Vicky D: Veganism And Militant Activists

On last Monday’s Victoria Derbyshire, the host introduced a segment by informing us that British farmers “can’t sleep at night and feel under attack by some vegan activists, who describe them as rapists and issue death threats.” “Farmers say they’re also facing regular harassment and abuse.”

A video was shown about vegan activism. The tofu squad were protesting outside a farm, claiming that “What’s going on in there is extreme” and using phrases such as “standing up against the animal holocaust.” I find it ludicrous to compare a necessary industry that provides us with food to an evil regime which enjoyed torturing and murdering millions of people for having different religious beliefs.

Alison Waugh, a trainee farmer, said “When you’re being called murderers and rapists, that is overstepping the mark.” To call that an understatement would be an understatement itself!

Vicky D’s reporter, Amber Haque, narrated “Vegans don’t eat or use any animal product or dairy. Most have a deep belief we shouldn’t kill animals at all.” “A new group is The Save Movement” who “say they have a zero tolerance approach to animal exploitation.” In other words, because they choose to defy the natural order of things, they believe that everyone else should be forced to.

Activists also spend weekends protesting outside slaughterhouses and obstructing lorries that are laden with livestock. This will actually just increase the amount of time that animals spend in the lorries, adding to their stress levels. Comparing agriculture to Nazism seems even more ludicrous when you learn that Save activists have invaded abattoirs and scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls.

In the short film, Haque stated “The protest started out peacefull but it’s not long into us filming till we see the lengths some of the protesters are willing to go to.” Some of the more anarchic attendees trespassed onto private land and began intimidating and abusing staff. Again, these tense disturbances probably just cause the animals extra stress.

The activists like to claim that the pigs are screaming, when they are grunting and squealing like pigs do. These people seem to know nothing about animals and just repeat vegan dogma with which they have been indoctrinated.

The Vegan Society “say they don’t condone any illegal activity, including trespassing on property.” Maybe they should explain that to their followers.

“Farming and meat organisations have met with counterterrorism police in response to the growth of the movement. The National Pig Association tells this program its members can’t sleep, with activists allegedly turning up at farms and slaughterhouses at night.” Remember that people live on their farms, so this equates to breaking into homes while their residents sleep.

“The UK has one of the highest animal welfare standards in the world, with the Animal Welfare Act making it an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal” Haque dictated.

“I don’t take any issue with vegans, but what we do care about is when it turns militant” farmer Waugh orated. “People are feeling very threatened. When you get people storming the mart or, you know, spraying graffiti like has been happening, that’s when individuals feel threatened.” “You’ve got people wondering ‘Oh god, I hope my cows are going to be safe tonight.’”

“You do get death threats, which is quite ironic coming from people that want peace for animals and everything, but then they tell you that, you know, oh I hope you and your family go and die in a hole.” Horrific and hypocritical! “I don’t think that they can understand or like differentiate between the fact that different animals have different purposes.” “Farming isn’t ever going to stop. We’re always going to be here. We have to be, we’ve got people to feed.”

A little later, a discussion was held in the studio. A dairy farmer named Paul Tomkins observed “The very nature of farming means that we’re an open, transparent way of life. You just have to look over any hedge or stone wall and you’ll see what we’re up to.” “I receive messages online calling me a rapist or murderer or torturer.”

“I have colleagues that unfortunately also have been directly targeted.” He told of a farmer who was aggressively abused and accused by a family, including children. “Another farmer was telling me that the first they heard was the counterterrorism police ring up to say there’s a video of you online that you should be aware of.”

This behaviour was then condemned by a vegan activist and social media “star” named Earthling Ed. I know, he doesn’t have to eat meat but it seems he needs to eat less mushrooms! He complained that he receives the same sort of abuse. After condemning other activists’ actions, he went on to say “The only victim of this situation is the animal because they’re the one who’s going to have the knife pulled across their throat.” “Although words are not very nice, the actions of what we do to animals are significantly worse.” This sounds like condonation to me.

Ed, a trespasser himself, made impassioned arguments about insignificant minutia, such as calves sucking people’s fingers “because they want to suckle from their mother to obtain the milk that we take that is rightfully for them.” Sucking anything is natural in infants, most human babies suck dummies. He was obviously extremely well practised at making even dairy farming sound as sadistic as possible.

Doctor Jude Capper, a dairy industry campaigner who was a vegan as a teenager, informed us “I did believe the things that I was told, because as a person outside agriculture, I didn’t understand farming. I started talking to farmers, I dated a dairy farmer, lived on a dairy farm and found that it was a very different picture.”

Capper has visited dairy farms all over the world and “can categorically say dairy farmers care for their animals every day.” “I had breast cancer 15 years ago now and I was told just this morning that because I’m celebrating the dairy industry,” “they hope that my cancer comes back.” She advocated “tolerance, respect and be accepting of people’s different dietary beliefs.”

Derbyshire pointed out to Ed that abattoir footage is online where people can see it.

The salad botherer replied “They don’t want to see it.” It appears he wants to force people to watch distressing footage against their will. He said “If it’s not good enough for your eyes, why is it good enough for your stomach,” which is like saying if you don’t want to smell sewers, you shouldn’t defecate in a toilet. He openly admitted that he wants “a vegan world.” He basically dismissed the opinions of the vast majority of people who are omnivorous and insulted us.

Tomkins wrapped up the segment by declaring that farmers are more worried about the welfare of their animals than they are about activists.

The massive flaw in the logic of the sausage dodgers is that the eating of meat is advantageous for the proliferation of animals. Cows, pigs and sheep are not endangered species and we do not consume tigers, elephants and pandas – do you see the pattern? Speaking of pandas, they evolved as carnivores but have switched to a vegetarian diet and are all but extinct. I think we should learn from the panda’s mistake.

If the humus brigade ever achieve their aim of stripping away humanity’s carnivorous side, what next? Will they try to stop us from cruelly eating plants too? Will they try to force lions to live on lentils? I suggest that if nature didn’t want animals to be eaten, it wouldn’t have made them from meat.

Farm animals are provided with food, shelter and medical help. If the same beasts were wandering free, they would have worse problems, such as dying slowly of horrible diseases and being brutally ripped apart by predators. Any decent farmer would treat their livestock with the utmost of care.

Farmers have a difficult enough vocation as it is, without having to cope with miscreants and vandals making their lives miserable. They work extremely hard to supply us with food. They deserve our respect and support.

The activists are right about 1 thing – rules are not adhered to properly in many slaughterhouses. I have known someone, a meat eater, who briefly worked in an abattoir and told me that his workplace broke the rules. This needs cracking down on and UKIP have proposed policies which would accomplish it.

The same Victoria Derbyshire program featured the news that “Rotherham’s children’s services, which has been in special measures for 3 years, has been told it is no longer failing those in its care.” This is in the wake of the paedophilia and grooming scandal. “At least 1,400 children had been sexually exploited in the town over a period of 16 years. Now the regulator Ofsted has rated the service as good.” I hope the situation has truly improved, rather than the cracks being merely papered over –  the strategic director of children’s services at Rotherham Council, Ian Thomas, is still insisting that race was not a factor.

I expect you’re wondering why I mention this in an article about vegan activism. The link is that the worst offending demographic is Muslims, as it is for inhumane slaughter. Child molesters are not exclusively Muslim and not all Muslims are depraved nonces, but a disproportionately large percentage of Allah’s followers are guilty.

Muslims demand that they eat halal meat, which comes from creatures which have been barbarically killed without first being stunned, causing extreme suffering unnecessarily. Animal rights activists, whether vegan or not, ought to concentrate their efforts on halal abattoirs that openly ignore the law on inhumane slaughter, which they are allowed to do with impunity “on religious grounds.”

The final point I am making is that nobody on last Monday’s Vicky D even mentioned Islam once, despite its relevance to both subjects. The biased, left wing BBC, especially the contributors of this program, do not want anyone to say a bad word about the aforementioned religion. I am no Islamophobe and will defend Muslims who are innocent but I, being scientifically minded, believe in stating the facts as they are, however distasteful that may be.

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Marv Hollingworth

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9 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    While being a dedicated carnivore, I do wonder about this vegan agenda. I do not with to see ANY sentient being injured in cruel ways. Our meat is humanely despatched in hygenic conditions under government inspection. However, what controls are in place for wheat or orher crops. Studies as long ago as the 60s, indicate that when a flower stalk is cut, a measurable electrical nerve trigger is recorded, the plant effectively screams with pain. This is scientific fact. My meat is killed without pain so my animal welfare conscience is clear, but what if the vegan, how can you eat that salad, that leaf, knowing how much pain and suffering your selfish need to eat or or are your convictions that strong you will just die from lack of food. You eat what you please, I have a steak for tonight!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I must be a terrible non p.c. person, because I am now going to cook my non halal steak with onions and potatoes, for my total enjoyment. For those who have vegan tendencies, I say good luck to them, and isn’t it wonderful that we can all make up our own minds on this. I will raise my glass of red wine in salute to vegans everywhere !

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    To Marv Hollingworth
    Thanks for your well-argued and balanced article about vegans and veganism. So-called ‘Vegans’ who condemn the eating of meat, fish, dairy products etc, should note that human beings have been eating meat for thousands of years and without meat it is doubtful if the human race could have survived. Jesus did not condemn those who were pursuing their living at the Sea of Galilee. cf. “I shall make you fishers of men.”

    Protein from meat and the nutrients and vitamins from dairy products are necessary to promote a balanced and healthy diet. As are vitamins from fish oils.
    Vegans want to promote something that has never existed in the history of man, except when it has been forced on him, by wars, famines etc. The exclusion of meat, fish and dairy products from his diet.

    As has been pointed out, British livestock is kept in some of the healthiest conditions in the world, and this is reinforced by an effective inspection system. British vegans ought to examine the living conditions of animals in other countries, such as India, Pakistan, China, Korea, Vietnam, before criticising British farmers. The reason that animals are bred in captivity for human consumption is precisely that, to provide humans with food. There are not enough nuts and berries to go round in order for people to live on this ideal vegan diet.

    The irony of the whole situation is that vegans, along with other animal rights groups, value animal lives above those of human beings, hence the threats to murder farmers and their families. I have asked vegans why we should not eat dairy products and what is cruel about taking excess milk from cows for human consumption. If the cows were not milked regularly they would become ill and die. In the case of chicken eggs, if the eggs are taken before they are a viable chick, no harm is done.

    The problem with committed vegans is that each time a sensible question is asked about feeding the human population, a ridiculous answer is given containing questionable logic and often pure nonsense.

    It seems to me that ‘vegans’ are just one more politically correct minority group who wish to dictate to the majority of us about what we should and shouldn’t do. They are just one more manifestation of that dangerous group of self-righteous liberal Fascists who tend to inhabit Leftist organisations like the BBC. They are very dangerous people and like other minority-interest groups, are just looking for something or someone to be offended by to justify their existence. Am I right or am I right?

  4. Informed says:

    These paper shoes made from murdered trees don’t hold up too well in the rain, but it beats polluting the planet with discarded plastic footwear or skinning the arse off a cow.

    said Zola Budd.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    To Zola Budd
    Sorry, I don’t understand your comment.
    Kind regards

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear Zola Budd
    I know who you are (at least the real Zola Budd). Leather ones are much better than paper and polish up well, especially if you use a brush made from badger hair. I used to get mine from Dolcis or Lilley and Skinner but now have to make do with Samuel Windsor.

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