EU DEAL: Brexit In Name Only

We can safely say Brexit is dead. What is effectively happening is that Britain’s membership of the European Union is being rebranded as a “deep partnership”. In regards to the European Court of Justice, the key question is of competency. Jean-Claude Juncker clearly stated that in regards to the rights of EU Citizens the ECJ would remain “competent” which, legally speaking, means able to exercise jurisdiction over a person.

No time limit was put on this. The actual document pertaining to this says that there will be a “mechanism” in place for UK courts to ‘consult’ the ECJ for 8 years, however, the question of competency was never addressed and legally speaking this is the central pivot of the whole issue. I would imagine this is because Juncker is telling the truth and this truth is to be concealed from the British people. In addition to all this, there will be a new “national body” created to oversee and monitor the rights of EU citizens and there will be “regular” exchanges of information between the UK government and the EU Commission which will be looming sinisterly in the background.

So, onto the next phase, a phase to negotiate the ‘transitional period’. Mr Farage rightly called this the “next stage of humiliation” and that is exactly what Donald Tusk spelt out in his remarks, he was quite clear that for this period, of “about 2 years” Britain will remain in the single market and customs union. It will continue to be bound by EU law, including new EU laws, and pay into and adhere to EU Budgets. However, it will have no role in decision making, decisions will be made by the 27 member states “without the UK”.

How is the above not the most abject surrender? How is the above not the effective death of Brexit? It is my submission that Nigel Farage was right and we are not leaving the EU, Brexit is happening in name only and Brexit is dead.

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7 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is not even being done in a smart way. It is well known that when you have a difficult item like Brexit that you want to get round, use it in the title, not in the text. The EU thinks we are not wise enough to figure that out !
    Basic understanding is now required. As always, God is at the top, followed by the people of this Nation who voted by over a million, to leave the EU. The Crown that is under God, leads the people. The Government is the executive power that carries out the will of the Crown and the people. Then, and only then, comes the EU, and only because we were members for over 40 years.
    I do wish that our negotiators would understand this ‘pecking order’ and refrain from taking on board, very stupid items that the EU wish to put forward. A simple No is all that is required. UK/GB is not a vassal state of the EU, even if they would like to consider it so !

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    Nailed again Nigel, so what next? I think there needs to be an uprising of Brexit voters to march on Downing Street and show them what REAL people think!

  3. Chris Long says:

    I agree. All those years of UKIP efforts undone in one week by Calamity May. Make no mistake, everyone who voted Brexit knew what that meant. Out of the EU, EU Law, single market, our border controls, our immigration control and no ECJ. Except, its been hijacked by the very people who voted to remain by those in politics and media. They’ve got away with re branding Brexit to their own version.
    I can guarantee that nobody will be marching on Downing Street in protest. Lets look at some other scenarios of recent protest. The banks got away with terrible practices and being bailed out for billions. Those that did protest were labelled out of work shysters. So the British public accepted their pants being pulled down and having to pay for the bankers bonuses and debts for the next 20 years, through government cutbacks in local services. The British just love bending over and taking it where it hurts and asking for more! So as usual, stand in line, know your place, don’t make a fuss, will prevail. Mint sauce…anyone?
    Frankly, if you’re leaving completely, then what negotiations are needed? Say goodbye and leave. Although, there is a caveat; only the most foolhardy would expect we leave and on day 1 have trade deals negotiated. These things are notoriously difficult and lengthy to negotiate as history shows.
    Unfortunately, Boris Johnson, Gove et al were just in for the political ride for their own benefit and they never had the same values and honesty of UKIP at their heart, unlike Nigel Farage.
    I expect Farage to return as promised when he knew this fiasco would emerge.

  4. Don says:

    One thing is certain, we will not forget this come the next general election

    • Lucien Hoebeeck says:

      I agree we will not forget, but, the fact is that what a lot of voters will think, “What is the point of voting, as even if you win the government will only do it if they agree with it”. Regrettably we are no longer live in a democracy, we live in a dictatorship controlled by the EU.

      • Chris Long says:

        You will. Tory media will scare you into a Labour SNP coalition of chaos again and you`ll take the bait.
        This process isn’t being controlled by the EU. Maybe they’re running rings around the UK team because they are incompetent. You know the EU position, don’t negotiate just leave! Calamity May put herself in this position by a poor political decision to have an election, whereas before with a majority she could have steam rollered through, with the support of her Eurosceptics back benchers. Its all her fault. Despite all the failings of the EU, kippers have to stop blaming everything and the weather on the EU. The mandate is to leave and the May government have hijacked that.

  5. Steven says:

    When it was confirmed that Theresa May would win the leadership contest for the Conservative Party, that’s the moment I knew Brexit was in jeopardy.
    Putting an establishment remainer in charge of a nation who voted to leave the establishment is not trickery by the powers that be, it’s in your face treason and a huge middle finger to all patriotic British people.

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