ALAN CRAIG: Less State, More Family

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It’s an honour to be appointed UKIP’s first-ever Families and Children spokesperson.

The two-parent family is the bedrock of a healthy society and the best place to nurture the next generation, and I intend to be its champion. I also recognise that in a democratic society (and in a political party like UKIP) people are and must be free to choose, prefer and promote other forms of personal domestic arrangement. UKIP is a small-government party and I aim to get the interfering state off the backs of families. My driving long-term aim will be Less State: More Family.

A sample of my policy priorities:

  • Grooming gang atrocities: We must urgently develop a robust UKIP response to the national grooming gang scandal that has ruined thousands of young girls’ lives while politically-correct local authorities looked the other way.
  • Fiscal support for the family: We need to develop policies to increase support for family and marriage, and to reverse the decline of the two-parent family. Britain has one of the most family-unfriendly tax and benefit regimes in the developed world according to experts, and there is a significant bias against a single-earner couple households especially in the middle-income bracket.
  • Further, welfare benefits decline rapidly for single mothers who admit to cohabiting (part of the “couple penalty”). This provides a major disincentive to entering into new permanent an supportive relationships. According to the Centre for Social Justice, a living-apart young couple with a baby could lose up to £7,100 a year if they move in together.
  • Feckless and absent fathers: Boys are drastically underperforming on many fronts compared with girls. This is partly due to the increasing number of boys who grow up in a home with no father-figure or male role-model. We must develop policies that encourage fathers to be adult and to face up to their paternal responsibilities.
  • Transgenderism: Although it is rising and right-on, the PC ideology of transgenderism
    undermines the family, sows confusion, is unscientific and irrational, and is based on
    untruth. UKIP must develop an urgent political strategy to combat it.

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8 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Taxation could and should be used to back up the family. The family is the centre of society, and without such structure we have the problems of today. The UKIP manifesto is excellent, and if this could be somehow delivered to the voters for them to understand it, this Party would do well. Much more than UKIP doing well, we might see this Nation turning back to good and decent values, that were taken as normal in the past !

  2. John Ferguson says:

    With many past, present & prominent figures in UKIP, who hardly qualify as shining beacons of morality, family values or behavioural propriety, do we really need to equip ourselves with a walking talking target right now. John Major with Back to Basics in 1992, launched open season on his party with endless media sex revelations & financial scandals. It ended well in 1997.

  3. Rob Mcculloch martin says:

    As the creator of the Facebook page UKIP dad’s I have for some time wished to make it greater established within our party fathers rights and Father’s Justice is are politically motivated legal system is seeming to be a lesser issue and I would actually like to help yourself develop a possible policy that would improve the Sexist pay gap that is establishing itself within this country a monk’s the learners further to this I would be happy to discuss how my personal experience has shown a threat to our Society

  4. Deborah June Pitt says:

    Alan Craig is a great choice to be UKIP’s Families and Children’s spokesperson. Family breakdown costs the state £51 billion per year, more than we spend on our Defence budget. The costs relate to benefits, legal proceedings, social and police services, educational issues, criminality and the NHS. The emotional damage is incalculable. The Conservative Party published A Manifesto to Strengthen Families in 2017. It was supported by 49 MPs and seven peers. UKIP has now made a start in getting to grips with essential area of our national life. Alan is an experienced and indefatigable campaigner for UKIP and the public good. I have no doubt that he has the character and leadership and others skills to make a difference.

  5. Martin Day says:

    Usual anti-father rubbish. Very depressing as this is a new direction for UKIP. If this is adopted that will be the end of my association with the party. What about a mention of the the fathers who cannot get to see their children because the mothers won’t let them? How about shared parenting, shared child benefits and other measures that encourage both parents to work? How about the end of “Gillick” competence as a failed experiment? The biggest killer of under-40 males is suicide. Doesn’t that say something about the unfairness fathers currently experience. Are UKIP now going to campaign to make it even worse? One disgruntled Branch Chairman!

    • Alan Craig says:

      Sorry Martin, you misunderstand me. I am very pro-father and see the father’s role as vital for children’s healthy nurture.

      ‘Feckless’ and ‘absent’ are two different categories. The former are the irresponsible father’s who do not and will not face up to their responsibilities. The latter are those who want to fulfil their role in their children’s lives but are blocked by their ex, the courts or other circumstances. Both are issues that need tackling.

      I’d welcome your input and personal experince, Martin, as we develop UKIP family policy around fatherlessness:

  6. David Skinner says:

    Amen to putting marriage and family as a central plank in UKIP’s policy . Why let the Conservatives make a mess of a noble project? On February 8th 2018 , during Parliamentary Committee meeting, Fiona Bruce MP said, “ Britain has the highest level of family instability in the entire developed world. Family breakdown has reached epidemic proportions…… and the trend shows no signs of abating. If it were categorised in health or environmental terms, it would be a national emergency….
    ….She then went on to describe the colossal financial cost of processing this social meltdown” . I would add a process in which fierce peoples whose tongues we do not understand and who have vowed to destroy us, like birds of prey attracted to a rotting carcass , are allowed to pour through our borders .
    But not only did Fiona feel constrained in saying that the root cause of this social decay was moral and spiritual but for fear of being accused of being judgemental did dare to mention the particular sin that causes Britain to be recognised as being morally the worst country in Europe.

    My question is what are we going to do, when even those MPs, like Fiona Bruce, protected by Parliamentary Privilege, feel gagged with debating issues which are deemed too sensitive to even mention.

    Sex trafficking, paedophilia, Satanic ritual abuse; the rise in Paganism and every sexual perversion under the sun, being displayed and flaunted with Gay Pride Parades in nearly every major city,; the defilement and the sodomisation of marriage is creating an increasingly disordered and violent society with a prison population that is the largest in Europe
    Apart from abortion which accounts for nearly 14% of the indigenous population having been exterminated in the womb, since 1967, with 5000 babies being murdered each and every week, and teenage girls having contraception on demand and even multiple abortions and the ubber feminists encouraging girls to carve out a future in a men free environment is in fact promoting sterility. All this means that Britain is not producing the next generation. The demographic situation in the United Kingdom is very dire indeed. The fertility rate of native British women has fallen well below the accepted replacement rate of 2.1), to a staggering 1.7, possibly even lower, whilst the fertility rates of immigrant of Mohammedan women is four times this amount.
    Marriage between a man and a woman is not simply an outworn tradition, it has for all time been recognised universally as the normal and natural unit for creating the generations, whereas historians like Arnold Toynbee have always recognised homosexuality as the hall mark of a dying civilisation.

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