WATCH: John Redwood Dismiss “Absolute Nonsense” From Anna Soubry

Speaking in the House Of Commons, John Redwood MP said that there is an “awful lot going for no deal” and that a deal should only be recommended to the House if it was “manifestly” better than no deal.

No deal, Mr Redwood continued, offered Britain “most of what it wanted” when it voted for Brexit. Mr Redwood was challenged by Ms Soubry who insisted that economic growth could be cut by as much as 7.7% – a claim Mr Redwood dismissed as ” absolute nonsense”.

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    It was a typo but I quite like this ‘Anna Sourby’ epithet! I’m totally with John Redwood’s analysis that no deal is way better than a bad deal.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    For some time now I have had doubts about Anna Soubry being a full packet mentally ! This is not due to her clinging on to the EU, but due to her pointless facial expressions. The most amusing is the shock and horror expression, when someone says something that is totally expected from that person ! Would she be happier as a character in a TV soap ?

  3. Alison Kingett says:

    Completely agree with Mr Redwood well said sir ????

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