‘Brexit Means Exit’ Batten Tells Kent Meeting

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EDITORS NOTE: Richard Palmer is Chairman of Sittingbourne & Sheppey UKIP Branch

Gerard Batten MEP spoke to a meeting combining UKIP members and non-members (people from a non-political Brexit group attended ‘Brexit Kent’) last Friday.

Gerard is a very solid, sensible, hardworking & loyal UKIP MEP, he spoke mainly about Brexit (“Brexit means Exit”). Gerard highlighted how easy it is to leave the EU by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, the Act which took the UK into EEC (now the EU). You can download a publication, about how to leave the EU, from Gerard’s website (right-hand side of his webpage ‘UKIP Exit Plan’). Gerard is correct and UKIP’s Six key tests to prove ‘Brexit means Exit’ are the tests that demonstrate we have really left the EU.

He fully explained how the UK could leave the EU quickly and that many EU states would push the EU to have trade deals with the UK. He also covered the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules on tariffs and clearly demonstrated how even trading with the EU under WTO rules would only lead to tariffs of a few % and that tariffs work both ways. The UK would put tariffs on French Champagne and German cars etc. This would lead to the EU seeking a trade deal. UKIP would only accept any trade deal if that deal does not include the ‘Free Movement of People’

It seemed clear from comments that Gerard and the audience were in full agreement with the above view, that he (Gerard) believes the current UK Government, under May. is looking at some sort of deal that keeps the UK fully integrated into the EU in all but name was again supported by those present.

A discussion took place about the EU Army which Gerard informed the audience that France & Germany had wanted an EU Army since 1950. Again, it appears the UK Government want to be part of this EU Army.

Gerard faced questions on Brexit, the EU and the future of UKIP.

Gerard made it clear that in Henry Bolton, the party has a leader who is reshaping the running of UKIP and talking to members about its future direction. We need UKIP beyond Brexit to hold the political elite to account.

I (the author) feel that UKIP won the EU Referendum however ever since the people voted out UKIP has lost its direction. UKIP is the party that represents the British peoples wish to leave the EU. UKIP highlighted how undemocratic the EU is and that it’s all about elite lobbyist and political elitism. We (UKIP) need to tackle the undemocratic Westminster Parliament and Local Authorities who ignore the people. UKIP should be looking at UK Political Party funding and donations. No one apart from UKIP and Migration Watch has linked mass immigration to overdevelopment but how many developers donate to the Conservatives at national & local level? A scandal and UKIP must highlight this abuse of power.

Gerald stayed behind after the presentation and was talking to individual people, he came across as a very warm, friendly, and likeable speaker who is clearly very knowledgeable about his subject.

It was a very well received meeting that showed that UKIP does have a future. UKIP now needs to hit the ground in the New Year delivering the ‘Brexit means Exit’ message and fighting on local issues for the local elections.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Gerard Batten is the sort of guy that we need more of. TOTAL HEART AND SOUL UKIP ! His approach is the winner for swelling the ranks of our Party, but will be slow going for face to face meetings. Maybe that’s what it will take to counter the bought and paid for media.
    I get 38 Degrees petitions via email. Some petitions are very worthwhile and some are not. They broke ranks, back at the time of the referendum, when they mentioned UKIP as the disgusting Party. I don’t think I was alone in this, but I gave them full and repeated broadsides, asking them why they saw fit to bad mouth UKIP, and asking them if they, as a petition site, were happy to be seen as politically partial. No reply, but they have realised their error to their own interests.
    This is exactly the sort of disinformation that people like Gerard can blow out of the water. It is slow going, but effective.

  2. John Wright says:

    I like what I’ve read about Gerard Batten & his BRexit means Exit. Would that UKIP really be in a position to force our useless Government to behave in the way they’ve said they would, but who’ve patently let our Country down. We hear almost daily of yet further concessions Mrs May is making to the EU & just today, we hear she has agreed “secret” talks with EU Commissioners about even more of our money & this is disgraceful. Clearly, Mrs May has a completely different agenda than even her own Ministers & this does not bode well for BRexit. I believe she is still a remainer & in reality, is actively plotting to scupper our exit from the EU. On this basis, she has to go, but this is fraught with danger as we could end up with a bunch of utter Labour lunatics running our Country & this would be the biggest disaster in our great Nations history.
    It would be wonderful if UKIP did re-generate & reach the levels it achieved two/ three years ago! Mr Bolton has a difficult task ahead of him, but it appears he is tackling the many issues that brought so many problems to our Party head-on & this is the only way.
    It would be very interesting to read any comments readers might have, whether approving or disapproving.

  3. Christine Wallace says:

    I am hoping that Gerard will stay on as leader or be elected as leader. He’s doing such a good job, why look for anyone else.

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