REECE COOMBES: It’s Time To Stop Looking Backwards And Let Tommy Robinson Join UKIP

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I used to hate Tommy Robinson. I think many did. As a former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy’s reputation is not one renowned for its broad reach or popularity – not even in a notoriously anti-multiculturalism party such as UKIP.

Of course, there is nobody in UKIP who could argue that the EDL is a group with which we should align ourselves in any way. Further, it is a group which we have with great success distanced ourselves from with party membership bans on any former EDL members and with our very clear policy differences in terms of equality and tolerance of other races and religions.

However, in our party’s new phase of success beyond the EU referendum, is it not time to start being pragmatic about the threats posed by Islam, Muslim grooming gangs, the Islamist radicalisation of our youth and Sharia Law? For besides Britain, virtually every European nation bears an anti-Islamisation party which – in most cases – is growing faster than UKIP ever has.

Perhaps most crucially, each of these parties reaches a far broader demographic than UKIP, which can only ever seem to get high levels of support among the over 65s. Each different generation brings a different set of qualities along with it, but today’s youth are particularly extraordinary with the energy, technical know-how and the fresh thinking which so is so dearly needed within UKIP. Increasingly across Europe, we are seeing the younger generations look to the radical, anti-Islamisation parties as the pathway to change in their nations and there is theoretically no reason why UKIP in Britain should be any different.

Clearly, UKIP must not blindly follow the radical parties of Europe. Many are weak on the EU, many are firm socialists and many are so anti-Islam that they have become anti-Muslim, a territory that we must steer very clear of.  But there is a key formula that we are failing to grasp, and that formula has a few different components.

Firstly, each of these parties is extremely effective in using social media to spread their message and each put a significant amount of money into Facebook advertising and the like. They have dedicated teams (yes, teams, not one poor chap running the show by himself with no funding or training) who have professional training and expertise in social media marketing. Their websites are modern and sleek and their efficiency online spreads from the national identity right down to individual branches. This is something very key that UKIP must learn from.

Secondly, they are unafraid to call themselves populists and act as such. Calling out Islam for what it is, they invariably tackle the tough issues like grooming gangs, backwards Islamic cultures, terrorism and oppression of free speech. While it is fair to say that Gerard Batten has been very strong in this respect, much of the rest of the party is lagging behind. We must stop worrying about upsetting the mainstream media and start focussing on the truth – for the mainstream media will never be on our side, but the truth always will.

Thirdly, and perhaps most lacking in UKIP, is their aggressive and battle-ready tone when it comes to the issues I mentioned previously. When calling out the evil manifestations of Islam we must be loud, we must be outgoing and we must make ourselves heard. Yes, we will cause upsets. Yes, we will offend people. And yes, we will be putting ourselves in the line of fire. But is that not how UKIP has operated since day one? This is how the radical right across Europe gets itself in the papers and onto people’s TV screens and once upon a time, it was how Nigel Farage’s UKIP got themselves a referendum and won it. It’s about time we got our spirit back and reclaimed the battle for freedom – from not only the EU but also from the great evils of Mohammedist Islam.

There is no big figure within UKIP at present who encapsulates these three key elements of the radical right’s populist formula. But there is one man in Britain who does, and that man’s name is Stephen Yaxley, commonly known as Tommy Robinson. Tommy has over 100,000 more likes than UKIP on Facebook and over double our following on Twitter. His levels of engagement (how many people actually interact with him) are quite literally hundreds of times better than ours.

This is not because Tommy is a God of Facebook, nor because of some Russian bot army promoting his cause. This is because Tommy meets the simple criteria which I set out above. He has a passionate, experienced social media team surrounding him who document his work and reach millions of people every week with extremely professional content. He speaks out about the things that politicians don’t want us to hear and he addresses the tough issues head first, saying it as it is; like UKIP once did. Yes, he offends people. Yes, he causes a stir wherever he goes. But isn’t that the fun of politics?

Yes, there will be logistical difficulties. I shan’t dwell upon the specifics but it will require changes to a number of UKIP’s rules & regulations and will mean a change in our vetting process. Put simply, it will be a big challenge.

However, it a challenge which we must face. UKIP has always been hostile to anybody who has ever been a member of the EDL, even if that was just for a single day. There are many cases of people like Tommy who left the EDL many years ago and publicly disgraced the organisation’s new direction of anti-Muslim ideas and violence. These people are not evil, and they are certainly not incompatible with UKIP membership. They are among the most patriotic, passionate and proud people in this country and with their support, we can truly kick up a people’s revolt the likes of which we have never seen before. As far as I am concerned, they are exactly the sort of people that UKIP should be welcoming with open arms.

It is time to stop looking back to the days where we would do all we could to appease the mainstream media and to look forward to a bright future of the people’s army, with Tommy Robinson in the front line of the battlefield.

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Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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38 Responses

  1. Rob McWhirter says:

    Erm, surely for Tommy, it’s easy?

    “4.4.1 In exceptional circumstances the Party Chairman may, with the agreement of the NEC, cause to be admitted to membership any applicant who would otherwise be prohibited from membership.”

  2. Stuart Beaker says:

    Bravely said, Reece. FWIW I agree. I don’t think the rule-changes would be half as difficult as the implied change in culture. In opening up the party to, as you say, a much broader demographic – more youthful, and with a broader class-basis – it would willy-nilly open it up also to a set of co0ncerns that come straight from that set of people. For instance, I see the eveidence everywhere now, of warehouse-estates of social housing full of young solitoary mothers with one or two children, stuck to the benefit system like flies to fly-paper, directly excluded from creating a proper family life with a partner, let alone a husband (deliberate use there) by the imprisonment of benefit rules.

    Having seen a bit of TR now, I think he genuinley speaks from the heart, and for a constituency that UKIP currently does not reach at all. Two questions, though: would he be interested in joining UKIP if that were made possible? and, could he flourish in the context of a political party? He is really not a politician – he is simply someone who has found his own way of acting publicly from his own inner convictions – I would not want to see that compromised by the ‘arts’ of politics intruding on what he sees as his personal commitment to that mission, to hold the government to account for its manifold misdeeds.

  3. K scragg says:

    Why is it EDL get slated They have been telling the truth as it is for years … there are so good decent people within EDL patriotic people concerned like TR at the wreck our country is they have a state of mind to protect their own and fight for the rights to speak out on matters no one wanted to out. I was a member and protests where planned as peaceful and was on our part Antifa was not peaceful in their actions media and the left have painted the EDL in the wrong light… sadly believed by many who actually assume alot until you know people should keep quiet. You get good and bad where ever you go unfair to label EDL as people do. I dont know many people who spend their hard earned money and travel the length n width of this country to spread the word and stand up for their seed and the silent sheeple… God bless EDL for the work they do… it isnt glamorous or pretty with no thanks but indifference.

    • Matthew Goodwin says:

      Yes, the EDL are good people at heart.

      However, the EDL does have a serious optics problem as a noticeable portion of them are football hooligans who do engage in excessive drinking, dressing poorly and ‘loutish’ behaviour.

      It’s not an elitist class thing. 60years ago the working class dressed more smarter than those considered middle class today.
      Who would a 15year enlisted British army corporal respect more. Somebody dressed in a suit (Farage, Batten) or a guy pissed off his face wearing an England jersey?

      Tommy has commented himself from his trips in Poland and Germany how smart and professional everything is done and regrets that he should have worked to make the EDL look better.

  4. Alec Yates says:

    Despite Tommy Robinson having changed his image and now calling himself an Independent just imagine what the MMS would do to the party, they would have a field day. It would be a gift to the LibLabCon as well.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    Wow! What a brave and risk-laden suggestion, which is bound to be rubbished by the comfortable and hand-wringing contingent within UKIP. However, I fully support it for the reasons that Reece articulates so well in this post.

    You know, some of us remember when Nelson Mandela was branded a “terrorist”, as was Golda Meyer. Both these great figures went on to become able leaders of their countries. History now recognises them as freedom fighters and two of the greatest leaders of our time.

    To my certain knowledge, Tommy Robinson is a totally reformed character, one who has learned hard lessons, yet has come out the other side stronger and fully capable of taking on the challenge of peacefully and professionally alerting the ordinary people of Britain to the truth. Now, how many of our politicians do that? I think he would make an excellent member of UKIP and become a valued contributor to the party’s aims and objectives. Let’s embrace change – show some courage and invite him to join us.

  6. Terry Allen says:

    I agree Reece Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson

  7. Gareth says:

    Yes Tommy Robinson should become leader to get our country back for the British people!

  8. Ian Edwards says:

    Well spoken and very true. UKIP confronted the evils of European union and confronting the evils of European islamisation must surely be the next big existential goal. If it happened would that mean Anne Marie Waters might return to the fold?

  9. Rob Bryant says:

    We should welcome into UKIP anyone who wants to get our country out of the EU. Many are barred because they joined anti-EU parties before UKIP was formed, which was their only form of protest. This is stupid, especially when Farage welcomed in double-agent Tories like Carswell and Reckless and the Hamiltons.
    I say bring Tommy in and make us stronger.

  10. Marilyn Catling says:

    Very well written Reece. I think UKIP would benefit from Tommy Robinsons approach to getting noticed and more coverage generally. Since the referendum we have really missed UKIPs input, but with Gerard and you at the helm things are beginning to change. I also think you are right about social media being the key to success. I am a proud member of UKIP and have been spreading the word about the membership fee being only £20 until 31st March. If you need any other advertising….let me know.

  11. Alan Craig says:

    A courageous piece Reece, and persuasively argued with many good points. Tommy has done bad things in the past, but the police and other tools of the political establishment have dispicably abused him. See his book Enemy of the State. He’s now an anti-establishment anti-Islam patriot with a big heart and even bigger following and I give him full respect.

  12. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is an interesting question, Reece, and one that if the Party gets its decision wrong, could mean either the end of UKIP or put the break on the Party’s growth. Personally I think it is a matter of degree. If the Party is down a financial hole, with a declining membership, then the Party has to make the decision to fight, or go quietly into the darkness of UK/GB political history. We Kippers are standing for something that is most important; more important than anything since WWII, and if I judge our manifesto right, we have correct aspirations for having a hand in Government !
    I know little of EDL, but have noticed Tommy Robinson’s ‘Speakers Corner activity.’ I am also sensible of this guys own following, and have to admit to being too old to be roused by this guy’s appeal. I am also a UKIP member that is not so old that the fight has been knocked out of me ! So, if the Party is up the creek, and with a wish to see our manifesto open to all, I come down on your side Reece. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and welcome Tommy !

  13. J.L.Kay says:

    If UKIP, which stands up for most freedom-loving, patriotic Britons who value British traditions (overwhelmingly the traditions of a white, nominally Christian indigenous population) does not fall in line with the frequently-expressed wishes of the vast majority of people who wish to reclaim their country from the growing alien, mainly Muslim population, who aim eventually establish a Sharia state, (yes, it’s true, the admonition not to integrate and to dominate other cultures is in the Koran), then UKIP will wither and perish and be replaced by a far more sinister political movement of Far Right white extremists. It has happened and is continuing to happen in Europe, in France, ( The Le Pen movement), Germany,(Pegida), Austria, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Greece (Golden Dawn) etc, etc, etc.

    UKIP needs to be far more assertive in its approach and bolder in its stance, and not, like other parties, be dominated by political correctness and the fear of offending someone (we know who).

    I have listened carefully and at length to speakers such as Katie Hopkins, Ann Marie Waters, Milo Yiannopoulos, and for the most part agree with most of what they say. What ever criticisms people can level at Katie Hopkins and Ann Marie Waters, what they have to say is by and large the truth. The reason they have been vilified so much in the ‘liberal’ press and media in general is because much of what they say in unpalatable to the Establishment i.e. the various governments of the last thirty years, who have allowed and encouraged the present situation of unsustainable levels of migration( the number one concern of the UK population in every recent poll) to happen.

    Let’s be honest, there is a threat (and it’s growing) from mainly Muslim terrorists, both foreign born and home-grown,who are continuing to wage a Holy War, which most sane people thought had ended a thousand years ago, from gangs of Asian rapists and paedophiles (largely of Pakistani origin) who feel that their actions are sanctioned by the second-class status generally accorded to females in their culture ( again enshrined in the teachings of the Koran) .
    Most who voice these opinions in public are drowned out by the shrieks of the politically -correct, the liberal so-called elite, the Luvvies, the Marxist academics and intellectuals, the Hampstead chattering classes etcetera, who refuse to admit what are plainly the facts to most ordinary citizens.

    I hope very much that these opinions are published, as a carefully- considered summary of the present political and social situation in the United Kingdom today

  14. John says:

    I hope Tommy doesn’t get ensnared by ukip, Anne Marie waters .. Yes, ukip are finished, they never could lead the country, they’ll just try to use you tommy, go with Anne or start your own party, I for one couldn’t give a toss about your past history, all the current politicians have skeletons in the cupboard that are hidden away

  15. Long-time Ukip member says:

    I disagree. I’m a strong Tommy Robinson supporter but UKIP needs to keep a careful distance from the hot controversial topics. Tommy is more useful as an investigative journalist/activist at large. UKIP has its role as guardian of Brexit and other people have their role watching the Islamists etc.

    • Richard says:

      You say “…UKIP needs to keep a careful distance from the hot controversial topics.”

      UKIP has do do exactly the opposite or its irrelevant.

  16. Mike Riggs says:

    Superb article – couldn’t agree more. Tommy is in no way a racist and most reasonable people would agree that multiracial societies work perfectly well. It’s multicultural societies that have a problem, and then only usually because one partner is Islamic.

  17. Rob Smith says:

    Get Tommy inside and we will ALL join up and pay a membership fee too!

  18. Dan says:

    I am going to disagree about getting Tommy into Ukip, but not in a hostile fashion. I don’t think either he or Ukip would benefit in the end. If he wants to join then fine he shouldn’t be barred, but I think he is doing wonderful work as a free spirit and it is best to leave it that way. But I am pleased to see the growing support he has among the more aware of our party members. I would love him to speak at a Party conference.
    I also like the spirit of the article and also the fact that the author is analytically watching like minded parties in Europe. Good Stuff.

  19. J.L.Kay says:

    I don’t think this is only about getting Tommy Robinson into UKIP. He is one man (brave and outspoken) who has shown up the Establishment in this country for what it is, appeasing cowards who go out of their way not to offend anyone, especially the Muslim community, regardless of what large numbers of that community have been doing i.e. the rape gangs of Telford, Rochdale, Oxford etc. But as I said, Tommy Robinson is only one man. Why are there not more like Robinson (regardless of his EDL history) in UKIP, who are ready to stand up for their country and try to preserve the traditional British indigenous populations’ culture and way of life ?

    Make no mistake, our traditions and culture are under threat as never before, both from alien cultures which have taken root here and people who refuse to integrate because of what their religion tells them ( we are of course the evil Infidels) and where they have the right to regard the native population( they think) because we don’t subscribe to their beliefs, as second-class human beings and also from the Marxist intellectuals and creatures like Jeremy Corbyn, who hate their own culture and history. We are , of course, the descendants of evil colonialists after all, who did such terrible things as bring the civil service, the railways, and of course parliamentary democracy to places like India, which was previously a divided country with multiple factions at each other’s throats.

    The liberal Left, the luvvies, the Marxist academics etc, etc, in other words the usual subjects, hate the truth being told about things such as mass immigration, which is diluting traditional British culture and in many towns and cities across Britain has virtually wiped it out. I don’t believe there are enough people in UKIP who actually care about these things. If there were they would be shouting from the rooftops about what is happening. Many of the supposedly moderate voices in UKIP are so afraid of offending anyone (we know who) and appearing to veer towards the Right, that they are actually doing and saying little of value, or at least anything that appeals to the majority of ordinary voters.

    It’s pretty easy to work out what concerns the majority of the British electorate. The number one spot is taken by immigration, immigration,, immigration.
    Let’s get a few things out into the open. There are no reliable figures that can demonstrate that mass immigration into this country benefits anyone but the immigrants. There are no reliable figures that can demonstrate that mass immigration has done anything to improve the GDP of this country or to improve the per capita income of individuals. To those who say that mass immigration has improved our productivity and thus encouraged consumer spending and thus tax revenues for the Treasury, that extra revenue will have to be spent on providing extra housing, schools, hospitals and welfare for immigrants, where the birth rate for children born to foreign mothers is 3 or 4 times that of the indigenous, white population. For those who say that immigration is necessary because we have a greying indigenous population, those immigrants themselves will one day grow old and be dependent on a pensions system that is already under-funded.

    There are numerous reasons for saying that the so-called facts trotted out to support the arguments given for continued mass immigration are flawed and are mainly the result of a deliberate distortion of the truth by mainly Left-wing apparatchiks. The British people have seen through the deceptions of the politicians, who have been happy to lie and dissemble for so long. There is a growing anger and frustration across the land on the part of those who are told that what they know is true from daily observation when going about their everyday lives is not actually so.

    How long are ordinary people going to put up with a situation over which they feel they have no control and over which they were never consulted in the first place? When were you asked if you wished to live in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-faith society? We all know the answer to that – never. And yet the lies and justifications roll on. Is this small country in a position to absorb migrants at the current rate of 350,000 a year (and that is just the ones we know about) ?

    When will UKIP wake up and realise that aping the other limp-wristed, apologetic political parties won’t work and certainly won’t save UKIP? UKIP needs a strong, charismatic leader and also needs to be concentrating on one or two key issues now that the battle for Brexit has, we hope,been won (although even that is not certain). Perhaps immigration and Defence expenditure or perhaps cutting the bloated Overseas Aid Budget?

    I rest my case.

    Why are immigrants who have no ties to or associations with this country coming here in such numbers? The reason is simply that we have one of the most generous benefits and welfare systems in Western Europe. Who can blame immigrants from poverty-stricken and war-torn African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries for wanting to come to Britain when we have a virtual open-door policy?

    These are exactly the same countries into which so much of our ridiculous 13 billion pound Foreign Aid budget is poured, much of which is stolen by corrupt tin-pot dictators and government officials, who send their wives on shopping trips to Paris, Milan and Rome or otherwise stash the stolen funds in Swiss bank accounts. Sorry if you feel that this is a distortion of the truth or unfair stereotyping, but it actually happens, especially in relation to African states, where corruption is endemic, and things have been run on a tribal basis for hundreds of years and where plum jobs are frequently allocated to individuals on the basis of family or tribal connections.

  20. Richard says:

    Nothing wrong with the EDL – they were the first to highlight the problems the media, police and politicians still try and hide today.

  21. Barrie says:

    Why not invite back all those ex BNP members whilst you are at it. Naive at best plain suicide in reality.

  22. John Ferguson says:

    So, after pontificating at great length about the God of Facebook. Idolising about having 100,000 more likes than UKIP on Facebook and over double our following on Twitter. Eulogising that he has a passionate, experienced social media team surrounding him & his outstanding levels of interaction & online engagement. Twitter are unimpressed & have apparently now banned him from their playground permanently. Looking backwards, as we are implored not to do in the headline, I recall a recent EGM to decide whether UKIP endorses MSM guilt by association rascist denunciations. Having rejoiced at that affirmation, it appears self evident that there is a latent hypocrisy inherent in what this article is now encouraging UKIP to do. Meanwhile, in the real world, it’s more likely to be a fat lot of use to us electorally & foolish for UKIP to unnecessarily align itself with any personalities, whose views most of the population, rightly or wrongly, already regard as unacceptable & therefore politically toxic.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      I think it was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again whilst expecting a different outcome. UKIP is still not out of the woods as it has repeatedly elected the wrong leaders, repeatedly been slow to engage with the MSM and repeatedly failed to effectively engage and invest in social media. What UKIP needs now is to embrace change; it had a great chance with Anne Marie Waters and they fluffed it in favour of Henry Bolton (need I say more?). The party should not miss out again with Tommy Robinson (assuming, of course, he agrees to join UKIP).

  23. J.L.Kay says:

    Twitter (the natural home of Luvvies such as Steven Fry, David Walliams, LIly Allen ad nauseum) are of course immense hypocrites, who suck up to the politically-correct Left. Yuck!!! Why should UKIP not engage in a constructive way with people such as Anne Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson, who, of course express what vast numbers of the white, indigenous British population, who are for the present in the majority, actually think. The have both of course spoken nothing other than the truth about what is happening in Britain today and that’s why the Establishment tries to suppress their views.Don’t forget that it has been the lying politicians of the so-called mainstream who, over the last 50 years, have created the problems we see today of mass migration, failed multi-culturalism, ghettos in all our major towns and cities and no-go areas for white British people.

    I refuse to play this game of faux political correctness that UKIP is engaged in, just because some sections of the population (no names mentioned) might take offence. Just remember that many of the attitudes and actions that certain sectors of the community endorse and that the majority of British people object to, such as FGM, the killing of apostates, those who have turned their backs on a certain faith, those who might dare to marry out, the stoning to death of so-called adulterers, the murder of gay people, are tacitly accepted by the liberal fascists and the wet Left. Why should UKIP not point this out and publicise its utter non-acceptance of these practices, even if it offends some people?

    Has UKIP not got the courage of its convictions? Why bother tinkering around the edges of its Constitution and harping on about things that most people don’t actually care about? That way UKIP will never be taken seriously or gain any sort of meaningful power. UKIP needs to concentrate on 2 or 3 main ares :
    immigration, bolstering our armed forces and police and cutting the grossly-inflated Foreign Aid Budget. If UKIP concentrated on these 3 key areas, it might actually build up public support. UKIP should not be considered as a watered-down Party, that tries to ape everything that the pathetic Conservative (really Liberal) Party does.

    We need a strong, charismatic leader, who actually wants to put Britain first and can unite the country. Where is he or she? None of the present plethora of middle-aged businessmen, ex-councillors, lawyers, farmers etc who hold posts in UKIP will do! We need a leader and I mean Leader!

  24. Anjela Kewell says:

    I have been a fan of Tommy Robinson for a very long time. I have followed his investigative work and his need to record everything. I have also followed the Milo Yiannopulous. These people are actually true conservatives (small c). They love their country and its culture. I am all for including both in the work of UKiP as I also felt Anne Marie had a part to play. However, we have a demographic in UKIP whereby many members are older and are very worried about the name calling and the ‘wrong’ media attention.

    It is this fear we need to overcome. When Nigel led us he was our fearless voice but we have moved on. Our leader now needs to be seen as strong, statesmanlike and patriotic. So we need to look to our youth wing to be more outspoken and fearless. We need a youth wing who will call out their elders in Parliament. Who will stand up for future generations. In this respect we need the energy of younger Kippers to drive our future but the support and commitment to them by the older members. Will they get this???? Tommy, Milo and Anne Marie need not be members per se but we could be seen as working closely with them. We could give them regular platforms at our meetings. It then leaves these highly charismatic people free to investigate and pursue issues unencumbered by a Party hierarchy who still has elements of Media appeasement. What we mustn’t do is leave them to the wolves. We must endorse them and have confidence in our young Kippers to make decisions for the party they will inherit. This is the way to attract young people into politics and to give them an opportunity to grow ideas.

    UKIP now stands at the brink of a new world outside EU and we know that no party in this country stands for those who work hard and wish to contribute to their communities. The future is for our young and we need to be supportive of them and engage with their ideas and vision. Sometimes it takes great courage to stand tall for ones values. Our ancestors know this. It is time some of us embraced that courage.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Anjela, you seem to be suggesting a kind of “Associate Membership” of UKIP should be offered to Tommy, Milo and Anne Marie. Yes, it might work; I just hope that the present leader Gerard Batten plus the NEC read these posts and comments, At least then, UKIP might enter into discussion on this and other suggestions that have been mentioned here. Is there a process for this, I wonder?

      • Anjela Kewell says:

        Stanley, I think associate member would work well. But we would have the responsibility of supporting these people. I also hope that our leaders and NEC read kippercentral. They should because Reece does a magnificent job.

  25. Dawn Richardson says:

    Tommy cares about his Country, cares about his People his Childrens future and Home Security. We are living in dark times, times off change.. we have to take back control of the Basics, the Powers of the Church, the Achievements of the Monarchy and Parliament. In 40 years this country has been used as a funding pot to pay for the rebuilding of Europe post war, people of all denominations have suffered over time, and found themselves again.. however we need to reassess what is the wY forward for us in Grat Britan including the Union.. Lets now Spread our wings and reach for the skies.. taking Tommy Robinson with us, the Man who knows and lived amongsst an oppressed an backward ideology this ISLAM.

  26. J.L.Kay says:

    The basic problem is that people like Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters and Milo are painted as Nazis, Fascists etc, etc, etc when all they are doing is expressing the thoughts and concerns if millions of ordinary British people about things such as mass immigration, that has run out of control, the spread of Islamic ideas (mainly a mediaeval philosophy which hasn’t basically changed), tolerated and endorsed by the so-called ‘liberal elite’ and all the politically-correct individuals and organisations who take pride in endless ‘virtue signalling’ of course.

    Are millions of ordinary British citizens, mainly the white, British indigenous population who have lived in these islands for thousands of years, all Fascists?
    Just because they have objected to parts of their major towns and cities being getto-ised by people who often have no natural connections to the UK? Just because they object to parts of their own country being ‘no-go’ areas? Just because they object to people being scammed and robbed by wily Romanians in so many of our towns and cities? Just because they object to the growing numbers of Albanian drug and gun runners currently operating in the UK? Just because they object to the thriving black economy of illegal migrants ( perhaps a million of more), whom the government is doing little to find. Just because they object to the pressures being caused in the NHS, on maternity wards, on housing, on the welfare system by overwhelming numbers of immigrants (immigrant mothers have 3 or 4 times as many children as women of the indigenous population). Are ordinary British people wrong at objecting to all these ills, brought about in the main by lying politicians over the last 50 years, who never asked us whether we wished to live in a multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-ethnic society ? If they’d’ bothered to ask us, we all know that the answer would have been !!!

    Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters and Milo Yiannopoulos should be celebrated as heroes, not vilified as they generally are in the Guardian, on the BBC and other organs of cowardly betrayal of Great Bitain, this country that we should all be proud to live in. As for Jeremy Corbyn, well what is there left to say?

  27. Malcolm Bell says:

    UKIP has had my vote in the past but IMHO missed a trick when it failed to take advantage of Anne-Marie Waters passion and willingness to lead. I think on balance it would have been bad for the Party to have elected her as leader but she certainly should have been used in some other capacity rather than have her feel she could not benefit UKIP and have to leave.
    Tommy Robinson has had an interesting journey to get where he is now but anyone who takes the trouble to research his beginnings and the path he has trodden will be in little doubt about his patriotism and love for his country. He has an advantage over Waters since her country is Ireland (which is foreign) whereas his is England (which is part of the UK in case anyone has forgotten!)
    At this stage in our torturous path out of the EU I think it would be a mistake to have Robinson join as a formal member. UKIP’s opponents would have a field day and make it very difficult to defend the position of having him as a member. However I DO think he should somehow be involved in the party’s activities, either by speaking at UKIP events or by being seen to be closer to UKIP’s position.
    UKIP has been around for 25 years as far as I know so it seems logical for it to be central in opposition to the MSM and the Establishment which as any fool can see are in favour of remaining in the EU.
    Robinson and Waters each have their own core support and we (Leavers) need to gather as much support as possible under one banner. It does the Establishment huge favours to have the Leave support fragmented and squabbling amongst themselves. Mr Batten are you listening?
    For myself I have a great deal of respect for Robinson since he has been vilified and targeted by the Media and the ‘forces of Law and Order’ in some pretty despicable ways. He has managed to stay in the public eye though and overcome all the slings and arrows, remaining vocal and current. UKIP could learn lots from him I suspect particularly in use of social media and talking to the younger members of society.

  28. Alan Williams says:

    The real issue here isn’t about Tommy Robinson’s eligibility to join UKIP, exceptions can be made according to the constitution, it is about the blanket ban on the general membership of the EDL. It would be interesting to learn about Tommy’s views on this particularly since his utube interview with Lord Pearson.

  29. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Top respect to Reece.

    However, there is nothing to gain from letting Mr Robinson in and a lot more to lose.

    UKIP does not hold the ‘key’ to Mr Robinson becoming more successful. Tommy Robinson is doing extremely well after ‘re-inventing’ himself as a journalist and political commentator with very slick, engaging content that reaches ever greater numbers of people.

    Arguably Mr Robinson’s direct association with a political party will harm his work as he then becomes viewed as politically partisan as well as being associated with that parties other political policies and any ‘incidents’. Some of UKIP’s economic policies (depending on what goes in any one manifesto) might delegitimise his persona of being a working class voice for the downtrodden.

    At this time the political projectory is very good for real social conservatives/patriots so we should not be in a rush to put the cart before the horse.

    Politics is downstream from culture and politically positive things include:

    – Political commentators like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, Paul Joseph Watson and other commentators
    – Brietbart London, Westmonster, Leave.EU putting out good content within a ‘framework’ which changes political debate
    – Political ‘left’ becomes the far-left as it embraces ever more hostile identity politics
    – Right wing internet culture memes and humour spreading
    – Tory governments false promises on reducing immigration becoming ever more clear
    – Increased real world crime while authorities move resources to online thought crime policing

    As the cultural situation get’s better UKIP can get more ‘flexibility’ in dealing with those who are more ‘robust’ like Tommy Robinson and ex-EDL.
    While Pre-2017 it was expected to condemn Tommy Robinson and the EDL, post-2017 we don’t really need to.

    Considering the actions of MP’s like Naz Shah, Diane Abott, David Lammy, Vince Cable and the anti-Jewish problem in the Labour party what legitimacy do they have to project nonsense onto us?

    However, just because we are not as constrained does not mean that we need to jump into bed with people only a few months back we were completely disavowing.

    Patience is a virtue.

  30. Stuart Beaker says:

    I’ve been following this discussion in particular over the last few days, and I just wanted to say what an immense service you – Reece, Matt and several others – have done in completely unsticking the conversation around here, by putting some vital, core questions onto the table about alliances, values, relationships and the whole dynamic of UKIP post- the Bolton farce. Having despaired of my newly-adopted party over the last year, alongside many much more experienced and worthy members, I saw more than a glimmer of rebirth when GB took charge and subsequently clarified his position on leading, as well as affirming some real core stands on issues that had previously been swept right under the table for fear of offending some lumpen voting franchise (which didn’t work, did it?)

    Kipper Central is now, I believe, leading the most dynamic party conversation I can trace for a long while – it has de-repressed those core issues and led the way for a fearless discussion. That is the only way to reach good decisions – a genuine argument over how to proceed, rather than those dreadful stage-managed ‘debates’, the imposition of ‘talking points’ with pre-ordained conclusions. Common Purpose anyone?

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