“Disgrace!!!” Brexiteer SLAMS Labour MEP Who Brands Brexit “Extremist!”

Labour MEP for the West Midlands, Neena Gill got more than she bargained for when she took on Brexiteer Amandeep Singh Bhogal during a radio phone-in.

Ms Gill told the BBC Asian Network:

We want to have a managed process for Brexit and not one that is run by an extremist ideology which is closer to UKIP

It is an extremist ideology and I believe the United Kingdom is much more divided now than it ever was.

Mr Singh Bhogal hit back:

I think it’s disrespectful calling it that when the recent polling shows 60 percent, 70 percent of people are calling on the Government to get on with Brexit.

I think both sides made it very clear during the campaign that leaving meant leaving the European Union, including leaving the single market.

He added that the 2017 General Election had shown the British public had once again come out in full support of Brexit with roughly 85% of the electorate backing Parties openly supporting Britain’s exit from the EU.



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5 Responses

  1. paul rawlings says:

    we voted to leave E.U. completely so we can be a free sovereign nation again. And all M. E. Ps. should respect a democratic vote. with thanks paul.

  2. Tommy Douglas says:

    The trouble is MEP’S will lose thre jobs. End of gravy train

    • Grumpy Owl says:

      At least UKIP’s MEPs fought for this referendum knowing full well that their well-paid jobs would come to an end.

      Which is more than can be said for MEPs from other parties, in particular the Tories and Labour, who wish to preserve the status quo to protect their own self-interests, in particular that very generous salary and allowances.

  3. Grumpy Owl says:

    I think the word ‘extremist’ is starting to become so over-familiarised that it is in danger of just becoming another ‘watered-down’ generalisation to hurl at opponents. Much in the same way that ‘racist’ has become.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If David Cameron could wind the clock back, we would not have had the referendum, and it would have been just one more political promise that would have been broken ! Instead he brought it about, and became a ‘ Good Old Boy ‘ by default ! – The biggest error in politics, is to lose touch with those who vote for you, and not to know their mind !
    Lies and wrong opinions flourished before the referendum, with both sides being guilty of that, but I am sure that I am not unique in saying that having been lied to in the matter of a Common Market, which morphed into the EU, my own view was made up, many years before our referendum, to leave this utter mistake !
    Now if the vote had been to stay in the EU, for sure I would have been angry, but I would have had to accept it as the decision of the people. But what we see today disgusts me. Remoaners happy to be against Democracy, with calling for another vote, and all the time this Nation is being pulled apart rather than getting behind a majority decision, and making it work to everyones benefit. THERE IS NO BETTER REASON FOR UKIP TO TAKE CONTROL !

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