UKIP Culture Spokesman – Time To Reconsider Breaking Up BBC

David Meacock, UKIP Spokesman for Culture and Arts, has said he is “glad” that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is currently investigating the proposed takeover of Sky News by 21st Century Fox.

However, in a clear attack on the BBC, he warned people to be as “wary” of state monopolies as they were of private ones. Despite the fact that even if the Fox-Sky News merger were to go ahead, the BBC would still reach a larger [and growing] share of the market, the CMA has yet to investigate the BBC.

The BBC has recently, and quite correctly, come under heavy political fire recently for, amoung other things, it’s consistent and grating anti-Brexit bias. Jacob-Rees Mogg, a darling of the Brexit movement, recently told a Question Time audience that BBC, in fact, stands for ‘Brexit Bashing Corporation’.

Mr. Meacock told Breitbart that the fact that the still greater reach of the BBC was a reason it was

“time to reconsider whether the BBC should be broken up and privatised”.

He also slammed “the BBC’s complete failure to fulfill its role of guardians of high culture in recent years”.

In fact, as illustrated above, there are many reasons why the case against the BBC needs to be taken seriously. It is somewhat ironic that a so-called ‘Public Service Broadcaster’ fails so dismally to represent fairly and accurately the views of the majority of the voting public who participated in last years referendum. The license fee is also an unnecessary and unfair financial burden on many families who simply have no wish to watch the BBC. Mr. Meacock will hopefully be spearheading a UKIP campaign to axe this TV tax in the very near future.


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2 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    The BBC has been infiltrated and is an instrument and propaganda arm of Cultural Marxists. The fact that we have to pay for its output is disgusting. It has too many channels and its “news” and current affairs programmes are anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, pro LBGT, pro feminist, pro Labour, pro Green, pro devolution and pro EU. I know because I’m retired and get to watch a lot of it. Whilst Russian Today supports a Russian perspective it does a much better job with its limited resources to inform. The BBC needs a radical overhaul and resetting to a more balanced approach.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    There should be a referendum on the Biased Bollocks Corp and its daylight robbery known as the ‘licence fee’.

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