NATHAN RYDING: UK Education System Is A Total And Complete Shutdown of Free Speech to Suit the EU

A recent article has reported that “66% of 18 to 24-year-olds agreed that ‘Brexit should be stopped’” and that the younger generation feels that their future has been “taken from them”. But while it is correct that the younger generation certainly are more pro-EU than the older generation, it is important to look into the reasoning and possible causes behind this rather than blindly throwing around false accusations that the older generation have “stolen their future”.

Firstly, it is incredibly important to understand the generation born today have only known what life is like inside the European Union; they have never experienced anything different, and without the experience, knowledge or understanding of why life is so much better outside of the European Union— and the interest in looking into it—they have only the word of Leave campaigners against that of the entire global establishment, which consistently warns about economic doom and gloom, and indeed that younger people have “had their futures stolen from them”.

But there are many more pieces to the puzzle than just this; firstly, it’s important to look at the factor of European Union funding to Universities, Schools and Colleges. If any organisation is being funded by the European Union, in any capacity, then serious doubts should be raised over the impartiality of such an organisation over the European Union issue. Particularly considering the seriously corrupt and deeply flawed internal EU institutions themselves, this should be raised even more into the limelight. Is it any wonder that Universities and University staff say that European Union membership is beneficial to the United Kingdom when UK Universities themselves reported receiving around £790 million from ‘EU Sources’ in 2013/14?

Yet again, however, University staff fail to understand the incredibly critical factor that ‘EU money’ is simply a tiny portion of what we actually pay into the EU coming back to us— at any time the EU may or may not choose, and spend in whatever way the EU so desires— it is not in law we will receive this and is entirely at the EU’s discretion.

With that in mind, is it really a surprise that top UK Universities such as Oxford, Warwick and Exeter have sent emails or even hosted entire lectures with a slanted point of view openly biased towards the EU? Or the fact that Plymouth University even banned a Vote Leave event during the EU referendum campaign? What is happening here is not just a few isolated cases of pro-EU Universities, but rather what openly appears to be a total and complete shutdown of freedom of speech to suit the agenda of the European Union. Universities and other organisations have, over many years, become stained by political correctness and corrupted by EU influences. This is totally and utterly anti-democratic, and an abuse of power over vulnerable students who are being indoctrinated into a pro-EU mindset through the education system.

While delving deeper into this issue, however, it simply gets worse, not better; the EU is not only attempting to influence British children in schools with EU funded books, it is trying to influence academics, scientists and students in general with its so-called ‘funding’. With this point in mind, perhaps it is worth once again glancing over the many treaties, reports and plans from the EU throughout history; most noticeably, the EU’s de Clercq report in 1993, responsible for devising initiatives to ensure the “..European identity must be ‘ingrained in people’s minds’ as a ‘good product’ using marketing techniques and that certain social categories, particularly ‘women and youth’, should become ‘priority target groups”. Further evidence is also shown in the Maastricht Treaty, which enshrined goals such as “the dissemination of the culture and history of the European peoples”.

However, the attitude of pure indoctrination is probably best demonstrated by a document endorsed by DG XXII, which stated “…[the] education system – and teachers in particular – will have a major role to play in forming and communicating with young people. Young people will often in practice act as go-betweens with the older generations, helping them to familiarise themselves with and embrace the Euro”. With these chilling goals in mind, is it any wonder the EU actually developed educational modules to spread their propaganda?

For those who say the British Government were simply not aware of the goals of the EU, the ‘benefits’ of EU membership are also wrong – A secret document, FCO30/1048, was locked away for 30 years which recommended the British Government covered-up the impact of EU membership knowing that it would take 40 years for the British public to fully understand what was going on – by which time it would be too late.

The British Government are just as much to blame by consistently pushing political correctness (or cultural Marxism) onto our society. This is a serious threat which is growing into our very way of life.

Nathan Ryding is the newly-elected Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP’s Youth Wing.

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    That’s a good descriptive of the EU’s attitude and plan Reece. It highlights the con of how so much money is passed to the EU, and they then target the small return. Hence, those in receipt of the returned cash, are so grateful and pro EU. This system, with a few twists, worked for many years in the Soviet Union. All pay in to the centre, and then the centre will pay out, where it will do the most good for the ideology, rather than to the people !
    The big drawback to that system is that there is no reward for individual effort or new ideas. It goes against human nature, and drags the people all down to a low common value. There is no surprise that young people hold this way of doing things, in high regard. – I remember in my teens, being just as taken with it, until I saw an opening for self employment, and then the system had no appeal for me. If trying to look over the horizon, and striving to do better, arrives with this Communist approach in power, then full potential will never be seen !
    It has been said, that if a young person never regards the Socialist / Communist way of thinking, then there is a large fault in that person’s character. This may be true, but if you are born under a Government system where personal advancement is smothered, then the spirit of mankind is forbidden to reach for the stars. This holds back the individual, but also stops the benefit to all the people. I guess that is the reason for older people !

    • Mark Kingsley says:

      Mike, actually it was Nathan who wrote this excellent piece 🙂 You made some very good points yourself.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Well said Mike – I fully agree. When it boils down to it, there’s no wonder why none of the EU’s leading lights have ever been democratically elected; it’s exactly like the regime of Genghis Khan – totalitarian, criminal and toxic. We’ll be well out of it. And it won’t take long before Britain’s young folk realise, that rather than steal their future, we’ve saved their bacon!

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    I am glad that there are young people who realise they are being indoctrinated and retort with ‘**** you’.

  1. 10:01 am, December 31, 2017

    […] Writing for Kipper Central earlier this month, he blasted the education system, describing it as a “total and complete shutdown of free speech”. […]

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