Who is new UKIP Deputy Leader Margot Parker?

Despite Henry Bolton indicating that David Kurten would be his deputy during a hustings in the leadership election, the new UKIP Deputy Leader was announced yesterday as Margot Parker MEP. She said:

“I was both delighted and honoured to be asked by Henry to become the party’s deputy leader. It is time for everyone in UKIP to pull together and drive the party forward over the next few years. I will continue my work as an MEP to ensure a clean Brexit and to fight for what is best for the country. I will also be working closely with our new leader and his team over the next 18 months or so – a crucial period which will help shape the future of the UK.”

However, many members are unfamiliar with Margot and who she is – so we’ve summed it all up in a short article. How nice of us!

A group buyer for a South African lingerie company from the late 80s through to the mid-90s, the sales & merchandise expert rose in the ranks of her industry, before being elected as a Fellow of the British Promotional Merchandise Association in 2007.

First entering the political sphere in 2009, Margot stood in the European elections – but her name wasn’t next to a purple pound sign this time around. No, she was standing for the Libertas party, which had only formed earlier that very year.

However, she defected to UKIP in July 2009 and has been an active member ever since, standing in the 2010 general election in Sherwood and campaigning in countless elections & by-elections, making media appearances and even addressing party conferences to fight for UKIP & what she believes in.

In 2012, Margot stood as UKIP’s candidate in the high-profile Corby and East Northamptonshire by-election, achieving the highest vote share of any UKIP candidate, anywhere, ever and managed to achieve 3rd place. In 2015, she stood in that seat again and managed to gain 2,600 more votes than in the by-election.

Later, in 2014, she was selected as the 2nd candidate on UKIP’s party list for the East Midlands European elections, where she now sits as an MEP. Interestingly, she chose not to stand in the 2017 general election, for unclear reasons.

In July of that year, Margot was appointed to the new position of UKIP Small Business Spokesman, a role which she kept until she was promoted to Equalities and Womens’ Issues Spokesman by new leader Paul Nuttall in December last year.

As well as Deputy leader, Margot is now the party’s Aid and International Development Spokesman.

What do you think of her appointment? Let us know in the comments!

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Reece Coombes

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4 Responses

  1. I campaigned with Margot for when Roger was fighting a by-election. She’s a good choice.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Margot Parker has an interesting background. Then again, so is my own. – A Midshipman in my teens. – A Business starter in my 20s, in Wholesale Grocery. – Its Managing Director in my 30s and 40s due to the Bank insisting I become Incorporated. – A Shop Steward for the TGWU, in my 50s. – Early Retirement in my 60s. – An angry, frustrated voter in my 70s, and a UKIP member due to that. We all have an interesting life story to tell, even your good-self Margot !
    I have met very few UKIP people, and those that I have met are locals in Northampton. Henry Bolton is Party Leader, and I have no problem with that. I assumed that David Kurten would be his Deputy, but Margot Parker has been appointed. That is Henry’s choice, for whatever reason, and much is expected of all of them !
    Now we all know each other, and what a pretty picture we all make.
    CAN WE GET ON WITH THE BUSINESS OF UKIP NOW ? Cos, I’m getting really fed up with this !
    p.s. Maggie May got the job of PM, and I didn’t give a toss. – I just want our National Independence back. – GO FOR IT NOW !

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Surely the question to be asked is: Why did Henry Bolton promise, assuming he became leader, the post of Deputy Leader to David Kurten before the vote, then after he won he appoints someone else? He owes an explanation, not only to Kurten, but to the membership at large.

  4. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Margot Parker is a very able person. The same can be said for many of the new team but that alone is not sufficient. If you ask the man in the street what does UKIP stand for since the referendum or what is, in media speak, it’s USP then nobody really knows.
    By now we should have received some clear policy statement from the party chiefs rather than simple reactions to topical news items. But alas it does not happen and so we soldier on with Henry wondering where we go from here. His latest tweet about something not happening on his watch proves nothing to those we wish to influence. We need political philosophy in barrow loads if we are to excite all those voters that are now looking elsewhere.
    If you listen to people like Jacob Rees-Mogg he feeds the imagination with the way he sums up numerous situations. That is what will re-ignite UKIP not flimsy tweets or bland press statements.
    Recently many party members were excited about direct democracy in one form or another or the pending threat from extremism but those subjects have now been firmly placed on the back burner. Immigration is a vote winner as long as there is sound reasoning behind the rhetoric. Banning the burka was such a pathetic way to discuss what is a serious subject because it was so simplistic and lacked depth of thought.
    Now we boast a shadow cabinet without any MPs. We have appointments for every issue apart from education and pension provision.
    You see we are already behind the curve so all those that simply say we must get behind the new leader are badly missing the point.

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