BOLTON AFFAIR: It’s About Honesty And Reliability

For me the issue is not about Henry Bolton’s private life.

Henry has told UKIP members that as a “national public figure” he is entitled to “a certain degree of privacy”.  I agree, although in the light of these sentiments it seems odd that his new girlfriend, topless model Jo Marney, should publish Instagram selfies of the two of them huddled together in front of a Christmas tree on Boxing Day. Henry knows full well that publishing personal pictures on the internet does not help personal privacy.

The issue is, in fact, more about the party leader’s honesty and reliability.

During the leadership election campaign last summer and in full knowledge David Kurten’s political views and track record, Henry pledged that he would appoint David his deputy if he won the election. As the manager of David’s own leadership campaign, I realised this was a clever move: not only would David make an excellent deputy leader in the event that Henry won, but voters who found it difficult to choose between them could vote for Henry and get the two for the price of one.

A significant number of UKIP members took Henry at his word and gave him their vote.

Imagine my fury when, after his election as leader, Henry promptly reneged on his pledge and refused to appoint David. Clearly, his word was not his bond and he had misled UKIP voters.

Also during the leadership election campaign, Henry avoided publishing policies or a political manifest, but instead deliberately turned the spotlight on to himself. He promoted himself as a solid reliable capable married man with an enviable track record and quality endorsements, whose Russian wife for work reasons lived abroad with their two young children. His personal character and track record were to be his vote winners.

And so it proved. After the shambles and chaos of the Steven Woolfe, Diane James and Paul Nuttall era, UKIP members were yearning for a solid, sensible, decent person of substance (to paraphrase Nigel Farage) and Henry won the job.

Yet now, under pressure from the media uproar surrounding his new relationship, he tells us that he and his wife in fact separated in July – before the leadership election started.

If this is true, why did he deceive us during the leadership campaign?

If it is not true, why is he deceiving us now?

UKIP’s all-powerful National Executive Committee meets next Monday, 8th January. We need a leader of honesty, strength and substance. In my view, the NEC must hold Henry accountable for his unreliable behaviour and his broken pledges.




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46 Responses

  1. silvie steven says:

    In light of various reports in the press, mainly fuelled by the publication of many photos by the young lady in question, I am afraid that it has left rather a negative view of Henry Bolton as Leader of the party. It is clear that he only informed members of the party when he was made aware that there was going to be coverage in the National press that he felt he should say something to members, which is not really being open, but is a sign that he was forced to go public. Indeed as many others have pointed out, he ran on a ticket where he presented himself as a stable pair of hands, a married family man, who was separated from his wife and children through work commitments and nothing else. Also failing to appoint David Kurten as deputy was a sting for many members. The fact that he now chooses to not make any comments as he has a “private life” shows a lack of courage, we all know the press can be hideous, cruel and stinging, but that is I am afraid what goes with putting yourself in the public eye. None of this has been helped by the responses of Mr Boltons new partner on social media. It has also left many members of UKIP and party supporters open to abuse from others and made the party YET AGAIN seem nothing more than an unprofessional laughing stock. It is not fair on the people who pay to support the Party nor those who work endlessly to improve the reputation that it has been set back because of someones inability to be truthful and to keep their word. I know i speak for many people, who all realise that in life, marriages go through bad times and sometimes they end. That is not the problem, what is the problem is the disingenuous way in which Mr Bolton campaigned for the post, and his subsequent behaviour. UKIP needed its profile rising, but for political and not extra marital affairs reasons. This has led to many people feeling great sympathy for Mrs Bolton, and the way she has been treated, but also many people are asking if Henry Bolton can treat his wife and children with such disrespect, how can we expect him to treat the party members and the electorate with any. Its time he did the right thing.

  2. Dr LIsa Nolland says:

    Thank you so much Alan Craig. Superb analysis. I am dismayed and yes, appalled, by this latest. I believe it has seriously damaged the party and may well be its undoing. Please Henry Bolton, be good to us all: please resign! Please!

  3. Brenda Rattle says:

    Bolton’s private life cannot now be separated from his political one. It’s too late for that. The MSM really has its knives out and uncovering whatever they can find….including a report that Tatiana is his THIRD wife, not his second as we had been led to believe.

    Bolton has shown in very many ways (the David Kurten for deputy pledge that you mention being one example) that he cannot be trusted. In my view, he cannot continue as leader particularly in light of his having no policies.

    • SammyU says:

      I quit UKIP because of the way Bolton treated David Kurten and the fact that he (Bolton) was doing nothing to stand up for Brexit, in fact all he seemed to have done is talk about killing badgers with his bare hands.
      His inaction and silence about Brexit were bad enough, but now this?
      He has done nothing but make UKIP a laughing stock – he should GO.
      He had already lost UKIP a lot of support because of his silence – what’s the point in having a leader who does noting and says nothing at a time UKIP’s voice is badly needed?
      Although I rejoined UKIP, it wasn’t because I had any faith (at all) in Boltob, but rather because UKIP needs numbers to put pressure on May.
      Bolton should do the decent thing and leave the party, not just resign as leader.

  4. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Alan Craig’s article is spot on. There is no future for Henry Bolton as party leader and he must be replaced as soon as possible. It can be done very easily with a coronation of David Kurten. Despite what some may say it can be done with ease and will cause the least amount of expense and upheaval.
    Then we can have some sound judgement for a change without having those with enormous egos to satisfy.
    It was very clear before we even voted for the new leader that Henry Bolton was no politician and only wanted to be self appointing with a website that only concentrated on his past exploits whilst forgetting to tell us anything of consequence about his political philosophy.
    To lose two leaders in seven months was bad enough but to now have to lose three in eighteen months is downright in competent.
    Of course Henry Bolton is not alone in his unsound judgement for Paul Nuttal was equally so with the campaign in Stoke Central. Surely these hopefuls have political advisors and yet we could be forgiven for thinking they were acting alone.
    Now the party faces its final rendition if swift action is not taken. Bolton has become the story rather than the story teller and must be gone.
    Next Monday’s NEC will be decisive for the disquiet over membership costs and now the revelations over delayed and postponed NEC elections, coupled with ever more disaffection in the ranks, may well be the final straw.

  5. Shaun Owen says:

    When people hold public positions their private life is no longer private. How they conduct themselves in their private life indicates how they will conduct themselves in public life. The two are inseparable unless he has duel personalities or some other psychological disorder. He needs to stand down before he causes more damage to the party.

  6. Pat Bryant says:

    I cannot disagree with a word Alan writes. I fear that our Leader’s lack of candour and romantic antics will become the main focus of the media and so further damage the party.

    At the same time I really feel that to have yet another leadership election would destroy our party. We would be a laughing stock. I am afraid we are between the proverbial rock and a hard place and we have to hope that our Leader has a calming influence on his new lady and that they will behave in a manner which does not attract further adverse publicity.

  7. Ian Edwards says:

    Tremendously honest Kipper comment on the situation – not the stuff you would find in the newsletter – and well done for asking the questions that I am sure are in everyone’s minds.

  8. Jenny Mason says:

    It seems unfortunately that my concern that he might be a fifth column plant might be true. Its a shame but a red light went on when i heard that he had come over from the Liberal party (if i heard correctly) what a shame that David Kurten didn’t get leadership role

    • SammyU says:

      I totally agree, Jenny.
      Not just because he was a Libdem, but because he’s done nothing positive for UKIP at all.
      David Kurten has done far more.
      Boltob needs to go, before UKIP is finished.

      • Brenda Rattle says:

        Sadly UKIP may well be finished. UNLESS….immediately replace Bolton with David Kurten who might, just might, if allowed to get on with the job, start to turn things around. From my point of view it’s already too late – I resigned my membership yesterday afternoon.


  9. Pamela Preedy says:

    AMW supporters knew Bolton was a loser from the start, but we won’t say “I told you so”.

  10. perpetual says:

    Henry has been very devious in his public statements. Those of us who know him personally are aware of his large number of inconsistencies.

  11. P. Hellyer says:

    Henry is self seeking for vain glory. He manipulated his success in getting the leadership job. He tried to eliminate and make black Anne Marie Waters.

    He has abandoned his wife and children and that just after giving birth. He is the lowest of the low. He cannot be trusted.

    Why don’t you(Alan) bid for leader?. At least you have integrity and vision.

  12. Jeremy Hughes says:

    Very disappointed, Nigel was always going to be a very hard act to follow. Considering the plethora of negative media coverage he had to put up with I find it incredible that any successor would lay him/herself open to a media feeding frenzy as soon as elected. Without UKIP we would not be where we are now and if the Party wishes to retain my support then please elect someone who is honest and dedicated to the Party. Replacing a leader with anything near Nigel’s charisma will not be possible but a good old fashioned honest and straight forward presentation of the Party’s aims who has a settled family life is what we desperately need as a matter of urgency. Like it or not the media has to be nurtured.

  13. Linda says:

    This is Henry’s 3rd marriage breakdown is he Faultless is it the woman’s fault I don’t think he can be trusted at all

  14. VanDamme says:

    Excellent article. Spot on regarding the problems with HB.

    The problems are not specifically stemming from his private life but the fine line between that and his public image, vis-a-vis the Instagram pictures, his conduct elsewhere i.e. during the leadership campaign.

    What now though? How many deliberate self-contradictions can the leader endure?
    I presume a lot more, with very little direct consequence happening to HB, what I fear is that the membership numbers will continue to haemorrhage (never mind actual votes). I believe HB will UKIP’s last leader as a credible party, even if Brexit is blocked/sabotaged, voters will be simply put off by unprofessional conduct of prominent figures within the party, now and in the past.

    You have to question HB’s judgment, he boasts of a notorious career which entailed strategic and nuanced decisions, envisages bringing the same MO to UKIP. Yet can’t see why a 20-something blonde ‘model’ wants to be with a short, slim-framed, balding, 54 year old; looking a decade older. Fame and perhaps money is the answer, I’ll eat my hat if it is true love. I wonder how long she would stay with him if he resigned immediately, a matter of days or weeks? (Probably until she was weening out of the press spot-light and decided to ‘spill the beans’ with an exclusive inside story, I’m getting a sense of Deja-vu!)
    The whole affair (no pun intended) is something akin to a bad James Bond film where Spectre sends in the beautiful woman to seduce and extract information via the form of pillow talk…
    If he can’t see that then you *have* to question his judgement and character elsewhere in his life, but who will ask these questions within the party? Maybe Farage should ask members for questions to pose to him?

  15. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Your point is made Alan Craig. Received and fully understood ! However, I would draw your attention to the following, and hope to draw a little of your sting from Henry Bolton’s leadership.
    The matrimonial upset, and the breach of faith towards David Kurten, although most reprehensible, is as nothing when compared to the huge, and costly mistake that Winston Churchill made, in regard to Gallipoli in WW1. Churchill made his own mental correction, by entering the Army and going to the Western Front. Would anyone disagree that this man made good in WW2 ? Great mistakes are made, and a great man deals with them !
    Now the flippant among us will ask, what has Churchill to do with Bolton ? If a problem exists and a way is required to make some sense of it, quite often it is helpful to check the facts, shown by the most prominent of men that strayed into the world of error. I would only wish to open that door of wider thought. Henry will have to consider where this leaves him as a Party leader. Is this fixed with a band-aid, or is he seriously injured ? ITS UP TO YOU HENRY ! ? !

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      My above comment is no longer relevant. Wishing this guy to have another chance, has been squandered. Attitude to Y.I. is without any doubt, not the action of a leader. HENRY, YOU MUST GO, AND GO NOW !

  16. Alan Williams says:

    Whoever Henry is he doesn’t come over as another Winston Churchill, would Walter Mitty be a more appropriate model? It is certainly very difficult not to feel mountains of sympathy for Tatiana and the two very young children. Private lives are for private people, I’m afraid those in the public eye will be given absolutely no quarter whatsoever by the media. They have air time to fill, ratings to raise for their advertisers and papers to sell as well as axes to grind.

  17. Glenn Tingle says:

    He’s nothing but a liar and a joke! Unfortunately he’ll probably be UKIP’s last leader!

  18. Tim says:

    Henry Bolton must resign for the good of UKIP.

    He has made too many significant mistakes, bringing more ridicule on our party and has achieved no good for UKIP.

    – Lying to us in the leadership hustings about being in a stable married relationship.

    – Lying again to us UKIP members by saying he would appoint David Kurten as deputy leader.

    – Hiding a third failed marriage.

    – Abandoning a one year old child and four year old child.

    – Looking like an old fool by getting involved with a woman less than half his age.

    – His TV and radio performances to date have been lacklustre and bumbling, previous UKIP leaders out perform him by a mile.

  19. Dan says:

    I must say that I never liked the idea of Henry Bolton as leader. He didn’t show much political potential and his attack on AMW and supporters (not me) was not very elegant to say the least. I didn’t resign because I haven’t given up on the party. I’ve been political most of my life and early on I learned that to ‘sticking in there’ when things go lopsided is a necessary political strength because it is amazing how quickly things can turn around. True, ukip has a series of unfortunate events that try the patience somewhat, but hey chaps, it was only about 12 months ago Ukip were number three party in the country a beginning to pose a threat to Labour. Even in the badly run Stoke by-election we came second and increased our share of the vote!

    Bolton could, and should, step down. Perhaps we could get David Kurten for leader. All Ukip needs to do is to have a leader who knows right from wrong and is not afraid to speak out against the climate of lunacy that political correctness has delivered the country. One thing is for sure, there is nobody in the Tory party going to do it.

  20. Anne Murgatroyd says:

    I resigned from UKIP immediately after the leadership election having given the party a huge amount of time, effort and energy for the previous six years. Being called a racist, Nazi and BNP type hastened my departure. I’m now happy to put the same energy into helping Anne Marie Water’s new party For Britain, and am watching these shenanigans with some amusement. I heard the party wanted to be ‘cleansed’ of us Anne Marie supporters – well it’s cleansing itself straight down the plughole.

  21. Glenn marsh says:

    Im thinking there are many in the know at UKIP knew about this , but the Fear of AMW was maybe the reason for silence .Henry Bolton as been devious no doubt but during the leadership campaign the there was a witch hunt now this is where we are at and again it seems a shambles

  22. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear UKIP and ex-UKIP members, I have just resigned from the party and from my position as a local constituency association committee member. What Henry Bolton does in his private life is up to him, but as has been pointed several times, when you hold public office, you must expect every aspect of your private and public life to be scrutinized by the media and public.The two are inseparable. It is clear that Henry Bolton deceived many people by misrepresenting himself as a settled family man with a wife and two small, dependent children. It is clear that he is nothing of the kind and has now three broken marriages behind him, precipitated apparently by his own actions. A person’s private morality is entirely up to them but I object to being lied to and being misled.

    It is clear that Mr Bolton is entirely unfit for the office he holds. He has, personally, become a laughing stock, as just another silly, fading middle-aged man who keeps his brains in his zipper. I wonder at the viability of a party which finds itself unable to come up with a leader who has ability, honesty and integrity. UKIP has certainly lost my support and I wonder at its future political viability.

    I trusted and worked for UKIP under Nigel Farage, a man not without his faults, but at least you knew what he believed in. Standing up for his country and getting us out of the EU. I believe that all Henry Bolton believes in is the aggrandizement of Henry Bolton. I refuse any longer to be a member of a party that sees fit to carry on under the leadership of this political midget.

    For all those who continue to support Mr Bolton, I hope very much that the scales will fall from your eyes at some stage and that you will ditch this individual, who continues to do damage to your party. I feel, however, that it may well be too late for the party and that your political optimism may well be an example of the triumph of hope over experience.

  23. Joseph says:

    Many of the gents commenting on the article, specially its author, wish they were in Boltons shoes, or more like it, his bed.
    Many of the ladies, wish they looked like Boltons squeeze.

    Boltons not in the same league as hypocrites like Kurten and his opportunistic self serving backer KKKraig.
    The two have been backstabbing our own GLA team for years.

    Kurten’s never going to be leader. KKKraig’s never going to be chairman. So alls in vain.
    Come out of the closet KKKraig and Kurten, we know you want to, explains your obsessions.

  24. David Weaver says:

    Since the referendum UKIP has lost direction through power struggles amongst those that put themselves above those of us who have given our time and money in the belief that by doing so they would continue too hound the established parties. Instead we have elected a leader in Henry Bolton whom it now appears is not not fit to be the UKIP leader or hold any other post within UKIP . It is now time for us the everyday supporter to assert our power by not asking Henry Bolton to please resign, but telling him too resign. From a personal stand point I voted for Henry Bolton in the belief he would take on the fight but admit I was wrong. I shall not be selling any raffle tickets or indeed buy one, as I would not wish in the event of winning or anyone I sold a winning ticket to, sit next Henry Bolton should he still be leader. In the event that he is, I shall resign the party.

  25. J. Kay says:

    I have given up my role as a member of the local constituency association committee and have resigned from UKIP in disgust at recent events. I cannot remain a member of a party that has elected such a shallow , lying, dissembling shyster and mountebank as Mr Bolton as its leader, especially as there are still people within the party who choose to excuse and continue to support him.

  26. David Weaver says:

    The NEC should with immediate effect ensure Henry Bolton is made aware he does not have their backing or, that of the rank and file and he resigns.
    The NEC take control until a new leader is appointed, this action will send out the message we will not tolerate being lied to.
    We require a leader with passion who will speak with out fear or favour, colour, creed or religion, who can fire the imagination of everyone; that what lays ahead of the United Kingdom as a nation free of the constraints of EU is a will to re-establish it self as a worldwide trading nation.
    We fought the fight and won the battle, now we need to win the war. To do that, we need a leader with passion.

  27. VanDamme says:

    NEC “decision” postponed for 10 days regarding this affair. No word on what the other key aspects were though; membership fees and NEC suspension rules.

    Guess Mr Oakden didn’t have the space to send out those NEC results. So much for communication!

    • J.Kay says:

      UKIP NEC is obviously gutless. The proper thing to do would have been to kick this non entity out at once. Also can’t believe on the mounting evidence that there are actually people within UKIP who continue to support or excuse Mr Boltnob.

      • Stanley Cutts says:

        When I resigned from the party I sent Mr Oakden a full explanation of why I was leaving. He never even had the decency to respond or reply. Communication? What communication?

  28. P. Hellyer says:

    Bolton has no integrity or honesty. He treated the YI with disdain. He has no leadership qualities. He is in it for his own aggrandisement. He dumped his third wife, who has just had his baby with a text message at Christmas. His new woman has been chasing pop singers since she was a teenager said “nurses are nothing more than posh cleaning ladies” How disgusting, I hope she apologises before she next gets admitted to hospital.
    UKIP is sadly run by failures. People who were nobody found a way to be somebody by becoming a politician. Have any of them had a proper job? Or run a business or achieved any kind of success in the real world? They mimick Tony Blair another delusional, with a screw loose.
    It’s sad that there are so few conviction politicians. Probably due to decades of living in a socialised country where every thing is done for you free of charge. People have lost the initiative to be a whole independent person. But brainwashed by the BBC, the media, John Humphreys, and bells on Sunday
    Ah well !

  29. Steve Bater says:

    Henry Bolton is UKIP’s final leader.

  30. Colonel Mustard says:

    Wrong order. Oakden first. Or else we’ll go from the frying pan into the fire.

  31. Linda adams says:

    Please get rid of this terrible dishonest man

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