LABOUR HYPOCRISY: Lammy Threatened With Deselection But Reports Leave EU To Police

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, is facing a battle to save his seat. In a display of just how crass and increasingly rabid the Labour membership has become, members of Tottenham Labour Party are trying to organise his deselection for the ‘crime’ of attending a protest called by the Jewish Board Of Deputies to highlight the issue of Labour’s shortcomings in dealing with antisemitism within its ranks.

In the Tottenham Labour Party Members Only Facebook Group, Labour members attacked Mr Lammy, accusing him of joining “far-right” attacks on Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and of being “against free speech” for people who “criticise Zionism”.

One member wrote:

I want a candidate in the next election who wants Labour to win, not one who joins the extreme right-wing attacks on the Labour movement. He can be triggered in December if we haven’t had an election by then.

You would think your job being under threat by opponents of free speech would give you a new respect for the value of free expression. However, this is clearly not the case as Mr Lammy has reported Leave.EU  and leading Brexiteers to the Metropolitan Police for ‘inciting religious and racial hatred’:

Obviously, his experience with his local Party has taught Mr Lammy nothing.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    OK, so we are UKIP and not Labour, so the more that Labour slides into anti free speech, anti Democracy and just plain stupidity, I suppose the happier we are as a Party ! However, I for one am rather sad.
    During my life I have voted for Labour once only, the same for Liberals. ( Not the Lib/Dems ! ). I remember reading about how Labour started. At that time, the Party was a desperate requirement for the workers, and giant ordinary political figures were there to make it happen. Spare a thought for those early people, that if they could see what the Labour Party has become today, would be spinning in their graves with total disgust !
    Corbyn & Co. should be ashamed as to what depths they have brought their Party to. Labour was never of interest to me, but my in-laws were Labour Party workers, and good decent people. It is as well that they are not here to see it !

  2. Ian Williams says:

    Mike you are absolutely correct, labour has lost its moral compass! I was once a senior member of that party, I left because it’s interest power for powers sake and not about people.
    We in UKIP have the huge opportunity to take their place in representing the hardworking families of this country, who have been neglected.
    Someone once said that UKIP did not have to convince people to leave the EU, that was already happening, what we had to do was to find a way to convince them to vote for us!

  3. Anjela Kewell says:

    It seems the elephant in the room has become a herd.

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