‘Can We Play Again?’ Piers Morgan SLAMS Second Referendum

Perhaps inevitably, BBC’s Question Time was dominated by the issue of a second Brexit referendum. One of the best replies to the question of whether one should be called came from Piers Morgan.

He pointed out that the show was being hosted in Islington, the heart of Arsenal Football Club. Somewhat ignominiously, Arsenal who were recently dumped out of the FA Cup Third Round by Nottingham Forest recently. “I don’t like the result of that game! I want to play it again” he demanded before being interrupted by Gina Miller.

David Dimbleby asked that he drop the Arsenal analogy but Piers pushed on:

The analogy is bleedingly obvious, you don’t get to reply a football match when you get a result you don’t like and you don’t get to replay a referendum when you get a result you like.

He added that he spoke as someone who voted Remain. He went on to quote David Cameron, speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr program;

What the British public will be voting for is to leave the EU and leave the Single Market. 

“No ambiguity!” Morgan said defiantly as Gina Miller did her best to interrupt. Mr Morgan received a hearty round of applause as he finished off from an audience which may well have included a few Arsenal fans.

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Life is a funny old do ! I have never liked Piers Morgan, but he made a first rate point, using football. In doing that he opened the book for facts, and common sense. Very well done, and from a remainer too !

  2. John Carins says:

    The referendum has served many purposes: one of them is to educate on the importance of democracy, the second has been to flush out all of those people who wish to subvert democracy. We all know who you are.

  3. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Like Mike Maunder I have not always thought much of Piers Morgan but must admit his comment about replaying a match when you don’t like the result was spot on.
    Mind you, I’m in favour of another referendum for just as we had to wait 41 years for this last one so we should wait another 39 years for the next.
    That is the fairest outcome and by then future generations will have the chance to uphold or reject the majority view this time around. The only problem I can see with this suggestion is that by 2057 the EU may have ceased to exist.

  4. Joyceterry says:

    Never liked piers morgan till recently.Now I would like him as PM. At least he has some guts.

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