David Kurten: What I Really Said About LGBT*

In response to a call for comments on the Integration Section of the 2017 manifesto, I wrote two letters to Suzanne Evans on 16th May 2017, for which I did not receive a reply at the time. These letters were confidential but have somehow, either in part or in full, come to be in the possession of Flo Lewis who published selected fragments of them yesterday in an article on Kipper Central.

It is always better for readers to see an item in full rather than small selective portions, so here they are, and they explain the reasoning for my suggestions.

I also submitted thorough updates for policy in Education, Children & Families and Freedom & Equality to the policy team in the last week of April 2017. None of the changes and developments made were included in the 2017 manifesto, but I have released them on my website and my suggested policy updates in these areas can now be viewed at www.davidkurten.net/policies

Hopefully this will help to stimulate debate among the party as to the future direction of party policy in these areas.


1st email

Dear Suzanne,

Please change the bullet point which reads:

  • Extreme anti-Western, anti-Semitic,or anti-LGBT views are being expressed by staff or governors

to read

  • Extreme anti-Western or anti-Semitic views are being expressed by staff or governors

It is a moot point what ‘extreme anti-LGBT’ views are. Some groups would like to use this as a loophole to close down and attack faith schools by claiming that teaching abouttraditional marriage or opposition to teaching genderqueer theory or gender fluidity is extreme. Faith schools, 99% of which are church schools, must be allowed to continue to teach traditional marriage according to the tenets of their faith, so it is better to leave these few words out to stop attacks or onerous inspections on church schools by activists. Of course, UKIP is opposed to confusing children with ideologies which damage their identity as boys and girls as well, so this is another reason to leave it out in case it causes confusion.

Best regards,


2nd email

Dear Suzanne,

I think we should also drop the quote by Flo Lewis. 

The quote about ‘homophobic attitudes’ can easily be misinterpreted, as ‘homophobic attitudes’ is not clearly defined. This paragraph is problematic for freedom of speech. 

People have the right to object to same-sex marriage and same-sex couple adoption and advocate reasonableaccommodation in service provision for conscientious objectors. These could be defined as ‘homophobic attitudes’ for which innocent people could then be prosecuted for hate speech, which is against UKIP principles.

This does not contradict our abhorrence of real Islamist hatred of gay people and the death penalty in Sharia law. 

The sentence in the earlier paragraph which states:

‘This strain of Islam is whollyincompatible with the values of our Judeo-Christian culture. It is vicious in its attacks on our beliefs, our country, and us. It preaches that Britain is Dar al Harb (a land of rebellion), and it is the duty of all Muslims to convert it to Dar al Islam (a land of submission). It claims that ‘unbelievers’ must be hated; women should not have equal rights; those who leave Islam are apostates and should be put to death; and that gay people too should be killed. Itharbours a visceral hatred of Jews.’

is enough for our manifesto.

Best regards,


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