“Political Opportunism” – Bolton Hits Back At Defecting Councillors

Seven former UKIP Councillors who last week defected to the Conservatives in Great Yarmouth, handing their new Party control of the council, got a little bit more than the bargained for as UKIP leader Henry Bolton, in the area to visit local UKIP members blasted their “political opportunism”.

Mr. Bolton continued that the 7 out of 12 who had left the Party had done what they thought had been in their “own best interests”.

One of the key reasons cited by the defectors was that they felt that voters thought that UKIP had ‘done its job’ following the referendum. Seemingly, without any sense of irony, the Conservative leader of Great Yarmouth council stated that people were crossing over to the Conservatives to ensure that the will of the British people as expressed in last years referendum is “carried out”.

However, Mr. Bolton dismissed this as “absolute tosh”.

Criticising the Conservative Party, the defectors new home, Mr. Bolton said:

“The military integration with the European Union is being deepened but we have got a government that has got a mandate to take us out of the European Union. We are not out of the customs union, we are not out of the single market, and our courts and our parliament are still subordinate to a foreign power. It just doesn’t add up.”

Hopefully, this welcome display of passion from Mr. Bolton as well as the record of the Conservatives in government will give any thinking of following these seven serious cause to have second thoughts.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    These Councilors are free to make whatever change they see fit to make, as we all are. It is however very wrong, to be elected to a Council, or to a Parliament under one flag, only to salute another flag mid term. It opens up speculation upon the flag being left, and in the case of UKIP, opens the door to unhelpful and wrong reporting. It shows no honour to the flag that receives them either due to possible bribery. Clearly it is a disgrace upon the individuals.
    The correct course of action is to resign openly, and if necessary to stand for election under the new flag of choice, but then we would all feel the open correctness. That is probably why it has not happened. – Ask the voters, no we can’t do that !

  2. John Carins says:

    These defectors will regret transferring their allegiances to a Tory party in turmoil.

  3. Judy Moore says:

    For me, the most important part of this press release is at the bottom, where Henry is drawing the public’s attention to the fact that, (behind closed doors), military integration is deepening with the EU. Many people are not aware of our government’s intention to join the EU Army, and to pay huge sums of money towards it. This, together with the other aspects mentioned at the end of this post, is not what us Brexiters voted for! Approximately 11,000 people have signed a Change. org petition against military integration. Us British, as allies, have always been happy to support Europe in times of need, but joining the EU Army is just keeping us in the EU against our will!

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