UKIP RESHUFFLE: Mike Hookem And Margot Parker Appointed As Deputies

Gerard Batten MEP has hit the ground running in his first week. Yesterday he met with the NEC and last night he announced three key appointments. We reported exclusively that Tony McIntyre had been confirmed as our new Interim Chairman and today Mike Hookem MEP and Margot Parker MEP have been announced as Deputy Leader and Deputy Chairman respectively.

Mr Batten said:

I am also very pleased to announce that Margot Parker MEP has agreed to support Mr McIntyre by becoming UKIP’s Deputy-Chairwoman. Margot brings a great deal of political and media experience to the chairmanship, along with a famously cool head and her sharp analytical abilities.

I am convinced that Tony and Margot will quickly become a dedicated and formidable team, who will achieve great things in rebuilding UKIP’s reputation and political credibility.

He continued:

Mike is one of UKIP’s most active MEP’s and has dedicated himself to rebuilding the party and achieving a complete withdrawal from the European Union. Mike has exceptional political awareness and the strength of character to aid me in making the changes we so desperately need in our party.

I am looking forward to working closely with Tony, Margot and Mike in the coming weeks and to a rejuvenated UKIP that can once again challenge the status quo of the traditional parties.

Both have been prominent in campaigning on key issues. Mr Hookem has fought strongly to defend British fishing communities and ensure that Britain withdraws from the Common Fisheries Policy and Mrs Parker has taken a lead on ending the scourge of Female Genital Mutilation and recently spoke up for persecuted Christians in the European Parliament. It is to be hoped that this will mark a shift into first gear when it comes to leading the political debate and in terms of making UKIP into the lean, mean campaigning machine it needs to be.

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3 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    When is the membership fee being looked into?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This all sounds very fine to me. Go for it Gerard !

  3. Roger Turner says:

    Sorry, never heard of Tony Mcintyre, do we have a profile that can be published?.

    FGM, just watched a programme on Channel 4 about this problem, It was an investigation in which Bristol Police traced a victim, we were taken through the whole process of gathering evidence in the case, presentation to the CPS and verdict of the court.
    What did we expect? Insufficient evidence and acquittal was the result and protests from 300 said to be Somalis/
    Still no successful prosecution after 30 years.
    Mind you I thought this case was pretty thin, when all the main characters play dumb including the 6 years old victim who could not be ” forced ” to co-operate

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