An Evening With Tommy Robinson

On the 3rd November 2017, I spent a wonderful 4 hours freezing my toes off in central Manchester, listening to Tommy Robinson, former EDL leader, journalist, author and activist.

The event was to launch his new book “Mohammed’s Koran; Why Muslims Kill For Islam” and during the four hour event, Tommy discussed Islam, its place (or rather, lack of place) in British culture and law, and the issues that face our country today. His presence alone caused a stir, and the Castlefield Bowl was packed with around 1,000 supporters cheering and chanting.

The event attracted the attention of dozens of angry left-wing protesters, who did little to dampen the spirits of those present, and soon cleared the area once Tommy began to speak.  Their attempt to disrupt the evening failed, and it actually inspired everybody stand firm.

Tommy began the event by giving out free copies of his book and chatting to every member in the queue, before taking to the stage in front of an impressive bus projecting images of various UK politicians and journalists holding a copy of his book.

He spoke with passion and grace about the issues facing this country, and no matter what your view of him is, nobody can fault his commitment and utter belief in his cause. He riled up an already excited crowd, discussing issues ranging from the Islamification of the West, to freedom of speech, UK policing and British identity.

I socialised with a lot of people at the event, from a wide range of backgrounds and party’s, and the beauty of this event is that everyone, regardless of background, shared a unifying adoration for the truth, and it was a pleasure being in the company of such committed British patriots.

Whilst the media and Westminster shred British nationalism and patriotism apart, it is overwhelming to know that there are still thousands of, if not more, people who haven’t had their proud quashed, and will continue meeting in the cold and rain to make their voices heard, and to listen to a figure that has been demonised by the mainstream media for too long.

Shown Above: Images projected onto the event bus.


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Abigail Eatock

I joined UKIP as I believe that only UKIP are committed to providing true and fair democracy to Britain. As well as being a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York, I was also Chair of the UKIP society in York, as well as the Media Officer for YI UKIP Students. I was the Events Manager for the Peter Whittle leadership campaign. I am also an intern for The Bow Group, writing on UK and international security affairs.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Abigail, I wish I had been there. There is no doubt you are now with the winning side, at least with intelligence and good policy for our Nation. PR rather than FPTP is required, and then maybe we might get grown-up thinking.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Well said. Tommy is a hero and should be Deputy PM to Anne Marie Waters as PM of this country. The lamebrain dhimmis who currently run things, appease and grovel to muslims while they plot behind our backs to steal our country as they have stolen land from so many others throughout history. The political elite are one of the following: massive ignoramuses, liars, traitors – maybe all three.
    Read Tommy’s book to see why we need to ban sharia, ban halal slaughter, ban further immigration from muslim countries and look at ways to reduce the number of muslims in the UK before they outnumber the rightful owners of this land – the REAL British, not fake ‘British’ who hate the kuffar. That’s us, the ‘kuffar’ – an insult-word worse than ‘nigger’.

  3. Abigail Eatock says:

    Thank you for your kind words and support! It was indeed a special event and I am reading his book with a lot of interest!

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