Assembly REMOANERS Urge Welsh Government To Push For Single Market Access Post-Brexit

A group of Welsh Assembly Members have urged the Welsh Government to push for the UK to be given Single Market access and Customs Union ‘participation’ after Britain withdraws from the European Union.

The External Affairs Committee released a report arguing that Wales must not lose its “proud tradition as an outward-looking nation” after leaving the EU.

The report calls upon the Labour-led Welsh Government to push for “preferential access” to the Single Market and ‘participation’ in a Customs Union and the proposals were agreed to by the Welsh Government.

The report, Wales’ future relationship with Europe: a view from Wales, says: “Brexit should not signal a move away from Wales’ proud tradition as an outward-looking, internationally engaged nation and Wales’ relationship with Europe will continue to be important after the UK leaves the EU.”

David Rees, chairman of the External Affairs Committee, said: “We are clear that whilst Wales is leaving the EU as the UK does, it is not leaving Europe.

“The last 45 years of cooperation and integration cannot be lightly discarded, whatever the eventual outcome of Brexit negotiations may be.”

Speaking about the Brexit deal, the committee said: “The UK government should be under no illusion as to the views expressed to us about the potential adverse economic consequences for Wales of not securing market access free from both tariff and non-tariff barriers.

“We recommend that the Welsh Government negotiates with the UK government to ensure that preferential market access, free from both tariff and non-tariff barriers, is prioritised in the forthcoming negotiations on the UK’s future relationship between the UK and the EU.”

In response, a Welsh government spokesman said: “We always have and will continue to press the UK government on the need for continued full and unfettered access to the single market and participation in a customs union.

“We will consider the committee’s report and provide a formal response in due course.”

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5 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Well perhaps soon the Welsh Assembly will realise that they are not going to have a single market with the EU nor a customs union. In fact Wales is not even a county although they were included in the stupid business of devolved government. Wales is a Principality and like all other parts of the United Kingdom simply a Region. We only persist in this four country approach to accommodate football competition and the like.
    The four nation approach plays into the hands of narrow minded nationalists who like to wave flags and pretend they are somehow different when in reality they are part of the whole that is the United Kingdom.
    Just imagine if someone proposed a new revised customs union and Single market arrangement to the EU, I’d be pleased to see the look on the faces of the Eurocrats who don’t do reform and would laugh themselves silly at such a suggestion.
    We are leaving the EU but will still have access to the single market because unlike other countries we are already members and comply with the requirements and standards and will continue to do so after March next year. What we won’t be doing is complying with the four politically imposed pillars such as freedom of movement once we have left.
    I do wish members of these devolved talking shops would get their heads around what is happening rather then imagine something that is not possible nor needed. Free market access to the EU is not free at all when you take into account the £9.5 billion price tag it costs to be a member in the first place.
    Even if it comes to trading under WTO rules we will be paying the EU around £4 billion in tariffs and they will pay us around £9 billion due to the uneven trade imbalance so whose kidding who when it comes to agreement time.
    Surely even some rather dim Welsh Remainers can see the benefits or perhaps not in their case.

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Slow learners again. When will they understand that the Single Regulated Market and the Single Currency euro are the left and right legs marching us to a United country called Europe. Staying in this and the Fortress Customs Union is NOT leaving the EU.

  3. John Carins says:

    Not in the remit of this devolved assembly. Ignore with condescension.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This standpoint seems to fall flat by its own detail. The Nation of Wales wishes to maintain connection with other countries but then they want to maintain the Customs Union and Single Market with the EU. The UK/GB is set to trade with the world which gives much greater trade links to more Nations than the EU. Trade with the EU, post Brexit, will be difficult due to the EU’s rules, but those rules can only be empowered while the EU continues. Wales, with our other UK Nations will have to see what the future holds with Europe, while we open trade with the world !

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    This leftist splinter group do their fellow Welshmen no favours. What part of BREXIT don’t they understand? When we leave the EU it will mean leaving both the Customs Union and the Single Market as ONE NATION, the United Kingdom, and if you ‘t don’t like it, you’ll just have to suck it up.

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