BREAKING: Kurten Back At The Top Table 

David Kurten AM is back on the leadership team following the controversy regarding his non-appointment as Deputy Leader. It was announced today that he will be continuing in his post as Education Spokesperson.

Henry Bolton said he was sure that David would continue his work in ensuring our children “get the training and education opportunities they deserve”. 

Mr Kurten meanwhile promised that UKIP would “stand up to left-wing indoctrination” in education system and challenge the government which “are more concerned about pushing politically correct ideologies in our schools”.

The reappointment of Mr Kurten is a welcome move by Mr Bolton who had faced criticism for failing to appoint Mr Kurten as Deputy despite making a clear commitment to do so. It is also a significant victory for social conservatives within UKIP. The education system is a system of left-wing indoctrination and now UKIP has a strong voice to oppose that and protect the interests of children and parents. 

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2 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    Some sense at last. A war on Cultural Marxism, Liberal fascism and Political Cprrectness needs to be at the heart of UKIP policy. UKIP has been successful in changing the public’s attitude to the EU, now its time to complete the revolution. Getting our country back is more than just getting out of the EU.

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