Left-Wing Thugs And Sussex Students Union Target UKIP Spokes Bill Etheridge

Many of you may well have already seen some of this story as it has received substantial coverage in the mainstream media. If you have missed it, to quickly summarise, Mr Etheridge was due to give a speech on Sussex University campus in his capacity as Chairman of the Indigo Group whose aim is to promote libertarian values. It was to be a speech, unsurprisingly, extolling the virtues of libertarianism, freedom of speech and democracy, however, in an ironical twist, the proposal for Mr. Etheridge’s speech was black-balled by Sussex University Students Union.

Sussex Students For Free Speech Society, the ones who invited Mr. Etheridge, were instructed to submit his speech to the Students Union because it violated it’s ‘safe-space’ policy. A ‘safe-space’ for everything but free speech, it would appear. It is worth pointing out at this juncture that Sussex Students Union and the University itself have some form when it comes to restricting free speech. Last year, Spiked described the Uni as creating ‘collectively a hostile environment to free speech’. The Students Union fared much worse than the actual University Administration itself, it was given a ‘red’ ranking for:

its zero tolerance, safe space and no platform policies, as well as the Union’s endorsement of the BDS [Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Movement which seeks to pressure Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians]  movement – approved by 68% in a referendum last year.

So, what has led the Students Union to take this course of action? I spoke to Peter Anson who is President of Liberate The Debate, he explained to me that concerns had been expressed about Mr. Etheridge’s ‘anti-political correctness’ stance and that he had been photographed some years ago with a Gollywog. The Students Union response to Mr. Etheridges team confirms this, citing “previous comments” that could be viewed as “discriminatory in nature”.

As they did earlier in the year when targeting the Young Independence conference, left-wing groups have threatened to target Mr. Etheridge’s speech both inside and outside the University Campus. Kipper Central received news last night that  Mr Etheridge’s plan to speak at the Amex Stadium has been scuppered by these bully-boy tactics. However, I am confidently informed that his speech will go ahead, come rain or shine, even if it has to be on the proverbial or literal pavement. This whole sorry tale is yet another reminder of the collusion between the establishment left, those people which hold much sway in Student Unions up-and-down the country and their street-fighting thugish cousins who conspire and connive to fascistically stamp on free speech. We must not let them win and we will not let them win and Bill Ehteridge is setting a fantastic example by standing up to them.




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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have always thought that Universities and their students should be brought to heel ! The truth of the matter is that this should not be a requirement within any University. The Heads, and the Student Union should expect to receive a wide range of speakers, and should be able to receive them with courtesy. If their stand point in a speech goes against points held by students, then a lively, though orderly counter speech is necessary. This then marks students out as intelligent, rather than a rabble. Through my own life, I have often wondered if I may have missed out by not attending a University. It seems I have missed nothing !

  1. 2:00 pm, April 25, 2018

    […] that at the end of last year they arranged for Sussex University to host Bill Etheridge MEP an event which was targeted by […]

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