the PM had become the “unwilling executioner” of Brexit and were driving the country over “the cliff edge.”She continued: “It does make Remainers like her into unwilling executioners as if the PM and most of the Cabinet know they are taking the country to the cliff edge.”

It comes as a new poll revealed a large swathe of the British public want the Government to play hardball in talks with EU chiefs.

According to the survey, 74 per cent of participants think a no deal on Brexit would be better than a bad deal.

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WHAT THE HELL HAS BOJO’s SISTER GOT TO DO WITH THIS, OR ANYTHING ? We might just as well ask the PM’s Cousin for an opinion ! I would in all truth suggest that an attitude that dismisses the will of the people, in a Democracy, can only make way for anarchy ! Is that what she wants ?

  2. Tony Judge says:

    Why does no-one slap these.pretentious prats down?

  3. Stan says:

    What is the matter with all these dreadful remoaners. We were all conned into this situation in the very beginning when Ted Heath led us to believe that we were just joining a trading block not a European Federation led by France and Germany. France has never forgiven us for pulling their irons out of the fire in WW1 and Germany has never forgiven us for winning the same conflict.
    Why on earth would this proud democracy wish to give up its sovereignty to be ruled by a bunch of unelected self interested bureaucrats who we can never get rid off.

  4. david says:

    She obviously has NO idea of what consequences that would bring down on the politicians.

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