LOCAL ELECTIONS: Why We Need UKIP More Than Ever

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Having been born and bred in Urmston I am extremely proud and honoured to stand as the candidate to become a UKIP Councillor for the area and would urge anyone who is passionate about our country and their local area and who wants change to join UKIP and become a candidate, to make a stand for their country and their local community.

I only really became interested in politics around the referendum and the more I read the more I wanted to read, delve deeper and learn. I was horrified to realise we were all being lied to both by our government and mainstream media and found the only person speaking the truth was good ol’ Nigel Farage. How dreadful that he was so unfairly treated, ridiculed and abused by members of the public and other MP’s,  just shocking. I will never forget the infamous moment Nick Clegg shouted him down with one of the biggest porkies of all time, stating plainly that ‘an EU army was a fantasy’, they all knew but they all denied it, what else are they keeping from us and why? Will this highly paid political elite ever want to let go of their fat pensions and overly inflated expenses while at the same time they’re threatening to stop free school dinners for our less fortunate, struggling families!

The EU was sold to us as a trading bloc, not a global political movement and we voted to leave, surely it was clear to everyone that we were voting to leave the trade element of that union. It was also made very clear on mainstream media by the PM himself, David Cameron, that we would be leaving the single market if we voted for Brexit. We were also told there would be no going back, no second referendum, no renegotiations and our decision would be implemented whatever the final result. We are still waiting over 20 months on, will they ever implement what the people asked for or will they hang onto their paychecks till the bitter end?

We need UKIP more than ever, we are the only party that truly supports Brexit and the many benefits that it will bring to our country. We want to fight for our right to fish in our own waters, implement our own fair and just laws and determine our own trade deals with the world without constant fines and restricting rules. We want our immigration to be controlled and our borders managed, this is not racist it’s a necessity, we have a housing crisis, homeless veterans and people on food banks. We cannot carry on along this foolish and dangerous path, if we can’t look after our own we certainly can’t afford to help more. The free movement of ISIS jihadis is a great betrayal by the EU, security services across Europe have expressed they don’t have the resources to deal with the sheer number of suspects. Yet despite all the risks and the offences committed they continue to implement this ludicrous, dangerous policy of open borders.

The huge scale of grooming gangs abusing our children is another dreadful atrocity we face today and the Labour Party especially have shown they would sooner turn a blind eye than risk being called racist. This cannot continue and those that have been involved in silencing these shocking scandals should be held to account, they have a duty of care and have failed dreadfully.

It always amazes me when talking about the housing crisis,NHS crisis and overcrowded schools is never anything to do with mass immigration, according to our MP’s! I really thought the people running our country would perhaps have a little more intelligence and common sense but alas it appears it’s not a critical requirement these days.

I urge people to vote for change on May 3rd and give UKIP candidates a chance to speak up for what’s right and fair, we truly care.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Your on the centre line Kristin, and I can only wish you a thumping big success !
    Anything built on lies, will eventually fall. The EU is a glaring expression of that fact, and only a fool would say different, with the fact of Edward Heath’s lies, in black and white. ( See Foreign Office document. Ref: 30/1048 ).

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Kristin, it’s been my pleasure to read your words – I wish you every success in your political endeavours.

    In my humble opinion there are two principal issues plaguing our country at present: One is the ever-increasing population of undesirable and culturally mis-aligned immigrants here and the second is the reluctance of our mainstream parties to recognise the will of the people as expressed in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

    There are many folk who protest about the way each of these desperate concerns are being ignored by our elitist and ideological politicians, but not many are moved to take action. In the absence of any action, I believe that the political elite are laughing at us and will continue to do so as long as we refrain from ACTION.

    What do I mean by ACTION?

    History tells us that there are many options as to what action to take: Protest marches, non-violent civil disobedience, refusal to pay taxes, general strikes, etc. ,etc. How do you think women won the vote? Not by moaning or simply expressing their concerns in writing or otherwise – that’s for sure! We are now in a war zone again, especially now that freedom of speech has gone out of the window in this country and foreign pedophiles and rapists are stalking our streets and abusing our children whilst our politicians and even the police do nothing, clinging to their politically correct agenda of aloofness and disinterest.

    So Kristin, if you want to bring about change, I mean real change (for UKIP) – you must grasp the nettle, forget about words and organise and engage ACTION.

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