BREAKING: John Bickley Resigns From NEC And As Treasurer

Kipper Central has learned that John Bickley has resigned as Party Treasurer and from his position on the NEC. In comments made to Kipper Central, Mr Bickley indicated he had not intended to stand again in the upcoming NEC elections.

His resignation follows the departure of Paul Oakden as Party Chairman and Steve Crowther from the NEC. It certainly appears that at the top of the Party there is a changing of the guard somewhat which looks like natural attrition as prominent figures resign to make way for new people.

We understand that a replacement to this key position has already been lined up and will be announced presently.

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7 Responses

  1. Bernard Greenwood says:

    As Treasurer Mr Bickley must have a very informed knowledge of the prospect of UKIP surviving it’s current crisis, if this has played a part in his decision to stand down perhaps things are more parlous than is generally known.

  2. Paul Biggs says:

    Making way for new people? No, more like making way for more competent people, which wouldn’t be hard.

  3. Barrie Greatorex says:

    The swamp drains slowly just a few more from the Indigo group and UKIP may be saved yet.

  4. Alan says:

    Great news. At least now we can have an impartial enquiry into where the money went.

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