LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 12/01/2018: The Bolton Question

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As a 64-year-old widower of 7 years being alone, my reaction was that there is hope for me yet, bring on the 35-year-old dolly birds, if I may be politically incorrect! But seriously for a minute, just what was he thinking? Whatever it was, the thought did not come from his head, did he seriously think that this would be passed over by the media as one of those things?
The real question is just what the hell do we, as a Party, do now? With the NEC meeting to talk about the problem, I suspect that he will be admonished, because frankly, UKIP can’t afford yet another Leadership Election, financially or politically. The real danger lies in how our members view this, in general, they are a small “c” conservative bunch, many of senior years, where the modern in and out of relationships is far from the norm. I fear many will decide that this is a final straw and either not renew, or return their cards.
However, I hope that this will not be the case, after all, a marriage break up in politics is not unusual for many reasons, and if managed properly UKIP can get past this difficult time. After all Paddy Pants Down was not too damaged by the revelations about his private life, and while Mr Archer can no longer be an MP, he did quite well out his prison term, even writing a book about it!
So let us not act in haste, the time may come for action, but not now, while we are all feeling more than a little let down by our Leader. He is highly qualified, with a Police Bravery Award and surely his being decorated by his Queen must count for something.
Jim Stanley
Chair UKIP Witney
Oxfordshire County Organiser

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17 Responses

  1. Silvie Steven says:

    I get the gist of what you are saying but it’s his bravery that is in question but his judgement. As you said he surely could have been under the illusion it would pass unnoticed in the media, especially as his new partner seems to be prolific user of social media! Can Ukip afford another leadership fight – to no, but can they afford to let the current leader continue, personally I do not think they can. It drew attention to him and the party for all the wrong reasons, and maybe if he had been more discreet people would not feel so strongly, but what has been done cannot be undone. Not a problem that can be left unresolved and for the good of the party the sooner the better

  2. perpetual says:

    Jim, It is not H Boltons relationships that give people cause for concern. It is the totally contradictory statements he has made regarding ::family life :: for the children etc. He has misled ukip members with his statements . Those local to Folkestone await with trepidation further revelations.

  3. Brenda Rattle says:

    Bolton ignored members after being elected leader. He did nothing to promote the OUT NOW campaign, he treated YI abominably over membership fees and he appears to have no idea of policy. On top of that he has brought UKIP into further disrepute.

    What UKIP does about him now remains to be seen. They may well lose votes over the situation. Members are disillusioned and angry at his behaviour and many have either resigned or are waiting until their membership lapses. I resigned a few days ago and will now not vote UKIP in future elections. This disgrace of a specimen has caused so much damage he should be tarred and feathered.

  4. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    What a very sad letter from a county organiser that should probably know better. To suggest that being “highly qualified” as an ex soldier and policeman is a prerequisite for a political leader says more about what is wrong with the party if this attitude is allowed to prevail.
    What is more important is his claim to have been in the diplomatic service working for the EU and other government positions for his behaviour with his youthful playmate and their exposure on social media at Christmas is the complete opposite of diplomacy.
    It was the most crude and dishonourable way to tell us and his poor wife that he had ended his third marriage with no regrets.
    Perhaps if had had just announced that with deep sorrow he and his wife had decided to end their marriage but they would do everything they could to protect and nurture their two young children then I’m sure the result would have been much different.
    He could then have gone off and bedded all the available women in Christendom and we wouldn’t have been able to say very much.
    Now we are wondering if he will ditch UKIP in the same callous way in due course when he tires of being a media punch bag. Earning a good reputation takes mush longer then the minute it takes to lose it and as far as many are concerned his reputation is now shot.
    If the special meeting of the NEC on the 18th January is postponed as now seems lightly and is not happening until even later than we will witness first hand just more antics from a collection of folk who change the rules and constitution to suit themselves.
    If by suggesting David Kurten is appointed Leader, whether interim or otherwise, is unconstitutional because the leader must be elected, then it is just as unconstitutional to delay NEC elections on the premise that the party cannot afford them.
    There is no value in waffling about constitutional arrangements when the party is now facing its last gasp of breath. A new leader can easily be appointed by a coronation just as the Tories appointed Teresa May. Such a move will be quick and will pacify and placate the many members I have contacted over this sordid affair and may even encourage those who have quit to re-join the party.

    Geoffrey Bastin – Branch Chairman Bexhill & Battle UKIP

  5. Godfrey Davey says:

    The problem is not so much what he did as the non stop lies he keeps coming out with after being elected( and before.

  6. Mike Kennedy says:

    Bolton’s personal behaviour in his private life and the sensationalising by the MSM would count for nothing, and might even add some valuable publicity, if Bolton was doing his job properly. He has already shown himself to be out of his depth as party leader and that is why he should be replaced. He tells us he has been busy, since elected, sorting out Party finances, improving internal communications and organisation and the website. All laudable, but these are things which he should direct and delegate to others while he gets on with the really important stuff. He has neglected his urgent and most significant role, that of keeping UKIP in the public eye, appearing in the media and vigorously critiquing Theresa May and the Government for their complete mismanagement of the Brexit negotiations and pointing out where the British people are being betrayed.

    He has had a complete open goal with plenty to comment on and criticise almost every day throughout the abysmal capitulations, failures and incompetence as May has stumbled through Phase One of the Brexit negotiations. He has not said anything about the appalling outcome of Phase One, for example. This is his most important role, to keep UKIP visible to the voting public because many now think UKIP has either disappeared or given up; whenever UKIP is mentioned in public discussion it is usually to ask where they have gone.

    UKIP is expected to be outspoken and controversial yet to talk a lot of common sense. This is what Bolton should be doing every day and marshalling his large cohort of spokespeople to do the same on all the other areas of public concern. He should be stirring things up in the political circles and not allowing the Government to get away with deceiving the public on any important issues.

    He says his priority is to reorganise the Party in order to be able to fight forthcoming elections, meanwhile the membership has been shrinking and by the time he has done his reorganisation it will be too late because May will have done her worst virtually without serious criticism. The silence of UKIP and its associated political threat has allowed May to survive and continue her duplicitous capitulation to the EU. It is no good starting to campaign a few weeks before an election. The Party must be in the public eye continuously if it is to have any election success.

    It is his incompetence rather than his personal life which shows why Bolton should go. Sadly UKIP again needs a new leader.

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Look Darrell, you may be able to overlook HB’s silly ways, and I did too, right up to the report of his off-hand way towards Young Independence. That was the last straw for me. A leader treating our future talent and members that way !

  8. Sean says:

    The question really is what is your conscience telling you? Is it saying something to you in relation to Bolton or are putting it on mute?

  9. PETER HEATHER says:

    Where did this lier come from in the first place? Not many people knew about him until he turned up on the leadership election list. What positions in UKIP has he held? answer me that.Non as far as I know. He should do the honorable thing and fall on his sword, the one he has made for his self.This man has no place in this party and should go so that we can progress and bring pressure to bear on this government with a leader we can all get behind

    • Jim Stanley says:

      As i understand it, he was a LibDem candidate who, following a series of conversations with Nigel, decide that UKIP wax a more suitable place because of his Brexit views. Apart from this, I know of no other connection to our Party. Many of us acted upon the assumption, (the mother of all f*** ups), that he had been thoroughly checked out, after all, our most senior Elder Statesman acted as his referee, so in many minds he must be OK. Looking back, a simple personal visit to his home to speak to his wife, or a phone call, made by a savvy interrogator would have picked up on the problem. There is even an app available which will detect stress/untruths in a conversation. Let’s face it, from Nigel down we were all duped, so lesson learned, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is! Time to move on, decide what to do, and then get back to doing what we are good at, fighting for a true Brexit!

  10. Jim Stanley says:

    As I am the writer of the letter, in view of some of the comments raised, I think some clarification is required. It was my intention to try and calm things down a little, yes I feel very let down by Mr Bolton. We did not get the happily married father of 2 we expected, and while we all would wish to be seen in a good light, had he been honest about his marital problems, would it have made any difference? I think not. Regarding his record, the honour bestowed upon him by the Queen was for his work in the field of international security, and associated diplomacy, not for personal bravery. In my letter I was careful not to mention any other contenders for the Leadership, I have my concerns with DK, as with all the contenders for Leadership. I hoped that Mr Bolton would be a fresh broom, without political baggage, a good international reputation, and no “bad” skeletons in his closet, How wrong I was, but you can only go on what is published! I agree it was a sad letter to write, sad that our great party should be put through the mill because of a man wishing to maintain a “clean” image, if only he had been honest, he would have most likely still won, but we would not be suffering as we are now. As this is a public forum, no doubt watched by our opponents, we must all be aware of what we write, or it will be used against us. Of course we all want to put this behind us, and get on with the job of ensuring that Mrs May does her job as advertised, so I suggest we wait until the NEC, makes it’s decision. They represent us, so write to them with your views in private, rather than running the whole sad sage in public.
    One final point, “Should have known better”, as a County Organiser, it is part of my job to act as a link between the Branches and Management of the Party, I speak with local members on a regular basis, noting their comments and passing them on privately. When participating in a public forum such as Kipper Central, we must be aware of the wider audience that reads this website. Of course we can be critical, such is the true nature of democracy, but in this case, we are working on some “Red Top” media revelations and, lets face it, some less than honest biographical information. Until we know all the true facts, we can not make a measured judgment, and certainly the knee jerk reactions do not help.
    Jim Stanley

  11. perpetual says:

    : They represent us so write to them in private rather than running the whole sad sage in public? What have you done Jim?

    • Jim Stanley says:

      With regard to “what have you done”, I hold 2 positions within the Party. Currently I am Chairman of a Branch, an elected position, and also County Organiser, a Party appintment, with obvious possibilities that conflicts of interests may arise. So far, I have expressed a personal opinion regarding the Leadership, however, it is an important part of my jobs is to represent the Membership, and their views, and to this end, i have been speakng with UKIP Members in Witney, my home Branch, and more widely with the Members and the Branch Officers of the other Oxfordshire Branches. I hope they will contact NEC members directly to express their opinions. When i have spoken to as many members as possible, I shall contact the NEC, to give the verdict of the County, as I hope my fellow Party Officers nationwide, will as well. This is a democratic function, it should not be decided by a select body “in smoke filled rooms” without reference to the Membership, ultimately, it is the Leaders job, in a Democratic body to act upon the wishes of the Membership, sonething that we have not been good at in the past, and something Mr Bolton pledged to change. Stay or go, my personal opinion should not be valid, I represent the views of a wider body, and if i were to allow my own opinion to colour my actions, I would not be a fit and proper person to occupy the office’s that I am proud to hold.

  12. perpetual says:

    My remark was in relation to your public statement whilst telling us to keep it private Jim.

  13. Jim Stanley says:

    Perpetual, if you look back over my replies you will see that i have tried to keep to generalities, stressing that our members should have a say.The only punishmentI have suggested, is that he may be admonished by the NEC, I assure you that i could have gone a lot further, but decided to try and look on as an objective observer. My comments about finace, for example, are part of a press briefing Mr Bolton gave a while ago. I am fairly sure that most readers will read between the lines, and guess my private position, I assure you that, after speaking to the local members, the private e mail I send to the NEC will be far more specific, one way or the other. With everything we say online being out there, somewhere. i think it is better to have an inteligent discussion about the problem, without revealing possible divisions within the Party at what is a difficult time.

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