Farage Blasts “Rotten” Remoaner Universities

Writing yesterday for the Telegraph, Farage spoke of his experience at a debate in Dublin about the Lisbon Treaty, where his opponent was “proud” to be a Jean Monnet professor, meaning she receives EU funding to promote the supranational nanny state to students.

The former UKIP leader’s striking remarks come after the Universities Minister Jo Johnson hit out at “safe spaces” in university campuses. Farage is yet another name in UKIP who has spoken out against the madness of our education system, among others including David Kurten who attacked the “post-modern cultural Marxist claptrap” taught at schools and Bill Etheridge was banned from speaking at Sussex Uni because he is “medium to high risk”.

Referring to the £1.2bn the EU sends to Universities each year in order to keep them on side, Farage claimed the European beurocracy has infiltrated British universities to blindly support their failed project. He pointed out that certain universities reach receive over £60m each year in EU funds, with the Russell group accumulating over £400m each year in total.

In his article, he said: “The professors are paid to promote the EU. Many will wonder how this propaganda machine aimed at indoctrinating our young people has been allowed to flourish.

“I would agree with them. It is simply outrageous. Yet time and time again I’ve found myself in radio and television debates with university professors who have turned out to be part of the Jean Monnet project.”

He went on to accuse Chris Patten of being”just as fanatical as some of these narrow-minded students”, in what will be seen as a very influential attack on the Oxford University Chancellor and ex-EU Commissioner.

A letter sent by Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris to universities

Farage ended his merciless attack on liberal universities by saying “Increasingly, our young people are taught that one side of the argument is correct, and the other side and its proponents are evil”, which really points out the catastrophic failures in our system.

Britain historically has been at the forefront of free speech – why are we now at the forefront of ending it?

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