Hookem: ‘Irresponsible’ EU Want Tariffs On British Fish

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The battle to reclaim control of British waters for our fisherman goes on. Mike Hookem MEP, having won a significant victory this week, has revealed that now, desperate to maintain control, the EU has hinted it may impose tariffs on British fish that are being exported into the European Union.

He slammed this move as “irresponsible” and pointed out that it would lead to uproar in both Britain and Europe:

We would be catching our fish and we would be supplying what is 70 to 80 percent of fish that goes into Europe from British waters. It would be irresponsible if they tried to stop this or tried to put tariffs on this.

Many fishmongers around the European Union rely on British fish, they would be screaming out if that supply of fish is stopped.

The British government, Mr. Hookem said was not doing enough for British fishermen. A separate Brexit negotiating table on fisheries is needed to make sure British fishermen regain full control of the UK’s waters, Mr. Hookem insisted.

The European Union and the Common Fisheries Policy have done immense damage to the British fishing industry. Paul Joy, a British fisherman, explained how the CFP has damaged the industry:

“British fisherman face a limit on how much they are allowed to catch – what aggravates us is the share we have in our own waters. 

“We are fishing in British waters which was British territorial waters and have to throw back fish but our counterparts, our European fishermen, do not.

UKIP have consistently and proudly supported fishermen and our fishing industry which is a lot more than can be said for this government.





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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The EU seems to have not cottoned on, to the fact of us leaving their Union. Then again, they could be forgiven for that, due to the time delay, and our PM’s dithering within every aspect of Brexit.
    To people of sound mind, this will seem stupid. The EU will agree to our demands of fishing rights in our waters, but the fishing vessels will sail to the edge of our waters for the EU fishing boats to examine the catch, and take what they want. We would all agree that is not going to happen ! However, it is par for the course upon EU thinking.
    It would seem that the EU has managed to turn the clock back to pre King Arthur times, when Vikings took what they wanted from the many small kingdoms on these islands. Is it not reasonable for us to act as the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and tell them of the consequences for them if they fish in our waters. Of course that would fail with our present Government who can only offer more and more money, and for sod all !

  2. Rusty says:

    The Brussels EUSSR kleptocrats are hell bent on a control freak course of self-destruction.
    No deal / no divorce payments / just walk away – and they will come to us.

  3. James Smith says:


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