When Remoaners Lose The Plot….

Aficionados of American politics and particularly followers of the likes of InfoWars and Paul Joseph Watson will have seen many videos of what can only be described as demented behaviour by crazed, ‘triggered’, snowflake social liberals, especially following the demise of Hillary Clinton. You may well think we are safe from that kind of behaviour over here, you may well think that, but given this outtake from The New European, [read below and see the irony of its headline pictured above] you’d be wrong.

It recently published an utterly charmless cartoon strip entitled ‘TALES of LOVE from the TRANSITION PERIOD’. However, there was less ‘love’ in the strips and more Brexit supporters being violently slapped around.

“PUT THAT ON THE SIDE OF A BUS F*CKWIT!” exclaims an angry looking woman knocking a pro-Brexit man to the ground in one, referring to the Vote Leave campaign promise to repatriate the £350 million spent each on EU membership.

“HOW’S THIS FOR ‘WILL OF THE PEOPLE’ YOU EUROPHOBIC F*CK’ she shouts in another, alongside the word “SLAP” and a depiction of a man being struck in the face.

In another humourless wheeze, it produced ‘Monsters of Brexit’ masks for its readers to wear ‘Trick Or Treating’. One presumes The New European writers and assorted staff went as themselves.

Nigel Farage hit the nail on the head:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, The New European stoops to new lows by glorifying violence against those who voted for Brexit. No longer can they claim to call Brexiteers ‘divisive’. If ever you needed an example as to why the Remain campaign lost, this is it.”

Imagine, if you will, this blog or any other Brexit-supporting blog published such material. The air would be thick with the noise of morally outraged  Guardianistas, BBC and Channel 4 presenters loudly banging the anti-Brexit drum. So, it is totally appropriate for Mr. Farage and others to make the point that the rank hypocrisy of the Remoaning-left is a key reason they lost.



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3 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    We the leavers need to turn the other cheek and smile. This will ensure that the remoaners will be consumed by their own extreme hate . As they wallow in their distraction, we must waste no time in advancing our agenda. Cultural Marxism must be systematically attacked.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Too many Left-indoctrinated bigots and non-thinkers in this country and the West in general. They really do have a problem with democracy and respecting other people’s views. There are many dictatorships and tyrannies around the world that the fools would feel happier living in. Why don’t they go there? North Korea … S Arabia … China …Zimbabwe – plenty of diversity for all.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    On the run up to the EU referendum, I met and discussed with many who wished to remain in the EU. I considered that their point of view so long as it was honestly held, had just the same right to be held, as my view to leave. What was not helpful at all, were the distortions and lies thrown by both sides. I am sure we all remember those !
    Now we see how the EU just wants our money, rather than negotiating trade. We see the rather pathetic cave in by our Maggie May, upon the possibilities of handing over 20 billion. The big one however, comes as the attitude of the EU towards Catalonia and their wish to separate from Spain. The words, independence and democratic, crash into the ears of the EU, and rather than seek to step in as peace maker, they see this independence wish as a threat, and side with Madrid, and support the fascist action against the leaders of Catalonia. Fascist is the right word here. Spain was ruled by Franco, and although that old man died some years ago, and Spain is now a Kingdom, his fascist ways are still to be seen in Spanish Law, and attitude.
    British people who voted to stay in the EU, should, if they have a normal outlook on life and governance, be very pleased to have lost the referendum vote. I did hear one remain voter comment, that the EU had a Parliament, so how can it be anti-democratic ? Power is not in the hands of the Parliament, who just debate and vote on items given them by the un-elected Commissioners, so the Parliament is just a fop to people that are used to democratic ways of government. – Democracy without power is nothing ! – So it would be great if those remain voters joined us, and stopped the continual re run of the referendum. WE ARE THANKFULLY OUT, OR WILL BE SOON !

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