Craig To Bolton: Fulfill Your Promise And Appoint Kurten

Editors Note: We received this letter this morning from David Kurten’s former Campaign Manager, Alan Craig. We have contacted LGBTQ In UKIP and asked for a comment. 

Dear Henry,

I write as David Kurten’s campaign manager during the leadership election to ask that you fulfill your election pledge and appoint David as deputy leader of UKIP. I have heard increasingly over the past few days that you have decided not to do so because some members LGBT in UKIP have threatened to leave the party if you do. IMO to not appoint David as your deputy would be a game-changing mistake:

  • It is never a good leadership to give in to blackmail, especially when – as in this case – it would involve breaking your word to do so and you are the recently-elected leader who necessarily has yet to establish yourself as the strong leader of integrity that is required.
  • As you will have seen at the Torquay conference if you sat in on his speeches, David is now widely (even wildly) popular amongst members and his socially conservative views, including about traditional versus gay marriage, are representative of the ordinary membership and received an outstanding response and standing ovation. Many of these supporters now firmly expect you to appoint David as your deputy because of your pledge. Others who could not decide between you and David voted for you because your pledge meant that they would get “two for the price of one” as someone said.
  • The LGBT in UKIP group are no friends of yours. Following your election, one of their leaders tweeted that the wrong person had been elected and that therefore he would cease working for the party; and that, further, if you appointed David as your deputy he would immediately leave the party.


Henry, I strongly urge you at this early stage in your leadership to show yourself a man of your word; as you promised, appoint David as your deputy.

With warm regards,

Alan Craig


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8 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments here, I attended the Torquay Conference over the two days and witnessed some unpleasant sights and heard some derogatory remakes as I passed unnoticed through the crowded areas. Foul language being exposed on mobiles after the result was announced and other vitriolic language being used to describe the unexpected result. Being a new member and my first conference I was not sure what to put this behaviour down to, on reflection and seeing what has transpired since, it is apparent to me that certain sections were intent on impressing their views on the Party whether or not it was the general feeling of the membership.David Kurten did I believe probably deliver the best speech and this was indeed endorsed by the reception he received. It is my firm believe that he would make the best possible Deputy to Henry and assist him in taking UKIP on to greater things. I emphasise that these were just my personal observations and I have discussed these with no-one else. I do believe that UKIP must build on the three pillars of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency if we are to defeat the defunct 3 main Parties.

  2. Paul Hellyer says:

    Why sign off ‘warm regards’ ? This man is a careerist. Has no integrity. He is in UKIP for himself.
    David Kurten is a good man and he should leave UKIP and join forces with Anne Marie Waters who has integrity and is not afraid to speak the truth.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I voted for David Kurten to be UKIP leader. I am most happy that Henry Bolton won the vote. I would be pleased for Mr. Kurten to be deputy leader.
    I voted that way, because David seemed to hold the same values as myself. I would suggest that in the matter of Straight or Gay, it is necessary for UKIP to concentrate on People, rather than their sexual preference, and my intended helpful comment to LGBT, is that wearing as a badge your sexual credentials to the rest of us, is in no way helpful to you. You break no law, these days, but the continued self advertisement, that you is what you is, grates upon the acceptance of the rest of us. Just keep it to yourselves, please !
    As for the question of the point of view that David Kurten holds upon Gay Marriage. He is not alone, as I also think that the word Marriage is totally wrong, and it would be better to find another word. This is due to history and facts of the marriage service held in most churches. Cutting to the conclusion on this brings into play that a number of Clergy are happy to conduct Gay Marriages, so LGBT people have what they want. This should be Job Done, but again I would ask that this subject is not droned on about incessantly. It is a virtual impossibility for the law to change on this matter, and so I would ask LGBT folk to realise that we all have the right to opinions, and the politics of the Nation is separate to this matter, unless a threat to law is considered.

  4. Dr Lisa Nolland says:

    Excellent letter and thank you so much Alan Craig! People appear to have no idea of what cultural Marxism actually opens the door to. I believe in fairness for all but the LGBT agenda is one which foists itself on everyone and that is not right or just. Do we really want our children to be forced to shower with members of the opposite sex who claim otherwise, for instance? What madness is this? David Kurten is one of a handful who appears to understand and be able to counter this craziness. Thanks again Alan!

  5. Andy Beadle says:

    Henry, bottom line here, don’t give any oxygen to this nonsense and implied intimidation. You will not loose face by showing the sensibility of sound decision making, even when decisions made today with knowledge, seemingly contradict the decisions of yesterday, decisions made without knowledge. We are an inclusive of libertarian party – we must never lose sight of that fact.

  6. Piquet Aitch says:

    Kurten doesn’t have that much of a following, certainly not a widely popular following as suggested, just over 2100 votes. The last leadership election he sold out to Nuttal in exchange for deputy leadership. He must share the blame for a disastrous showing in the last GE. We need to give someone else a chance.

  7. John Francis says:

    I am surprised that Bolton is even considering not appointing David Kurton as his deputy.
    If he goes back on his word to appoint Kurton, he will throw great doubt on his own personal integrity.
    I believe that someone’s sexuality is their own business and no one else’s.
    To make it a public issue is the height of self indulgence.

  8. Piquet Aitch says:

    As Bolton explained, after talking with Kurten he changed his mind. Nothing wrong with that, exactly what a leader should do. Never appoint someone to a senior position if one has doubts about them.

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