Etheridge SLAMS Bolton & His “Pathetic, Petty Minded” Supporters

Bill Etheridge, a UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to hit back at Bolton and his supporters, amid an ongoing scrap between himself and the Party leadership.


Bill wrote:

“Whilst I find the attempts of some party members to infight pretty pathetic almost like an Am Dram version of house of cards but based around social media the latest effort by supposed Bolton supporters made me chuckle.

“Apparently”, he continued, “I now have the title of “Wild Bill” absolutely brilliant I may have some business cards printed with it on.

“Sometimes you just have to laugh when confronted with petty minded stupidity”


This came after his remarks on Sunday, referring to Bolton’s supporters as embarrassing “attack poodles lashing out on social media” and saying “they would be better off following him quietly from the stage”

On Monday morning, Mr Etheridge announced his resignation from his listing in the UKIP Shadow cabinet (Bolton made him the ‘Spokesman for Sports’ – a position most members knew existed – late last year), urging members “to contact the NEC to call for the removal of Henry Bolton before his ego finally drags the party down”.

In a livestream on Tuesday, Bill reaffirmed his view that Mr Bolton should step down, calling him “politically incompetent”, referencing (among other things) Henry’s highly controversial decision to increase membership fees by 900% for members under the age of 22, as well as upping the fee for the rest of the membership by £5 a year.

Young Independence, UKIP’s Youth Wing, has responded to Mr Bolton’s refusal to negotiate by calling a ‘crisis period’, followed by a Vote Of No Confidence in the Party leader (the results of which will be announced later on in the week).

Both decisions have been criticised by many as counter-productive, as they will “only put off new members from joining and make us lose even more, at a time when our party is in desperate need of them”, one member commented.


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9 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    Well done, Bill Etheridge, as someone with honesty and integrity. Those who continue to support Mr Bolton are pathetic wannabees who cannot see that UKIP is a national laughing stock and that Henry Bolton, who I have met, is a shallow man who is a charlatan and mountebank, who has three failed marriages behind him and has now abandoned his girlfriend in the pursuit of what he sees as a political career. Please Mr Boltonr retire gracefully from the scene before you do any more damage to UKIP, if that’s even possible!

    • Piqkip says:

      And you cannot see how Bill Etheridge and co are damaging UKIP by calling for the leader to resign? Open your eyes and grow up.

      • J.L.Kay says:

        To Piqkip
        Please get real. If you really do continue to support Henry Bolton and criticise Bill Etheridge for pointing out what a shallow and untrustworthy individual Bolton really is, I feel sad for you. UKIP is on its way down, due to the dishonesty, weakness and and self-aggrandisement of those supposed ‘leaders’ who followed Nigel Farage.

        If you can’t see that UKIP is a sinking ship, then you deserve to continue to be a member. Wake up and smell the coffee, pal!!!

        • Piqkip says:

          I support UKIP and therefore the leader. You are so blinded to the damage Etheridge and others are doing to UKIP I don’t think it is me that need’s to wake up. Maybe it is a sinking ship and the rats, like Etheridge, are helping to sink it. You fail to see how he and others are also helping to make UKIP a laughing stock. Go see an optician, you obviously have problems seeing the whole picture. Mate.

          • J.L.Kay says:

            Dear Piqkip
            Are you seriously saying that Henry Bolton’s misdemeanours, mainly deceiving party members as to his attributes and background, shouldn’t be made public? Bill Etheridge is not the one at fault here for telling the truth. Henry Bolton has done enough on his own to sink UKIP once and for all. Even if he resigned immediately, I feel it would be too late to save the party from its ever-downward spiral. Perhaps UKIP’s only chance to continue to represent the views and opinions of patriotic people throughout the country, who believe in preserving the culture and traditions of a still-nominally Christian country, people who don’t think they have to apologise in a craven fashion, like David Cameron, for our history, and who don’t want the country to be ruled by Marxist lunatics, would be to completely reconstitute itself and be reformed into a new party, without those who have so badly let it down.

            • Piqkip says:

              What useful purpose is served by a party spokesman making negative comments public, other than, of course, to further humiliate and speed the collapse of UKIP, not forgetting arrogant self promotion (Jonathan Arnott in particular).
              I, and millions of others supported Ukip’s manifesto, Nigel Farage and of course the referendum, leaders come and go, too frequently in the case of UKIP. But what this latest ‘crisis’ highlights is the lack of loyalty to the party as demonstrated by the arrogance of those in privileged positions.

  2. Barrie says:

    Hold back printing the Wild Bill cards from your spitting out of your dummy it should be Billy the Kid.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well done and well said Bill Etheridge. Unless Bolton is dealt with PDQ, there will not be a UKIP at all, and that will be a huge shame. Our Party’s stance and wishes are very attractive, and could go places, were it not for this incredible amount of leadership stupidity. My own membership is on hold, pending obvious requirements !

  4. Steve Bater says:

    I say well done Bill Etheridge. Bolton is a weak, incompetent and ineffectual leader with no leadership qualities. His credibility is in tatters and he is the UKIP plonker of the year. On Saturday he says that he and vile girlfriend will stay together and come through this stronger together. On Monday he says he’s leaving her. This man hasn’t got a clue. The only thing he’s doing is causing the death of UKIP which shouldn’t take very long.

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