Bill Etheridge: Only UKIP Is The Coherent Party Of Brexit

The omnishambles of Theresa The Appeasers Brexit continues. It is little wonder that public confidence in her handling of the Brexit talks had sunk to an all-time low. ORB’s monthly tracker of public opinion the Brexit talks found that only 26% are now confident that she will get the right deal for the country. The Carry-On style calamity presided over by Mrs. May is also having a knock-on effect on people’s perception of Brexit as well. The same poll found that:

For the first time in over a year an opinion tracker has found that more people believe the UK will be worse off as a result of the vote to leave than better, amid fears that key talks have stalled. 

Meanwhile, Bill Etheridge MEP has stepped into the fray, slamming the Conservatives for lacking coherency. The West Midlands MEP likened the Conservatives to the many-headed mythical creature, the Hydra, saying it would help if all the heads were not talking together:

“It’s like having a Hydra in the room, with all the heads babbling together, meaning there is no sense whatsoever.

Recent discussions have seen vastly differing views aired by such figures as Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Liam Fox and Nicky Morgan. Mr. Etheridge went on to point out:

“Only UKIP has a coherent policy on Brexit. We should be paying no divorce bill, offer a straight-forward free trade deal, and, if that is not accepted, be prepared to walk away from the whole sorry mess. Negotiators will never succeed if they are too scared to leave the table, or too desperate to secure a deal.
We can see above that Mrs May’s bumbling incompetence is not just a danger to her or her government but the credibility of Brexit itself and it is for that reason that we need a change of government to one with a coherent pro-Brexit vision sooner rather than later.


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2 Responses

  1. John Wright says:

    Well said Bill, this Tory Government (if this is a fair description?) led by Mrs May has fumbled & stumbled at every tiny mole mound! Her dreadful ineptitude & hesitancy has led this crew into becoming the laughing stock of Europe & the wider World, which in turn has handed the whip & reins to the enemies of this Country! Although I hate to say it, had UKIP followed-up on the huge success of the referendum & piled money & every asset they could muster, plus getting everyone from our leadership & every MEP up into the Northern & North East Regions ( the heartlands of the Labour Party) supporting our Branches!, instead of squandering time & money fussing about the Southern & far less heavily Labour impregnated regions! UKIP may well have been able to mount a real campaign & severely damage, even crucify our most dangerous opponents! Instead, we suffered a self inflicted , corrosive & most unedifying series of petty squabbles & leadership changes which reflected what has now become a mass exodus of really top people. How you intend to re-invigorate we foot soldiers into becoming a force able to actually take on the rubbish currently running this Country into the ground is posing a very serious question, but full marks for having the balls to stand-up & say what you have.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP has been a total shambles for a couple of years. One own goal after another. Since I am an awkward old sod, and see nothing else on the horizon to give me hope for the future, I am talking up UKIP, but with a PR vote system. If the FPTP system continues, we have little to no chance of breaking through, and the forked tongue, two faced Maggie Mays will win. UK/GB will loose big time !

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