DOUBLE DEFECTION: Ex-Kipper Returns To The Fold As Tory Bullies Try To Silence Criticism Of Mays Brexit Sell-Out

C was a committed UKIP activist. She joined UKIP in 2013, she was Branch Chair of Central & Birmingham Branch and also Regional Secretary. She stood in local elections for UKIP in Birmingham and in 2015 was a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Ladywood, saving her deposit in what is a notoriously difficult area for UKIP to make a breakthrough. C also supported Bill Etheridge MEP and his team, joining them for many leafletting sessions, and on the night of June 23rd 2016 was to be found partying long into the night to celebrate the historic victory for Leave.

However, things started to go downhill from there, ongoing farcical leadership shenanigans, lack of direction and concern over “certain elements within the Party driving policy” in an anti-Muslim direction turned her away from the Party she loved. She started to see the Conservative Party as the most realistic way of achieving Brexit. So, at the start of this year, UKIP lost C and in doing so lost a committed activist who had given her all for the Party.

Never one to do things by halves, she applied to be a Conservative candidate for her local council, despite feeling a nagging sense of being distant from the Party she now sought to represent, C persevered. She rejected a suggestion that she join the Conservative Ladies Association and questioned why she felt this way. Was it because she came from UKIP? Was it because she was a single mother or was she simply too committed to the Brexit cause for the liking of the Conservative Party?

June 2017 and Theresa May’s snap-election rolled around. C was deeply disappointed with the manifesto that Mrs May took to the country. It contained deeply unfair policies on adult social care and she saw no incentive for people to work, buy their own house or save money. It was, in the words of C resignation letter, an “elitist” manifesto; devoid of any concern for the ‘Just About Managing’ people that C herself helped to support and  Mrs May claimed to want to represent.

Theresa The Appeaser’s infamous Florence capitulation was the final straw. Brexit was being delayed until 2021 and maybe beyond. C took straight to social media to voice her concerns. Her Association Chairman demanded she removed the offending posts. In her resignation letter, C takes up the story:

I was told in no uncertain terms that any criticism of the Theresa May and her leadership is not tolerated from an approved local government candidate in ‘our Party’. 

C realised that there is only one political party that truly believes in and is committed to a clean Brexit and tonight it has been the pleasure of Bill Etheridge [pictured above with C to welcome C back home, to UKIP.

Many thousands of people up and down the country, committed Brexiteers, will now be realising the same thing that C did. Now is the time for UKIP to reach out to these people and bring them home where they belong. We at Kipper Central want to hear more stories like that of C so please get in touch and share this story so that people can see that if you want Brexit there is only one true political home and one Party that represents Brexiteers and that is UKIP.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks for Clair’s story, with the best of all conclusions. Here in Northampton North, we have the Conservative, Michael Ellis MP. He stated that he was for staying in the EU, and after the referendum, I asked him where he stood on Brexit. Mr. Ellis replied that Northants had voted 58% to leave, and as the elected representative for this constituency, it was his duty to back the majority of the voters. He is a first class constituency MP, but I truly like the very clean cut approach to this matter. I have ventured to confide to him, that this seat should become his property, unless his Party brings him down. ….. The way that Maggie May is trying to ride both horses on this matter, is not doing The Deputy Leader of the Commons any favours. She is being met with a stone wall in Brussels, and I can’t see any point in continuing that circus, especially since it is a stone wall for the extorting of more money. Poor Mr. Ellis, he is a fine MP, that would be damned if he spoke out, and damned if he keeps quiet. POLITICS IS TRULLY A MUCKY BUISINESS !

  2. John Stanley Bramham says:

    I was treated in exactly the same way by Solihull Conservatives after supporting them all my adult life, and serving on the Council for nine years.
    With the death of my wife in 2008 I took a back seat for a while, but got myself selected for an adjoining ward to mine in 2012, and began printing off leaflets and “issue flyers”, letting the good people of Olton know that I was back in business.
    However, one of the questions that the ‘top table’ fired at me was regarding my (public) opposition to HS2, which I promptly dispatched by reminding them that I too am entitled to a personal opinion on the matter, and left it at that.
    Two days before nominations closed, the constituency Chairman called me at home, asking me to “step aside” for a ‘more suitable candidate’ – the husband of a sitting Councillor who nobody had ever heard of, but who also supported the idea of HS2.
    That was the end for me, so I resigned from the Tories and joined UKIP, however more of this nonsense was about to surface with UKIP as well; it was no secret that I disliked the advancement of Islam in our Urban and suburban communities, but nonetheless I was co-opted as a council candidate in 2013 for my own ward of Elmdon in Solihull for UKIP.
    A week or so later the local press printed a letter from me that highlighted the fact that the local muslim Imam had tried to circumvent local planning regulations by claiming that Islam was a “special case” – which it isn’t – in an attempt to convert a defunct Ambulance Station into a mosque and Islamic community centre, and urged that planning consent be denied on the basis that (basically) they were taking the mickey.
    After some discussion, I was “allowed to carry on” but it soon became obvious that the local branch were no longer behind me – NO on-street canvassing, NO help with deliveries of leaflets and precious little in the way of feedback – something that I relied upon to put myself on residents’ doorsteps to discuss local issues, face-to-face.
    So – it seems to me that no matter how good you might be at actually DOING the job, if you hold views that the “top table” don’t agree with, you’re sidelined with NO redress whatever, and that applies to ALL political parties – and it’s WRONG.

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